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Joan Veon

After having covered 45 UN and UN related meetings where I have “heard it all”, there are times when I think I have a thick skin--that is until I hear the United Nations talk about caring for the children of the world.The fact that the UN wants to protect all children under 18 should be of concern to all parents.You see when I first sat in on some of the deliberations being held at various UN conferences and would read the document which said that the UN was going to do this or that, I automatically thought it was for the third world only.It took a number of meetings for me to realize that the U.S. is not exempt but included as well in all UN outcomes for action.The teachings and persuasions of the UN in the areas of values and beliefs whether they are political or sexual permeate our society and country.

Any old excuse will do for the UN to interfere in the up bringing of the youth.Hiding behind the current rhetoric of “health care and education”, the values of the United Nations have been taught to our children since UNESCO’s founding in 1945 when it was decided that their agenda for peace would be to change the minds of men.In the story of UNESCO entitled, UNESCO—an ideal in action by Frederico Mayor, the secretary-general writes, “Constructing the defenses of peace in the minds of men means working at the source among children, adults and various groups of all persuasions, acting to counter the violence and wars that from time immemorial have punctuated the course of history and left their mark upon minds and upon the subconscious.”Our children have no understanding of the freedoms that our Forefathers fought and died for.All you have to do is watch the future of America get off the school bus to see that they have very little in their mind to keep them thinking on the “higher things” of life.They have no dreams or aspiration to become because they have no ideals from history.They have long forgotten or may not even know who Frank Lloyd Wright, Alexander Graham Bell or maybe even who Andrew Jackson is.The vision they are being given is based on “global citizenship” because the world is one and we must protect the planet.

In Cairo at the 1994 UN Conference on Population and Development, the UN put in practice their new environmental philosophy of the world in a concept called sustainable development which says in essence there are too many people in the world and that the earth’s resources will have to be controlled and managed by the UN so that they are not depleted.As a community activist before I became a reporter, I was concerned about our children were being taught in the sex education and family planning classes and why they were being given condoms instead of being taught to wait until marriage for sex. I was also concerned about the abortion rate among teenage girls. I never realized until I went to Cairo that all of these teachings originated at the international level with the United Nations as part of their agenda to reduce the world’s population.

In Cairo, I remember sitting in on a workshop conducted by SIECUS—the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States where a young man read from a very long document about how children should be able to have sex with adults.In that room were many Egyptian youth as well as people from all walks of life and countries.I decided to ask him how he liked his sex.Does he prefer masturbation or the use of erotic movies?The room was shocked.How could I ask such a personal question?I replied that our children were being taught these things in the health education classes in school so why not?

Afterwards a large group of Egyptian youth gathered around me and asked why I was mad at him. I replied that the American people had no idea this meeting was being held and that they did not agree with what was being said at these meetings.They were shocked.You see the world has followed after the lead of the United States in agreeing to the morally outrageous concepts put forth at UN meetings.

In Cairo, abortion as a right was hotly debated.While the Vatican was able to hold up the “progress” of the conference, they agreed to change the order of a few words and signed on to the supporting document.They should have walked away and called for a boycott.After all the Vatican is the Vatican. 

You see when you want to reduce the population of the world you put women to work so they don’t pro-create, you create enough questions in the minds of pre and post-puberty youth that they just might be homosexual—because they don’t procreate and you teach the retarded how to masturbate, such as they did in Montgomery County Maryland eight years ago.

Now the abortion clinics have formed public-private partnerships with healthcare providers and with government agencies to expand their range of services to our youth. Of course healthcare for children would allow them to take advantage of these opportunities on their own.

I wonder how far off we are before the youth are given the status of adults.You see if the UN is going to become the surrogate parent to all the world’s youth, then who do they really belong to?Our delegation in New York should not be sitting at the table, they should be walking away from it and shelving the global institution whose document they are trying to make palatable!