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Frames No Frame



By Joan Veon 

I remember ten years ago reading a very small article in one of the Washington D. C. newspapers about the Rio Earth Summit.As I read about the confab of global environmentalists, I laughed and said to my husband, “Those crazy environmentalists, this conference won’t go anywhere, why do they bother?”


At that time, I had no understanding of the radical environmental agenda which was unveiled in Rio and which has reordered all of life on planet Earth.Their program document, called Agenda 21, laid out paragraph by paragraph a new way of life. This new way of life basically inverted/perverted Genesis 1,2 and 3 as it basically said that man did not have dominance over the earth but that the earth had dominance over man who was demoted to being equal with plants and animals.This new pagan based philosophy endorsed a new concept called “sustainable development.” It also unveiled a number of new treaties for the parliaments and congresses of the world to sign which were designed to replace the old, outdated Biblical foundations:the UN Biological Diversity Treaty and the UN Treaty on Desertification.It set in motion the machinery for each country in the world to set up their own government sponsored “Commission on Sustainable Development” with those commissions “reporting” to the UN Commission on Sustainable Development.Furthermore, it empowered a new level of players:the non-governmental organizations.Financed by the foundations of wealthy transnational corporations, these well-paid minions began to flood county council meetings and state governments across the U.S. as well as the federal level of governments with demands that they change existing laws to reflect Agenda 21 concepts that would “protect our resources”.Of course, they invoked “we the people” since “we the people” weren’t there and had no idea what was being done on our behalf. 


Ten years later, over 60,000 or three times the number of people in Rio will converge on Johannesburg South Africa to review progress since that time.To enforce this agenda, new business partnerships would be required between governments and business with civil society called public-private partnerships.Basically these partnerships are a corporate buy-out of government.It is now a co-management of a country. 


What has changed since that time?Technology--the sophistication of communications through the Internet and the computer.No longer does the UN have to worry about all the trees it is cutting down to provide a document for anyone who is interested, they now have to download it for themselves on their own computer.The method of media accreditation has also changed.It too is now through the Internet.


In the quick ten years since Rio, the importance of this conference is shown in the fact that it has been elevated to Summit status which means every president, prime minister, king and prince who is head of state should be at this meeting.This is equal in important to the UN Millennium Summit in which the UN was given greater empowerments over all the resources of the world.It also follows up the Financing for Development Conference held in March.There, the foundation for global taxation was given the go-ahead by the same heads of state who will attend this Summit.


Interestingly, this conference is not being dubbed “The Rio+10 meeting” as the “Rio+5 meeting” was.This Summit will concentrate solely on sustainable development.I spent over 6 hours downloading various key documents that will support the activities of not only the World Summit on Sustainable Development that will be held August 26 thru September 4 but the following pre-conference and parallel meetings:


1.Global People’s Forum – August 19 – September 4 

This major pre-conference meeting will bring together over 700 non-governmental organizations which will discuss ethics, values, global governance, corruption, global transparency, climate change, natural resources management, biodiversity, forests, oceans, renewable energy, water, natural disaster, manmade disaster, peace and access to universal education.August 31 will bring an International Solidarity March.The theme on September 1 will be “Building Social Movements for Sustainable Development.”Their chart of speakers and activities was over 50 pages.NGOs participating include:Friends of the Earth, IUCN, International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and the International Jesuit Network Development,

  1. The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (I.C.L.E.I.). August 27-30 
This meeting will focus on how to create sustainable communities and cities while protecting the climate, water resources and biodiversity.Participants will include mayors, chief executives, elected officials and senior officers of local authorities as well as representatives of national local government associations.


ICLEI partners with numerous other global city organizations, numerous UN agencies and the governments of Denmark, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Canada and the United States Agency for International development. Americans taking part include Harvey Ruvin, Clerk, Dade County, Mayor Ed. Garza, San Antonio, Gwendolyn Hallsmith, Vermont Town Campaign, Congressman Earl Blumenauer and Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick-Detroit.Maurice Strong the former Secretary-General of the first and second earth summits will participate.

  1. The Science Forum – August 26-September 4
A partnership between the South African Department of Science and Technology along with the International Council for Science and the World Federation of Engineering Organizations.

  1. Parliamentarians for Global Action – August 29-30
Parliamentarians for Global Action are duly elected congressmen and senators from the US and from all the other countries of the world that have formed a “global parliament” of their own.These key individuals help push through global agendas in their countries that support the United Nations and its agenda.


The PGA will concentration on Clean Air and Clean Water that will bring together members of parliaments from over 100 countries with leading environmental experts, NGOs and business leaders to highlight the success of legislation to reduce air and water pollution. Keynote address by US Congressman Dennis Kucinich. Also participating from the US are Congressmen George Miller, James Greenwood and Earl Blumenauer and Mayor Jerry Brown, Oakland and former Governor of California.NGO’s such as Greencross and IUCN will also participate.


5.IUCN – August 26 – September 4

IUCN has over 75 member States, over 100 government agencies, over 800 NGOs and over 10,000 internationally recognized scientists and experts from over 180 countries.It is a partnership between institutions and people to manage and restore ecosystems and threatened species.They will discuss Biodiversity and poverty, water, human security and environment and partnerships in the future.


6.The World Business Council for sustainable Development – August 29 – September 2

World CEO’s maintain that sustainable development is good for business.The World Business Council has been working on carbon trading permits, and has been partnering with countries around the world to implement sustainable development concepts.Companies include General Motors, Cargill, Dow Chemical, DaimlerChrysler, Shell, Conoco and Sony.Members include 160 of the world’s biggest and most influential companies, all which reflect the principles of sustainable development


7.Business Action for Sustainable Development – BASD – led by Sir Mark Moody-Stuart

Based at Sandton Hilton Hotel – Business Day – September 1


8.The Water Dome – No Water No Future – August 26 – September 4

Organized by the South African Government through the African Water Task Force and supported by the International Water Management Institute.


Where have we come?The word “sustainable” is now attached to almost everything we do in life.Since 1992, the UN held four other mega-conferences cementing the principles from the Rio Earth Summit that built on the foundations begun in 1972 at the first UN meeting.Governments have implemented many, if not all, of the principles and action items in Agenda 21.Sustainable development says very simply that there are too many people on the earth and that the natural resources cannot feed and clothe all of us.Furthermore, it implies that the UN is the only organization in a position to monitor and control the resources of the earth.Just like the adage says, “He who owns the gold makes the rules,” so too, “He who owns the earth, controls it.”


In trying to help people understand sustainable development, it is like “Weight Watchers” for the world.To put it another way, it is a scientific system of balancing production and consumption.For example, it is like a mother only making enough food so that there are no left-overs.A continuum of trying to determine how much each family member will eat of a certain food so that she has no left-overs!


Interestingly enough, those who say the world will run out of resources have no one country or organization looking over their shoulder to verify their research and conclusions!We are beholden to them.Are they liars or thiefs?After all the whole world and its resources are at stake for them to “manage, monitor and control” so that you and I don’t use up the resources!


What has been happening over the last ten years is that the environmental agenda is now public.It has gone global.Now you and I will have to conform.Already we are recycling, starting to ride bicycles, reducing the amount of energy we use and water we consume.The Biodiversity Treaty is being passed in America through the states under “Smart Growth” legislation that designates where people can and can’t live in a state.The IMF/World Bank have been working on ways of measuring how much of the earth’s resources families use versus how much the produce at work, home, family businesses and volunteering.Society is even working on genetic engineering—to make sure they get what they want without flaws!


While the globalists rant and rave over the poor and over-consumption.I find it interesting that Johannesburg was chosen for this 10 year conference.One hundred years ago, Cecil Rhodes died.Rhodes used slave labor to build his gold and diamond mines.He instituted cartels to keep the price of diamonds up so as to make them more valuable.When he died he left his fortune to trusted men of equal power and wealth to find a way to bring America back under British control.These men started the Boer War and media control in order to ensure their power and agenda.Prince Charlesworked behind the scenes to get Agenda 21 and sustainable development approved by the nations of the world in 1992.He has been key in setting up partnerships between government, business and NGO’s to change the time and seasons of government.Is South Africa any better off than it was one hundred years ago?NO and yet, we will meet in a country in which 80% of the black population has AIDS and where poverty abounds and where one rape occurs every 23 minutes.The only thing that is sustainable is the agenda of control.