Joan Veon

The “King of the Hill” game has been played out all through history. The person who will become “King of the Hill” is the one who wins all the battles and collects or controls the booty of the world. This old earth of ours is very rich in natural resources—oil, gas, gold, silver, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and other precious and strategic metals and commodities. Whoever controls the monetary system WINS.

Who appear to be the major players? Two of them are: the Bank for International Settlements otherwise referred to as the international bankers and al Qeada.

The Bank for International Settlements-BIS, located in Basel Switzerland, wants to know what kind of assets—stocks, bonds, cash, as well as liabilities every country has as part of its new program to global financial instability. Using the various international organizations which now supercedes the national level such as the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the United Nations, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the Group of Seven, the whole goal is to make nations “transparent.”

Claiming that countries withheld important information about a countries true financial state, transparency demands that all nations list all of its assets and liabilities so that the BIS can protect you and me from another Asian meltdown.

To protect us, our global guardians have already put in place a number of rules, regulations and commissions. At the IMF, they have instituted a program of “transparency” where countries are required to list all of their assets and liabilities. If they don’t, they will be “shamed” by not only making their stubbornness public but also through various forms of financial sanctions.

EXPLAIN FATF – put together in ? 199?
After September 11, the Financial Action Task Force was put together to go after countries that protect terrorist monies. It was recently reported that all 189 U.N. member nations were obligated to submit reports detailing their compliance with a Security Council Resolution on terrorist assets, but only 43 have done so. The other 146 countries including Indonesia and Syria, which are believed to be terrorist finance centers, have said they found no money to freeze. While the U.S. has frozen $115M in assets of 210 terrorists or terrorist supporters, they still have not found al Qiada’s assets.

Recently it was reported that America has not been successful in finding the financial resources of al Qaeda because they transferred from paper investments (dollars, euros, yen, stocks and bonds) to gold, diamonds, tanzanite and sapphires which are untraceable, making their actions one of the greatest coups in history! Can you imagine that the mighty United States cannot find the assets of al Qaeda because they don’t use “conventional” Wall Street types of investments!

The U.S. administration is so upset, that Deputy Treasury Secretary Kenneth W. Dam told the Council on Foreign Relations recently, “The financial front on the war on terrorism has entered a new phase with increased focus on means of financing terrorism outside the mainstream financial system” – in other words, they have to find a way to trace the untraceable.

It is interesting to note that the United States was brought into the mainstream financial system when the Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913, transferring control and oversight for America’s finances to a private corporation, the Federal Reserve. Then in 1971 Richard Nixon took America off of the gold standard and the world’s monetary system began to float against one another to find value. All of the stocks, bonds, money markets and certificates of deposit use a traceable paper trail system established by the international bankers for just that purpose—so they know how much you and I have. Gold, silver, diamonds and other precious stones are not traceable—yet.

Contrast that to many of the Eastern countries like Pakistan, India, Iran and Iraq which still use an old system of transferring and lending money called hawala. There is no trace of any transactions. It is all done through telephone and numbers on a small piece of paper—no names either. This untraceable system operates outside of the international bankers. Then to add insult to injury, al Quada stores their assets in gold, diamonds and other precious stones!

But all of this becomes even more interesting when you consider that the two major players being discussed are the sons of Abraham and half brothers. The paper trail established by the banking houses of the Rothschilds, Kuhns, Loebs, etc. are Jewish while their half brothers, al Qaeda and the Muslim states, under which 75% of the world’s oil is found, use an untraceable system. This begs the real question, “Is the war on terrorism a war against a faceless enemy or the faceless, untraceable money used by the half-brother?” After all, the old adage is “He who owns the gold makes the rules.”

Joan Veon is a Certified Financial Planner and is President of
Veon Financial Services, Inc., an investment advisory firm.