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These are abstracts of the book which Joan Veon did as part of her research to write a particular UN Watch! This is a key book.

P. 144 – Brain Trust Biographies

We have now come to an examination of the personnel which Roosevelt surrounded himself. The Pres in 1933 was relying on a group of university professors and economists-the so-called “Brain Trust”. One well-known Republican Congressman, Hamilton Fish, Jr. directed attention to the Communistic and Socialistic affiliations of various members of the Brain Trust. He was appointed in 1930 to set up an investigation of Communist activities in the U.S. After hearing 275 witnesses, no action was taken and their report was buried.

The report, HR Report No. 2290 said this:
“The following is a definition of communism, a world-wide political organization advocating: (1) hatred of God and all forms of religion; (2) destruction of private property and inheritance; (3) absolute social and racial equality; promotion of class hatred; (4) revolutionary propaganda through the communist International, stirring up communist activities in foreign countries in order to cause strikes, riots, sabotage, bloodshed and civil war; (5) destruction of all forms of representative or democratic governments, including all civil liberties such as freedom of speech, press, assembly and trial by jury; (6) the ultimate and final objective is by means of world revolution to establish the dictatorship of the so-called proletariat in one union of soviet socialist republics with the capital at Moscow.”

Tracing the history of modern Communism, the report pointed out that it began in January 1848 with the “Manifesto of the Communist Party” by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engles. The first International Association of Workers, based partially on the manifesto was established at St. James’s Hall, London on September 28, 1864 through the efforts f Marx. The Second International was formed at Paris in 1889, six years after Marx’s death and became the fountainhead of international socialism.

A provisional government of liberal members headed by Prince Lvov took charge in October 30, 1917 and the first nation to recognize Russia after the revolution was the U.S. This was overthrown by Lenin and Trotsky on November 7. The Third or communist International was formed at Moscow by Lenin on March 1919. This International is, for practical purposes, identical with the Soviet Government. 145

In tracing out the innumerable Communist activities in the US, the Fish Committee listed some 60 subsidiary organizations. Of one of these it said, “The American Civil Liberties Union is closely affiliated with the communist movement in the United States and fully 90% of its efforts are on behalf of Communists who have come into conflict with the law. In common with other Communist subsidiaries the ACLU received large sums from the American Fund for Public Service, Inc., known as the Garland Fund. This fund was established in 1922 by a rich son of a Massachusetts industrialist and by enhancement of the stock of the First National Bank of the City of NY. The Garland Fund made loans to many communist organizations operating in America. 146

Returning to the Brain Trust, Mr. Fish said in Congress on May 2 1933, “Let us get acquainted with each member:
1. Professor Rexford Guy Tugwell – co a7thor with two others, one a socialist and the other a communist, of a book, “Soviet Russia in the Second Decade”. He was professor of economist at Columbia University; contribution editor to the socialistic “New Republic” magazine, a more or less semi-official organ of the Socialist Party, a member of the advisory board of the people’s lobby, a socialistic movement set up by John Dewey. Tugwell has been a member for several committees of the ACLU. He has written on Socialism.

2. Professor Raymond Moley – Has been a lecturer at the Rand School, a social-pacifist college which was raided for slackers during the World War. These lectures were regularly attended by extreme radical Socialists, pacifists and Communists. Moley is a director of the Foreign Language Information Service set up by the ACLU crowd.

3. Professor Mordecai Ezekiel – Economic advisor to the Secretary of Agriculture – is a real shadow of Professor Tugwell so far as the Russian farm plan is concerned. He is the Einstein of the administration and carefully elaborates the working of the ‘new deal’ to Congress by the use of logarithms.
4. William Bullitt – A bosom friend of Lincoln Steffens – a Communist—for many year, he spent much time in Russia with the red publicist in close association with Lenin, Tchitcherin and Litvinoff. Bullitt was appointed first U.S. Ambassador to Soviet Russia. Bullitt’s friend, Lincoln Steffans, according to “The Surrender of an Empire” accompanied Trotsky and the other Bolshevik leaders when they were shipped across from New York in the spring of 1917 to start the Bolshevik revolution in Russia. In the book, “Through Thirty Years” by Mr. Wickham Steed, at the time editor of the London Times,” related President Wilson at the Peace Conference was strongly in favor of recognition of Bolshevik Russia. Mr. Steed expressed the opinion that the prime movers in the matter were “Jacob Schiff, Warburg and other international financiers who wished above all to bolster the Jewish Bolshevists to secure a field for German and Jewish exploitation of Russia.” 149

JV: It was Congressman Louis T. McFadden, a staunch nationalist and guardian of the “Congressional Gates,” who revealed in Congress the following when providing reasons for opposing the Bankhead Cotton Control Bill in March 15, 1934, “It is right in line with the plan which is now being worked out in England. I want to point out to the House that there is a concerted movement not only in England but in the U.S. In the U.S. this movement is now in charge of certain men now engaged in writing legislation. I refer to Mr. Tugwell, Mr. Mordecai Ezekiel and Mr. Frank. Their action in this matter is also assisted and aided through the agency of the Foreign Policy Association of the United States which is directly connected with the Fabian Society.”

In a U.S. Congressional Record of June 8, 1934, McFadden testified,: During the past several months, Bernard Baruch, Felix Frankfurter and the NY Jewish lawyer, Samuel T. Untermeyer have made several visits to Europe. There is justification for the belief that they have contacted with member of the British Fabian group and are familiar with their plans. The same system, in a somewhat adapted form has been placed upon the statute books of the U.S. and the iron hand of world control is fast being closed upon American agriculture, labor and industry. The people of America have been propagandized into a belief that the National Industrial Recovery Act is a product of the political genius of Franklin Roosevelt. It required 15 years of hard work on the part of Mr. Baruch and his associates to foist this act upon the American people—long before Mr. Roosevelt.”

On May 2, 1934, Mr. McFadden associated Mr. Justice Brandeis with the creation of the “New Deal Policies”. The NY Times reported on January 28, 1934, “The underlying philosophy of the New Deal is the philosophy of Justice Brandeis.” Justice Brandeis was a member of the ACLU.
On January 24, 1934 – McFadden gave testimony on the relationship between Henry Morgenthau, Roosevelt’s Secretary of the Treasury and Herbert Lehmann, Jewish Governor of the Sate of the New York by marriage. Lehmann is related to the Seligmans and has had a working relationship with the Warburgs, Kuhn, Loeb and Co, and other foreign and domestic institutions. 155

In the Congressional Record of June 8 1934, Mr. McFadden stated that data in his possession showed the existence of a well organized plan for world control and “a hellish conspiracy to enslave and dominate the free peoples of the earth.” He proceeded to trace the history of the Socialist Fabian Society in Britain in which, he asserted, the planning project was nurtured. Ninety percent of the last British Labor Government were Fabians and the society was extremely active and influential in insinuating Socialism by stealth. “ 184

McFadden went on to document the activities of Israel Moses Sieff with the Fabians in Britain. Furthermore, his ideas on planning were embodied in a pamphlet entitled, “Freedom and Planning.” 184

According to All These Things which includes a full copy of Freedom and Planning, they summarized key points as follows, “The chief characteristic of the document is the highly skilful and plausible presentation of the case for Planning., The programme is advanced as something definite, attainable, and entirely practical at a time when all is chaos and uncertainty. The undoubted advantages of a greater degree of co-operative effort in industry are enlarged upon. At the same time, no serious attention is paid to the enormous fundamental difference BETWEEN VOLUNTARY CO-OPERATIVE EFFORT BY FREE MEN, ACTING TOGETHER FOR MUTUAL ADVANRTGE AND AN IMPOSED COERCIVE PLAN OF REGINMENTATION. THIS DIFFERENCE STRIKES TO THE BOTTOM OF ALL HUMAN RELATIONS. A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF A COERCIVE PLANNED EOCNOMY IS A NEGRO SLAVE PLANTATION. ANALYSIS OF THE PLAN REVEALS IT AS NOTHING MORE THAN A MODIFIED FORM OF THE PLANNING WHICH HAS BEEN IMPOSED ON THE PEOPLE OF RUSSIA BY THE BOLSHEVIKS. 195

“The actual plan is for the creation of a series of great corporations controlling each branch of industry; in some cases owning the industrial plants, in other confederating them. There will be a Cotton Industry Corporation, a Steel Industry Corporation, a Milk Producers’ Corporation and on andon. The distributive services will be similarly organized: and a large proportion of the land of the country will be owned and controlled by the proposed corporations or by land trust. 196

Above these corporations is a series of National Councils for respectively, agriculture, industry, coal-mining, transport, etc. At the summit will be a National Planning Commission, with advisory not executive functions and subordinate to Cabinet, but “with clearly defined powers of initiative and clearly defined responsibilities, it personnel representative of the nation’s economic life.” The various National Councils will have powers of compulsion and coercion. (Does this sound like the Bureau of Land Management, the BATF, etc?) 196

“We thus have the fact that Planned Economy, advocated by numerous Fabian Society Socialists,
and alleged by Mr. McFadden to have originated in Fabian Society circles, is a crowning and completion of operations initiated by the international financiers controlling the Bank of England. We have the further fact that the international financiers of Wall Street have been associated with Socialistic and near-Communist economists and others in carrying out a very similar programme of regimentation of industry under the New Deal. 197