Proofs of this Conspiracy

(Author’s note: The words and phrases highlighted in this chapter are done so to denote specific words and phrases “specifically defined” in the book Conspiracy by Daniel Pipes, a critic of Mainstream Conspiracy Theories. This is done to help the reader comprehend the Conspiracy presented in this book. This author did not determine the criteria to judge this work.)

The reader of this book (if he/she has read this far) surely must ask himself /herself this question:

Is there really a Capitalist Conspiracy to establish a self-regulating, classless society or is the premise put forth just another Conspiracy Theory?

This is a legitimate question that deserves an answer.

This chapter is in response to a documentary series that was aired on the History Channel February 12-16, 2001 entitled “Conspiracy Theories Breed Paranoia.” Four individuals were allowed to describe their respective Conspiracy Theories. The theories discussed represented “the mainstream of Conspiracy theories.”

There was one individual, Daniel Pipes (Founder and editor of the Middle East Quarterly and senior Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania), that presented the rebuttal to these Conspiracy Theories. Mr. Pipes did identify himself as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The rebuttal presented was based on Mr. Pipes 1997 book, “CONSPIRACY, How the paranoid style flourishes and where it comes from.”

It is obvious Mr. Pipes educated opinion is that anyone that ascribes to these theories as mentally unbalanced, or else why the use of the word “paranoid.” This verifies Antony C. Sutton’s observation concerning the presentation of a controversial Conspiracy that challenges mainstream interpretation of history, quoted in this work’s chapter “How and Why, This Book…”

“Examination of the topic by academic writers has been seriously avoided; probably because the hypothesis offends the neat dichotomy of Capitalist vs. Communism (and everyone knows, of course, that these are bitter enemies). Moreover, because a great deal that has been written borders on the absurd, a sound academic reputation could easily be wrecked on the shoals of ridicule.”

The conclusion by Mr. Pipes is the “mainstream Conspiracy Theories,” are false because they are the mental inventions of an unbalanced paranoid. If anyone that viewed the History Channel’s presentation did not feel Mr. Pipes viewed Conspiracy Theorists as paranoids, by reading his book Conspiracy the viewer would have to change that opinion.

“Paranoia is on the rise in America and the world, and it is the source of some of the most bizarre ideas ever put forth.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, from the jacket liner.
This author agrees with Mr. Pipes that the “mainstream Conspiracy Theories” are false; but not because they are Conspiracy Theories created by “crazies.” Those Conspiracy Theories fail because they do not include the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) Permanent Revolution and were based on the false war of Communism vs. Capitalism. Also, those Conspiracy Theories are used to (1) hide the existence of the Permanent Revolution and (2) set up Perestroikas to identify potential enemies to the spread of Capitalism’s Permanent Revolution.

What Mr. Pipes will not recognize is the majority of these Conspiracy Theories are in some part based on verifiable historical information. Keep in mind these Conspiracy Theories have been used as a Perestroika to identify the enemies of Capitalism. And like any good fisherman knows, you can’t catch any fish without realistic bait.

Mr. Pipes big fear is “sane” people will be influenced by these “paranoid fueled rantings” and actually believe there really is a Conspiracy to enslave mankind with a New World Order. This is the same paranoia shared by the RCC. The RCC lives in constant fear that they will “be discovered” and decades of Capitalist advances will evaporate.

Because of this paranoia, the RCC Conspirators find it necessary to go “public” with a rebuttal of some form such as Mr. Pipes book Conspiracy. This verifies another observation made in this work in the chapter “Why and How, This book…,” “What’s a Trilateral Commission?” printed in the November 24, 1980 Forbes Magazine.

“Is American Capitalism trying to take over the world? No, it’s a plot to hand America over to the Reds. In the wonderful world of conspiracy, this group is villain to the Left and Right.

David Rockefeller says he wants to help the Western world and look what happens. He is attacked by from the Left and Right, by the Birchers and Penthouse. He is accused of being the terrible Dr. “No” behind the mysterious Trilateral Commission which is going, among others things, to overthrow the Constitution, institute World government, turn the country over to Communism and the multinational corporations, wreck the dollar and sabotage good old gold. People even say the Trilaterals created and controlled Carter, covered their bets in the election by putting up Anderson and then captured Reagan.”

Of course the intent of the Forbes article is to refute the many Conspiracy Theories about the Trilateral Commission. The article does not present any supporting proof that what Mr. Rockefeller is doing is nothing more than taking part in the normal functions of the global marketplace; you know, just business as usual. This article is a fine example of what Mr. Pipes describes as a Petty Conspiracy Theory on the part of Mr. Rockefeller; “everyone is out to get me.” To understand the concept of Petty Conspiracy Theory, we must know the definition of some words and phrases used by Mr. Pipes

You see, according to Mr. Pipes there are two different types of Conspiracy Theories, petty and world. Yes, this is going to be a game of “knit-picking and semantics,” but very pertinent intellectual exercise.

“The vagueness and illogicality of Conspiracism make exact words and precise concepts all the more important. I make two distinctions in this book: between Conspiracies, which are real, and Conspiracy Theories which only exist in the imagination; and between the anti-Jewish and anti- secret society traditions.

As defined by law, a Conspiracy consists of a “combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act.

Conspiracies do exist.

Conspiracies divide into two sorts, petty and world. Petty Conspiracies are limited in ambition…It does not challenge the existing order or humanity at large…World Conspiracies aspire to global power and to disrupt the very premises of human life…

A Conspiracy Theory is the fear of a non-existent Conspiracy.

Conspiracy refers to an act, Conspiracy Theory to a perception…The Russian Revolution was a real Conspiracy carried out by Lenin and others; it was also subject to Conspiracy Theories involving everyone from the eighteenth-century Illuminati to contemporary German socialists and the Elders of Zion.

Conspiracy Theories divide into the same two variants as Conspiracies: the petty and the world…The unwarranted belief that rivals at work are ganging up on you is a petty conspiracy theory ( refer above to the November 24, 1980 Forbes quote of Mr. Rockefeller); fear of Jews’ or freemasons’ trying for global power is a world Conspiracy Theory.

Conspiracy theories have a way of growing on a person, to the point that they become a way of seeing life itself. This is Conspiracism, the paranoid style, or the hidden-hand mentality. Conspiracism resembles other “isms” in defining an outlook that can become all-encompassing concern. It begins with the belief in an occasional Conspiracy Theory—Illuminati organized the French Revolution, Jews the Russian Revolution—and ends with a view of history that dwells largely or exclusively on plots to gain world power or even destroy the human race.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, pps. 20-21

After you have digested Mr. Pipes “hair-splitting” definitions it is now possible to academically determine “who are the paranoids” and “who are not the paranoids.” This author does not view Mr. Pipes “definitions” as unnecessary but very useful in determining if the thesis put forward in this book is a Conspiracy or a just another Conspiracy Theory

Is this author the paranoid or are Mr. Rockefeller, Mr. Pipes and the rest of the RCC the paranoids?

The Conspiracy presented in this book is a world conspiracy according to Pipes. This author agrees with Mr. Pipes that the major Conspiracy Theories are based on a fear of a nonexistent world conspiracy. For example the John Birch Society from inception was based on the following:

“A part of that plan of course, is to induce the gradual surrender of American sovereignty, piece by piece and step by step, to various international organizations—of which the United Nations is the outstanding, but from far the only example—while the Communists are simultaneously and equally and gradually getting complete, working control of these organizations…Until one day we shall gradually realize that we are already just a part of a world-wide government ruled by the Kremlin.”

The Blue Book of the John Birch Society, Robert Welch.

This author has demonstrated the Conspiracy Theory of the JBS is a false ideology. Communism has never existed. Communism was a myth created by apparent “Right Wingers” to use as a form of Perestroika to identify opponents to the concept of global Capitalism. In reality, by Marx’s definition, Communism is the end result of a highly technically advanced Capitalist society evolving into a self-regulating, classless society, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

This author agrees with Mr. Pipes that the Russian (more precisely the Bolshevik Revolution) Revolution was a real Conspiracy carried out by Lenin and others. If Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution was a real Conspiracy, then by Mr. Pipes definition of Conspiracy “a confederacy of two or more people” then the “others” as quoted in Mr. Pipes own words “a real Conspiracy carried out by Lenin and others” are real. To determine who those “others” that are real confederates one only needs to read the following.

“The petite bourgeoisie (RCC) struggling against the pressure of the classes immediately above it (the Church and the Nobility) was the workers’ natural ally at this stage: but being unable to rule by its own strength, it would become more and more dependent on the workers’ support, until the moment arrived at which the workers, already economic masters of the situation, acquire the official forms of political power, whether by a violent coup, or by gradual pressure. This doctrine (the theory of Permanent Revolution), ( the clearist formulation of which is to be found in Marx’s Address to the Communist League in 1850) is familiar to the world because it was urged by Trotsky in 1905, adopted by Lenin and put into practice with the most fidelity by them in Russia in 1917.”

Karl Marx, Isaiah Berlin, 1963, p. 154.
(Italics added by this author)

Those real “others” existence recognized by Mr. Pipes are the Radical Capitalist Class. The thesis of this book is the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) has used war and revolution to proliferate Capitalism through the creation and expansion of Free Trade. The RCC entered into a Conspiracy with Lenin. The RCC has always used classes other than the clergy or Nobility as Partners in the Permanent Revolution to establish and control the resultant, self-regulating society known as Communism. Since Mr. Pipes recognizes the “Russian Revolution led by Lenin as real” then one has to recognize their partners (RCC) participation in this revolution as real. If Lenin was real then the RCC is real. Is there any doubt? I think not.

This book also points out the Bolsheviks then double crossed their RCC partners in the Permanent Revolution attempting to put the Revolution in the hands of the workers. The Bolsheviks then became a threat to the RCC simply because Lenin and Trotsky could identify their “partners in crime” the RCC.

In order to protect themselves, the RCC created a World Conspiracy Theory and called it the World Communist Conspiracy Theory to hide their Permanent Revolution. Any one that was an enemy to the RCC was branded a Communist. The fake war of Capitalism vs. Communism was invented as part of this World Communist Conspiracy Theory. Organizations such as the JBS supported the RCC by actively promoting a false World Conspiracy Theory.

Again this author agrees with Mr. Pipes concerning Conspiracy Theories as a perception and not an act. He identifies the major Conspiracy Theories are broken down into two groupings, the fear of Jews and Freemasons trying for global power. These false Conspiracy Theories, obscure the real Conspiracy known as the Permanent Revolution.

“A self-professed half-Jew from Hungary revealed in 1905 that England and France are “very nearly” dominated by Jews while in the United States is “slowly but surely yielding to that insidious hegemony.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, p. 33.

The above quote is an example of a Conspiracy Theory provided by Mr. Pipes to hammer home the idea that Conspiracy Theories abound.

Mr. Pipes identifies another use of Conspiracy Theories:

“Third, those in the know sometimes endorse Conspiracy Theories, thereby muddying the waters.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, p. 32.

By doing so, Mr. Pipes reinforces another point of the Conspiracy presented in this book. He does this by identifying the best example of a Conspiracy Theory presented by someone “in the know” to muddy the waters.

“Perhaps most revealing was the confession by a member of the American elite, Carrol Quigley of Georgetown University.”

Conspiracy, ibid.

For those that have not heard of Prof. Quigley a brief Biography is needed. In the 1960’s if a person wanted a premier education in history and international affairs, that person had to attend Georgetown University and study under Dr. Quigley. An example of one who did was former president “Billy, the master Cuban Cigar lover” Clinton. Clinton was a protégé of Quigley. After studying under Quigley, Clinton was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. ( Remember, Rhodes circle of influence was infiltrated by the controllers of the RCC, the Fabian society). When Clinton made his first acceptance speech for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, He acknowledge two people responsible for that honor, John F. Kennedy (graduate of the Fabian London School of Economics) and Dr. Carrol S. Quigley.

This author again agrees on another specific point made by Mr. Pipes. Quigley was definitely “someone in the know.” Mr. Pipes clearly identifies the following quote from Quigley as a Conspiracy Theory created to dissuade the reader.

“There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, the way the Radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960’s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments…(i)n general, my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, p. 33.

Now comes the good stuff.

This author, views RCC rebuttals as equal to the false Conspiracy Theories perpetrated by the RCC as Perestroikas. For example Mr. Pipes abhors “someone in the know” for “muddying the waters” of Conspiracy Theories. I again agree with Mr. Pipes that there are those individuals that purposely “muddy the waters” in order to cause confusion. These actions are taken to hide “the real Conspiracy.” False rebuttals at some point in time breakdown and do not match reality just like the false ideologies represented by the likes of the JBS Conspiracy Theory.

It is on page 33 Mr. Pipes exposes himself as one that also chooses “to muddy the waters.” In his book Conspiracy, Mr. Pipes is writing for an audience to avoid Conspiracy Theories because they have a tendency “to grow” on people. Once a person gets hooked on a Conspiracy Theory they stand a good chance of stumbling on the truth, sort of like “the political refugee” described in this book in the chapter “The political Patriot refugee.”

On page 33 of his book Mr. Pipes quotes from the “Bible of the Conspiracy Nuts” Tragedy and Hope, 1966, by Professor Carrol Quigley. The quote Mr. Pipes uses to identify a Conspiracy Theory for the “purposes of confusion” comes from page 950 of Tragedy and Hope. Quigley’s attempt here is to lead any patriotic individual away from discovering the actual Conspiracy that is at work. Ask any member of the JBS or the Liberty Lobby or the Militia of Montana and they will claim the Quigley quote is the Gospel truth, so help me God (G—d for the Judaists).

Mr. Pipes is counting on the ignorance of the unsuspecting individual not to discover the real Conspiracy. If one turns to page 949 of Tragedy and Hope, he/she will read the following.

“…The Radical Right fairy tale, which is now an accepted folk myth in many groups in America, pictured the recent history of the United States, in regard to domestic reform and in foreign affairs, as a well-organized plot by extreme Left-wing elements, operating from the White House itself controlling all the chief avenues of publicity in the United states, to destroy the American way of life, based on private enterprise, laissez faire, and isolationism, in behalf of alien ideologies of Russian socialism and British cosmopolitanism (or internationalism). This plot, if we are to believe the Myth , worked through such avenues of publicity as The New York Times, and the Herald Tribune, the Christian Science Moniter, and the Washington Post, the Atlantic Monthly and Harper’s Magazine and had at its core the wild-eyed and bushy-haired theoreticians of Socialist Harvard and the London School of Economics.”

This “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” is Quigley’s Wizard of Oz style of directing the individual away from the real Conspiracy. The “at its core the wild-eyed and bushy-haired theoreticians of Socialist Harvard and the London School of Economics” are the Fabian Socialists; the “others” from Lenin’s “real Conspiracy”
recognized by Pipes. Is there any doubt, on the part of the reader of this book, Quigley wanted to direct the focus of people steeped in conspiracy theory away from the real conspiracy.? When an individual discovers the existence of the Fabian Society, that person is just a “stone’s throw away” from discovering the real Conspiracy of the RCC’s Permanent Revolution.

As pointed out in several chapters of this book, the Fabian Society is “Command Central” for the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. Quigley wouldn’t say “Fabianism” even if his mouth was full of either Sidney or Beatrice Webb’s genitals. This book has quite correctly identified the Webbs as the creators of the Fabian Society and the London School of Economics.

This author agrees with Mr. Pipes on one more very important point. This is the existence of British Socialism and its influence. Mr. Pipes on page 47 of Conspiracy is describing how Conspiracy Theorists ignore Conspiratol traits of dictators. And the example he gives is as follows:

“Conspiracy Theorists were inclined to believe that the Ukranian peasantry or the British government were engaged in huge plots of sabotage against the Stalinist experiment.”

Hold onto your hats and get ready for the bullet of them all. Mr. Pipes fanny is blowing in the breeze, with his pants down to his ankles and is on bended knees:

“Thus did Sidney and Beatrice Webb, leaders of British Socialism, report from on site that Soviet Food shortages in 1932-33 resulted from a population manifestly guilty of sabotage.”

Do you see what Mr. Pipes did here?

He is identifying some people as Conspiracy Theorists. These Conspiracy Theorists are Sidney and Beatrice Webb. When in reality they are the apex of the Conspiracy. Mr. Pipes, could not say “Fabianism” even if he was sharing a snack of Webb ala carte with Mr. Quigley.

In conclusion, in 1980 this author correctly identified a Conspiracy in process. This author identified the Conspiracy as: The Permanent Revolution in the hands of the Radical Capitalist Class, whose goal is the creation of a self-regulating, classless society (known as Communism) through the implementation of Free Market Economics based on Free Trade which will destroy domestic societies and economies and supply the world with a continual stream of unemployment as workers that are no longer are needed as the RCC strives to make production equal consumption.

In short, the premise presented is no Conspiracy Theory. It is very much a fact of life. Communism did not come into existence until July 1, 1997 when the UN’s WTO, offspring of the GATT, all creations of the Fabian Society, removed tariffs on a global basis for semiconductors, computers and telecommunications equipment. These articles of trade signal the reality that Capitalism has developed to a technological level to allow its self to evolve into Communism. It is safe to claim, the real Conspiracy is:

Free Trade Magic, Turning Capitalism into Communism!