A History of the Permanent Revolution

Question: With Communism Dead, who will notice its implementation in the Western Democracies?

Answer: No one!

The Permanent Revolution is the process of removing all impediments and obstacles to the global proliferation of Radical Capitalism. That when this Radical Capitalism reaches a high level of technological development both socially and economically; it will then evolve into a self-regulating classless society…Communism…a dictatorship of the proletariat based on the premise of “Each according to his needs and each according to his abilities.”

At the start of the21st Century, the highly advanced Industrialized Nations (G8), dominated by the Radical Capitalist Class, have advanced to the technological level (thanks to the development of the semi-conductor, the computer, and telecommunications technologies) to create the environment for the implementation of the first elemental forms of Communism.

This feat has been accomplished by creating a global framework to establish Free Market Economics (Economic Democracy) based on global Free Trade. This can be identified as the United Nation’s General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) offspring the World Trade Organization (WTO).

As a result, the concept of national sovereignty has been severely undermined!

The related concept of individual freedom based on the premise every individual is a sovereign established by the Declaration of Independence and the resultant American Revolution has been equally diluted by the establishment of the Constitutional Republic of the American united States.

All this is centered on the Radical Capitalist concept of Commerce. Radical Capitalism only spreads through the increase of trade…Commerece. The freer the trade, the faster Radical Capitalism spreads. The rules for Commerce are the Admiralty Laws. The U.S. Constitution was the framework, created by Radical Capitalists known as the Founding Fathers, to force Americans into this Commerce regulated by the Admiralty Laws.

In short, Free Trade Magic is allowing Capitalism to evolve into Communism!
For this accomplishment, the afflicted “must give thanks” to the Fabian Society and its creation, The Council on Foreign Relations.


Communism has never existed. And Communism’s sister in revolution, Socialism, has never really existed either.

This requires repeating!

Communism and Socialism as envisioned by Marx, Trotsky and Lenin has never existed!

One of the basic and major tenets of Marxism is before Capitalism can evolve into Socialism and eventually progress to Communism; a very highly technologically advanced Capitalist economy must completely dominate a global society.

Capitalism has only recently arrived at this technological level necessary to create the conditions for a self regulating, classless society known as Communism. This is due in large part to the proliferation of computer technology into society. The computer has given Capitalism the technological ability to solve its greatest flaw, overproduction and under-consumption…known in today’s business jargon as the bottleneck.

For the last 100 years the entire World has been the victim and witness of the greatest “scam” in the entire history of mankind. This scam was the creation of “the myths” or perception that Socialism (in America) and Communism (the former Soviet Union) have existed.

Once this reality is clearly understood it becomes evident all written and perceived histories of the 20th Century are false. This includes the various “conspiracy theories” that have been popular during this same time frame.

Another misconception exists in the minds of the vast majority. This is the false belief that Free Enterprise and Capitalism are the same thing. They are not. In this country, from the American Revolution until approximately 1880, Free Enterprise was the dominant form of economic activity. In the 1880s Capitalism started to challenge Free Enterprise as the central economic engine of the American Republic. Capitalism and Free Enterprise entered into a fierce competition for workers and markets. In order for Capitalism to continue its growth it had to eliminate the existence of Free Enterprise and then consume the newly “freed labor” to work in the Capitalist means of production.

For example:

In 1900 ninety percent of the American population was agrarian and consisted of thousands of Micro-economic systems comprised of small rural Communities. Basically production equaled consumption. Generally unemployment was not a problem. Those individuals that were not Free Enterprise entrepreneurs found employment from the entrepreneurs. Under this system the Federal Government had no debt and the amount of currency in circulation had 100% parity (the government had gold or silver on hand equal to the value of paper currency in circulation).
In contrast, by the year 2000 ninety percent of the American population had been “forced into the cities” with agriculture becoming industrialized and this nation was dominated by one large Macro-economic system, Capitalism’s global economy. Production and consumption of products were severely out of balance. Unemployment became a continuous problem from 1970 until the end of the century and into the next. The Federal Government possessed a large debt (trillions of dollars), the nation suffered from hundreds of billions of dollars trade deficit and the currency was basically worthless when compared to currency value of 1900.

In short, Capitalism grew at the expense of Free Enterprise. As Capitalism grows the amount of workers needed to work in the factories grows exponentially. As the people were forced off the land and into the city they became white and blue-collar workers involved in Capitalism. A portion of this growing work force recognized the growth of Capitalism creates many continuous social and economic problems especially with the introduction of new automatic, labor saving machinery. These people would be the source of radical revolutionaries. They would be equally as radical as their employer, the Capitalist!

In the 1880’s a select group of Capitalists, mainly British and American, referred to in this book as the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) formed many coalitions with the massive and emerging “White” and “Blue” Collar working class (proletarian) revolutionaries to remove all global obstacles to the spread of Capitalism. Capitalism must continually expand in order to solve the economic and social problems created by Capitalist expansion.

This reality has been recognized by a very small group of scholars as the Permanent Revolution.

Capitalism, as observed by Marx and also realized by the RCC, had one very huge flaw. This was (and still is) overproduction and its handmaiden under-consumption. Capitalism is an inverted economic pyramid resting on its apex that must keep expanding or it quickly gets out of balance and falls into crisis. And when Capitalism is in crisis it quickly erodes into Fascism.

National sovereignty is the single largest impediment to the global proliferation of Capitalism. In the 1880’s the industrialized European Aristocracies and the American Republic stood in the way of the RCC’s eventual goal, global Capitalism based on a self-regulating classless society. The RCC and their allied worker revolutionaries would soon unleash 100 years of War and Revolution to eliminate all national boundaries.

By not understanding this reality, confusion rules over common sense (Marx’s Dialectic). If Communism has never existed then what did Ronald Reagan defeat in 1989? If Communism has never existed then what was the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics (USSR) if it was not Communism? If Communism has never existed then what was all those, “I Know Communism when I see it” Right Wing conspiracy theory “rantings” about?

A fake “Communism was created” and became a convenient “smoke screen” to hide the Permanent Revolution controlled by the RCC. This mythical Communism has gotten the blame for all events of the past century while Radical Capitalism has been preparing the final road to Communism. The result of this of course has kept the RCC’s Permanent Revolution from view.

By the 1980’s “Communism” had served its purpose for the RCC. It had to die. With “Communism” as dead as Marx, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin who would ever recognize its implementation in the United States of America? The answer is simple…No one.

By the end of the 20th Century Radical Capitalism had become known as the Group of 8(G-8) or the Major Advanced Industrial Nations. The G-8 is in the economic and social reform business. The reform being instituted is Free Market Economics, based on international Free Trade through its main tool, the United Nation’s General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). In America this reform process is controlled by the Fabian Society creations known as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TLC). Whatever is published in their quarterly publications of Foreign Affairs and Trialouge will eventually become American and Global Economic policy.

In essence, the major Capitalist countries have adopted the policy of “ONE COUNTRY, TWO SYSTEMS.” One system is to dismantle the “Old Regime” and the other is to institute the economic and social changes (customized to each respective country in the path of the RCC’s Permanent Revolution) necessary to proliferate Free Trade.

Yes! This is the purest form of Revolution!

The “ONE COUNTRY, TWO SYSTEMS” is politically “gene spliced” down the entire “political and social DNA structure” of this Republic. For example, in America a One Party System (the Republicratic Party), under the control of the CFR and TLC, has been masquerading as Republicans and Democrats-- “ONE PARTY, TWO SYSTEMS.”

A further example is needed to “see the picture.” Jon Sweeny, president of the AFL-CIO enforces G-8 policy on the rank and file workers of America. The AFL-CIO is dedicated to American worker’s protection through Solidarity…BUT… Its leadership endorses G-8’s World Trade Organization (WTO) policy. It is impossible to protect worker’s rights in America and endorse Free Trade at the same time. This is “ONE UNION, TWO SYSTEMS.”

The 2000 presidential elections were very important to the RCC. The RCC has witnessed its greatest gains in the last 100 years and do not want to loose their hard fought victories.

The results of Election 2000 (not withstanding the extensive RCC controlled vote-fraud) demonstrates the American electorate, its Federal government, and its States are completely politically polarized 50-50 around the “ONE PARTY” Republican and Democratic impostures. This is called the Political Center. The larger the Political Center, the more successful is the reform process of ONE COUNTRY, TWO SYSTEMS.

The reform process is removing obstacles (national sovereignty) from the path of Capitalism converting to Communism. In other words, impediments to the spread of Capitalism are being eliminated.
This is known as the Permanent Revolution!

So, Why haven’t “I” heard about this?

The RCC doesn’t want you to know. It’s history and present are guarded secrets.

Opponents of this premise will brand its creator as a “Conspiracy Theory Nut”. This is no Conspiracy Theory. It is a Conspiracy. Data to illustrate the RCC Conspiracy was collected on this topic in the early 1980’s and then duplicated 20 years later.

The Permanent Revolution is REAL. This book will chronicle the history of the Permanent Revolution by comparing 1900-1919 America to 1980-2000 America. There are several topics and issues touched upon in this book that could be book material in their own right. So, there are items that will appear over-generalized. To cover each issue thoroughly would cause this book to be enormous in length. If this book is successful, the author will endeavor to put out further additions to the thesis presented based on reader’s response and feedback. Although the premise is simple, there is a vast amount of data, too much to be published in a single book.

From November 7, 2000 to December 14, 2000 the world was kept on the edge of their seat asking, “Who’s the next President?” Little did they know the answer was . . . the RCC.

Take the time to read this book. And after reading this book there is only one recourse for the reader, regardless if the reader is from the political Right, Center or Left.

UNITE! You have nothing to loose except your Freedom and the American Republic!

Another issue must be discussed before reading this work. The 20th Century has been rife with Conspiracy Theories; early 20th Century anti-Catholic conspiracy theory, the ever popular anti-semitic Conspiracy Theories, anti-Masonic (Illuminati) Conspiracy Theories and the most recognized the John Birch Society’s Insider’s Theory. All these theories are false because they do not recognize (or ignore) the existence of the Permanent Revolution and are based on the false concept that Communism has existed in various forms since the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution and then defeated by Capitalism in 1989.

The Conspiracy presented in this book, although it may share some similarities to the various popular Conspiracy Theories, is a totally different concept. It is based on the reality Communism has never existed. Even though the many Conspiracy Theories are full of many “true facts and events” they all eventually fail to match history and present reality at some point in time.

Since the Bolshevik Revolution a false war of Capitalism vs. Communism has been at the center of all the Conspiracy Theories. Communism has been presented as the enemy of Capitalism. When in reality Communism will be the end result of Capitalism. To further complicate this issue the Radical Capitalist Class has been successful in equating Capitalism as the Free Enterprise economic system created out of the American Revolution, when in fact, for Capitalism to evolve into Communism all forms of Free enterprise must be eliminated.

As a result, the popular Conspiracy Theories in essence help support the spread of Capitalism thus ensuring the eventual reality of Communism. For example, the John Birch Society (JBS) promotes a theory that influential business and political individuals identified as “the Insiders” have been instituting Soviet style Communism in America. Up until 1989 the JBS also recognized itself as the leading anti-Communist organization in this country. The membership of the JBS was constantly warned about a Communist destruction of the U.S. Constitution, aided by the Insiders, was about to destroy the “Freedoms” in this Republic.

By not recognizing the simple fact that Communism has yet to exist, the JBS theory becomes false. Many a Bircher or former Bircher will “howl” this is not true. They will immediately respond with the question “If Communism has not existed, then what was the system of Government in Soviet Russia, the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics?”

The answer is quite simple.

Lenin and Trotsky were fellow revolutionaries with the Radical Capitalist Class in removing all obstacles to the proliferation of Capitalism on a global basis. Lenin and Trotsky realized; as did the Radical Capitalist Class, that before Communism could be a reality, Capitalism must become highly technically advanced. And for Capitalism to become advanced enough to evolve into Communism all impediments to Capitalism’s proliferation must be removed, especially nationalism and national sovereignty.

Lenin and Trotsky did not trust their Radical Capitalist brothers in Revolution. They felt if the Radical Capitalist could demonstrate their ability to rule the worker class would become enslaved to the Radical Capitalists and be deprived of social and economic justice. Lenin and Trotsky turned on the Radical Capitalist Class in October 1917 and attempted to put the Permanent Revolution in the hands of the working classes. At this point the Bolsheviks became an impediment, like national sovereignty, to the spread of Radical Capitalism. The Russia captured by the Bolsheviks was by no means an advanced Capitalist society and therefore could never evolve into Communism, so a Fascist dictatorial government was created…not Communism.

The Radical Capitalist had a large problem to solve. Lenin and Trotsky had a large propaganda advantage over the Capitalist. Those gentlemen could and were exposing to the working classes throughout the world the source of social and economic injustice, Radical Capitalism, the Permanent Revolution. The Radical Capitalist would counter this Bolshevik threat by falsely identifying the Bolsheviks (and all other enemies) as Communists and then created the false war of Capitalism vs. Communism.

As a result, Radical Capitalism became the champion of “Freedom” by combating Communism. Radical Capitalism could then openly oppose their enemies (other future turn coat allies such as the German National Socialists) and continue to assault its largest impediment being national sovereignty. In the process Radical Capitalism was then free to continue its technological advancement until a social and economic environment existed to create a global, self-regulating classless society…Communism…totally unnoticed by the victim populaces around the world.

Thus, the problem with Conspiracy Theories based on the existence of a false Communism and the fake war of Capitalism vs. Communism such as the John Birch Society’s “Insiders” Conspiracy Theory becomes quite evident. By opposing the fake Communism, the JBS unknowingly supports Capitalism; a Radical Capitalism confused as Free Enterprise that will evolve into Communism, something the JBS claims to be fighting. In short, by opposing the false Communism the JBS supports America’s real enemy.

A Brief Overview of the Thesis

Capitalism has been promoting its revolution for 300 years. Its introduction in America was through the American Revolution of Independence. Between 1776 to the present, the RCC has used War and Revolution to remove obstacles to the spread of Capitalism.

The most immediate goal of these Wars and Revolutions is the proliferation of FREE TRADE. The American Revolution, The Civil War, WWI and WWII are all bound together through the issue of FREE TRADE.

Free Trade destroys National Sovereignty and domestic society, “ONE COUNTRY, TWO SYSTEMS.”

It took the RCC 150 years to bring about a global environment in order to globally proliferate Free Trade which had all but disappeared from this planet by the start of the 20th Century. By 1914 the RCC was prepared to eliminate its largest roadblock to global Capitalism… the existence of the European Aristocracies and the American Republic.

Of course the RCC was to use its War and Revolution cycle in their crusade. Shortly after the end of WWI, there were several Bolsheviki revolutions prepared to finish off the war weary Aristocracies. These revolutions were to fill the political void with the fall of the German Kaiser, The Austrian Emperor and the Russian Czar. Only Russia succumbed.

The RCC used their influence to bring about events to kick off WWI. While the war ravaged on, the RCC was financing and equipping “Communist” revolutionaries through out Europe and North America. The most significant grouping of revolutionaries of course was the Bolsheviki.

The RCC at the end of WWI dominated the peace settlement that resulted in “Wilson’s” 14-point plan. The RCC was prepared to institute Free Trade from the Rubble of WWI.

Two events took place that would undo 150 successful years of Permanent Revolution. The U.S. Senate voted down joining the League of Nations and the “October Surprise,” the Bolshevik Revolution overthrowing the interim Kerensky government.

What a set back for the RCC. The RCC had spent 25 years of reforming America through the Progressive Movement of Left Wing Socialism in both Parties, i.e. Teddy, the Republican, Roosevelt and Woodrow, the Democrat, Wilson--“ONE PARTY, TWO SYSTEMS.” All the reforms were to alter life in America to make ready for the 14-point plan and Free Trade.

The RCC was expecting to have at their disposal, the vast reserves of Russia’s natural resources to feed the machines of Capitalism in Western Europe and the United States.

Brothers in revolution with the RCC, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin had a different plan. They choose that moment in time to seize the reigns of the Permanent Revolution form the RCC and put it in the hands of the worker per Marx’s theory of Permanent Revolution.

Despite the magnitude of this setback, The RCC was to put this uprising in the ranks to their advantage, creating the false war known as Capitalism vs. Communism.

As long as Capitalism still exists, Communism is a “When” not and “if”. According to Marx, Communism is at the end of Capitalism’s evolution. You cannot have Communism until you have a socialist or semi-socialist technically advanced form of Capitalism.

A Socialist knows Communism will follow Socialism, so it was “up to the worker” to throw off the chains of his oppressors and establish Socialism. If the RCC were able to demonstrate its ability to rule, the worker would never gain control of the revolution.

The RCC realized eventually the masses toiling under them were becoming more educated and communications were greatly improving. It would only be a matter of time and the people would start to understand what “was happening” in Capitalist dominated societies. In America they would realize they were on the Capitalist road to Socialism away from Free Enterprise (not Capitalism, Capitalism and Free Enterprise are not synonymous.)

In October of 1917 the Bosheviki double-crossed their Capitalist comrades and seized control of the Russian government attempting to gain control of the Permanent Revolution. So to “cover their tracks,” the RCC's historians, politicians and Media Moguls mislabeled the Bolsheviki, Mensheviki, etc. as Communist. The struggle of Capitalism vs. Communism was invented. Now the former Brothers in revolution could openly wage war on their former allies. Any one that left the Capitalist camp became a Communist, Communist sympathizer or fellow traveler.

To say the least, the Bolshevik pull out put Capitalism in a state of Crisis for two reasons. One, Bolsheviki such as Lenin, Stalin or Trotsky could expose the RCC’s plottings to control the domestic masses. Two, Bolshevik forces could overrun a weakened Europe if the more advanced Capitalist states did not place a buffer zone between Russia and Europe. This buffer zone was to be Nazi Germany. When the RCC is in serious crisis they turn to Fascism, National Socialism. The state controls wages, prices and crime at the expense of constitutional rights of the populace.

Do you see what is coming next?

Shortly before the end of hostilities of WWI the allied nations of Europe and the United States sent troops to Russia to stem the new tide of “Communism” but temporarily failed. There was not much else for the RCC to do until Lenin died or the Bolsheviki failed.

The RCC controlled Stalin, or so they thought. They backed him in a “Coup” of the Bolshevik party and the expulsion of Trotsky from the USSR. But it was soon evident to the RCC that Stalin was no different than Lenin and Trotsky…Stalin became a new Czar Dictator of all Soviets.

Are you ready for some Fascism?

Adolph Hitler was created by the RCC to stop Stalin. Yes, WWII was started to stop Stalin. But alas, Hitler followed in the footsteps of Lenin and Stalin. Hitler turned on his creators. Hitler posed an even bigger threat to the RCC. Hitler had been put into power, by the same members of the RCC just as Trotsky and Lenin in Russia.

The RCC learned a hard lesson from 1900 to 1945. In order to lay the groundwork for Communism; the domestic economy and society of each Nation must be completely destroyed. WWI demonstrated millions of lives, mashed by war, was not enough incentive to bring about societal change to create the environment for Capitalism to evolve into Communism. Communism had to be built from the dying carcass of Free Enterprise of the American Republic.

In 1945, all enemies of the RCC were basically eliminated. The only opposition left resided in America. These opponents were labeled “Conspiracy theory nuts,” “isolationists,” “protectionists” etc. These people realized something wasn’t quite right with history or the present perception of reality.

To control this newly created Right Wing extremist opposition, the RCC would use Perestroika as a weapon. Perestroika is the act of the RCC creating its own fake opposition groups to identify and control their enemies.

There is another benefit of Perastoika for the RCC. With the creation of false extremist groups the RCC is able to manipulate the growing political, proletarian Center. This almost ensures the control of future political events.

After 1945 Capitalism exploded on the planet, spreading its means of production through the 1947 creation of the UN’s GATT. The RCC then waged war on Free Enterprise by gradually exporting the RCC’s means of production from the American Midwest to the Northeast creating the Rust Belt; unleashing a torrent of imports that would drown the last remnants of Free Enterprise.

This set the stage by 1980 for the Reagan Revolution based on Reaganomics. All the RCC’s best were enlisted in this revolution. Reagan started a great economic reform movement both socially and economically. This reform movement was nothing more than the final destruction of Free Enterprise and placing the entire nation on the world-trading bloc. And the crowning of this revolution was the 1989 destruction of the Berlin Wall. This signified the end of the mythical Capitalism vs. Communism Cold War.

By the year 2000, the RCC had laid the foundation of the Dictatorship “OF” (not by, for or with) the Proletariat. The Bolshevik slogan “Each according to his abilities and needs” was now becoming the way of life in America. “Go Global or Die!”

But in the year 2000, the Capitalist found their Permanent Revolution “In Crisis.” Countless millions of Americans were escaping the Perestroika’s run by the RCC through the U.S. government. The conspiracy was/is facing exposure.

A very fast growing New Left opposition also came into existence at the end of the 20th Century. The great bulk of this New Left is under the age of 30 led by the remnants of the 1970’s New Left that never really got off the ground (these ranks were quickly thinned by a large migration of “Socialist turned Capitalist” referred to as Neo-conservatives). This New Left is dominated by young people, that are really not happy with the political and social legacy inherited from their parents and grandparents RCC “induced ignorance” that allowed the GATT to come into existence and then grow into the WTO.

Candidates from emerging “Third Parties” were also starting to challenge the Republicratic Party’s “ONE PARTY, TWO SYSTEMS.” There was a unique quality to these Third Party candidates. They were from political movements peopled by Perastroika escapees. Most were disavowed Leftists, Rightists, and confused Centrists coming together in a political “Fusion.” The tremendous growth of the political Center is forcing this fusion. If this fusion should continue the RCC could become fully exposed.

In the year 2000, the only thing keeping the RCC in power was control of the electoral process, control of the press, control of the educational process, control of the Federal government combined with the increased use of a Fascism based in Perestroika. The RCC has the expertise to manipulate and control the outcome of elections. If the RCC would loose the White House, the Permanent Revolution would be exposed and ended.

Please put aside all your history learned in school and college. It is a false history. Leave your right wing extremist organization, it is a false doctrine. Members of the several New Left opposition groups…Open your eyes to the Permanent Revolution… it is real.

The expansion of the Permanent Revolution leaves no choice in the matter of survival. The Left and Right must put aside their respective doctrines and agendas and unite in a new common struggle. The election process must be put back into the hands of the people/masses.

Should America’s sovereignty continue to drown in a sea of FREE TRADE and the electoral process not rescued the right to opposition will cease to exist?

The vote is the purest form of dissent. What good is an ideology if there is no form of dissent? The answer is obvious.

How and why, This Book…

In 1979 the author was a union official in a Semi-conductor plant located in the center of Northwest Ohio. The hourly workers were/are (and maybe not too much longer) represented by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), which is affiliated with the AFL-CIO. This manufacturing site massed produced the CosMos Semi-conductor for the first time in history. The proliferation of this product type would lead to the computer revolution and explosion which in turn, would raise Capitalism to a technical level envisioned by Marx that would make possible the initial “seedlings” of a classless society to grow in America.

There was one more unique quality of this facility. It was the first mass production point for thousands of newly developed Semi-conductor types straight from the R&D labs for RCA. Usually line yields were higher at the Findlay, Ohio plant than the R&D labs. Once a product type was “proven for production,” RCA would then sell the technology to whoever had the money to purchase. This would include the training of the technical staff of the purchaser and would also advise the customer on the manufacturing equipment to be used (usually superior to Findlay’s equipment).

As a consequence the 2200 workers (blue and white collar) from 1972 through 1985 created and trained their global competitors. Also, at the same time the RCC was putting into place the data collecting capabilities that would force the mutation of Capitalism into Communism. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the people that work or worked at “the Findlay Plant” were/are “world class competitors” that have most definitely played an important part in history. In 1985 this plant was the single, largest manufacturer of integrated circuits from start to finish under one roof. More than likely almost every household and business in this country owns a device that contains an Integrated Circuit (I.C.) built in Findlay or had is birth there.

The author, who was vice president of IBEW Local #1907 in the early 80’s, was concerned about the passage of what was known as the 1979 Multilateral Trade Negotiations (MTN), the fast-track treaty form for Congressional approval of the United Nations’ (UN) General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). His concern was the GATT would severely lower U.S. tariffs on Semi-conductors and as a result the imports (generated from RCA’S export of technology) destined for our domestic marketplace would erode the job security for the workers of IBEW Local #1907 and the entire American Semi-conductor industry. Remember unemployed workers of the Rustbelt would re-educate themselves and gain employment in the emerging “High TECH Industries.” If not, the worker would join the growing ranks of the chronically militant unemployed.

A legitimate but failed effort through the proper Union channels was made to alert the IBEW to the threat presented to American union and non-union workers.

This was in response to the then IBEW’s International President’s April 1979 monthly address to the Rank and File membership, according to the union’s constitutionally mandated publishing of the IBEW Journal. In that April 1979 issue the International President requested the rank and file “to urge their government representatives to choose implementing legislation carefully” for the passage of the 1979 MTN.

This author found this statement very confusing. The 1979 MTN was the fast track piece of legislation for the UN’s treaty, the GATT. Congress could only vote “Yea” or “Nay” for the 1979 MTN. There would be no implementing legislation.

This was a clear violation of Article XXVII, Section 1, paragraph 7 on page 90 of the IBEW Constitution…”publishing or circulating among L.U.s false reports or misrepresentation.” Eventually this author filed legitimate charges for the removal of the International President from the union for violating this article of the IBEW’s Constitution. This request was answered, by the IBEW Fourth District’s Vice President with the words: “Duly noted and filled.”

When a new contract is negotiated and ratified with the Company, the membership gets a copy of the new contract and a new copy of the union’s constitution. When the next contract was ratified after the passage of the 1979 MTN, this author was shocked to see that Article XXVII, Section 1, paragraph 7 had been removed from the IBEW constitution.

It was at this time the author realized a Conspiracy was at work in this country. As this author started to “propagandize about the GATT, the CFR and TLC etc.” to the rank and file of Local#1907 the IBEW tried to remove the author from the union with an article of the Constitution that no longer existed. The IBEW failed.

Common sense told the author the UN’s GATT would render all jobs in America defenseless. The author knew all America should be forewarned of the growing danger presented to this Republic.

There were few avenues to choose from for the author to go seeking help for the future of the American worker. In 1979 the AFL-CIO endorsed the GATT and its political action committee (PAC) the Committee on Political Education (COPE) blindly backed any Democrat that would vote for this very much Communist U.N. treaty.

At the same time all major U.S. based multi-national corporations urged passage also.

The author by this time also knew the then president of the AFL-CIO, Lane Kirkland, was a member of the New York Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) and the Trilateral Commission (TLC) and the CEO of RCA, Thorton M. Bradshaw, shared the same memberships with Mr. Kirkland.

It is no wonder the author became very unpopular with the union and the company when he went “public.” There was virtually no one to turn to for help in “accepted circles.”

The author had only one choice in getting the “word out”. That choice was to approach the American Right Wing. This seemed an odd choice for seeking a voice for labor. The extreme Right viewed (incorrectly) union labor as the closest thing to being a part of the “Communist Conspiracy Theory ” (a Communism that did not exist). But the extreme Right ideology was cemented in some form to an un-provable Conspiracy Theory implicating an East Coast Liberal Establishment led by “Insiders” that was implementing Soviet Communism in America.

The author firmly believed he was presenting “scientific proof” to prove these various Conspiracies Theories correct. The author then noticed the fact that all the various Conspiracy Theories failed at some point when applied to legitimate historical analysis and present realities.

In 1983 the author “stumbled” onto the concept of the Permanent Revolution quite by accident. Suddenly Conspiracy Theories that ended in a confusion of falsities started to “make sense” if the RCC controlled Permanent Revolution was recognized.

The author makes no claim to have invented “The Theory of Permanent Revolution.” There are a few individuals that have made the same “discovery” and have remained “invisible” due to RCC control of the Media and the Intelligentsia.

The two most promising choices for the author to “get the word out” were the August Corporation and the John Birch Society (JBS). These groups were recognized as the most influential adversaries to the Trilateral Commission as recognized in an RCC rebuttal published in the November 24, 1980 issue of Forbes Magazine. (See Appendix E)

The author decided to go with the August Corporation first. The choice for the August Corporation was an easy decision to make. First, the August Corporation accepted the concept of the Permanent Revolution but was not ready to put it into print. Secondly, the founder of the August Corporation, Anthony C. Sutton, had no problem with exposing the “symptoms” of the Permanent Revolution. Thirdly, in the 1970’s, Mr. Sutton was a Teaching Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institute of War and Revolution. He was considered this nation’s leading authority on Soviet industrial and military development and revolution. In short, Mr. Sutton was not considered a “Right Wing” kook hooked on paranoid Conspiracy Theories.

Mr. Sutton published a series of books concerning important events of the 20th Century that effected the lives of every man, woman and child in this country and the world for that matter. The books were Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Wall Street and FDR, and Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler. In these three books one could find many of the proofs identifying the existence of the Permanent Revolution.

In the introduction to Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Sutton clearly identified the reason for the lack of sound academic and scientific proofs of a conspiracy:

“Since the early 1920’s, numerous pamphlets and articles, even
a few books, have sought to forge a link between “International
Bankers and “Bolshevik Revolutionaries.” Rarely have these
Attempts been supported by hard evidence…”

What the author supplied to Antony Sutton was “hard evidence,” real life data on the actions of a multinational corporation and its controlled union participation in a “Conspiracy.”

“…And never have such attempts been argued within the
framework of a scientific method…”

The author assembled a control set of data that was scientifically collected from a “real life environment.” The process of collecting this data would eventually lead the author to the realization of the existence of the Permanent Revolution controlled by the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC). The research done from 1979-1983 would be duplicated in 1995 through 1998, thus making the author’s “theory” a fact of life. But, regardless of the quality of documentation, Sutton continues to observe:

“Examination of the topic by academic writers has been seriously avoided; probably because the hypothesis offends the neat dichotomy of Capitalist vs. Communist (and everyone knows, of course, that these are bitter enemies). Moreover, because a great deal that has been written borders on the absurd, a sound academic reputation could easily be wrecked on Shoals of ridicule.”

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Antony C. Sutton, 1974, p.11.

Needless to say, Sutton was correct.

Just because this thesis is susceptible to ridicule, does not make the RCC’s Permanent Revolution any less real. It does not lessen the threat to America’s sovereignty and the continued existence of this Republic. One of the most “absurd facts” of the Permanent Revolution is the RCC has complete control of the American electoral process, cornerstone for the existence for this great nation.

So much for the how and why for the writing of this book. Enough background material has been presented. It is now time to provide the evidence for the reality of the Permanent Revolution.

Chapter 1
The First Point of Reference

The official, controlled American history dictated by the RCC has recorded hundreds of thousands of America’s sons and daughters have given their lives making the world safe for Democracy. This shedding of American blood was in the wars for stopping the spread of Fascism, Communism, eliminating Castro from the Caribbean, keeping Sadam Hussein at bay and bringing Slobodan Milisovich to trial for crimes against humanity…not to forget Osama.

This is a false reading of history. All the above events have been part of the Permanent Revolution clearing away 20th century obstacles (national sovereignty) for the implementation of global Capitalism based on FREE MARKET economics (Reaganomics and Clinton’s Democratic Economics) based on Free Trade.

One of the very first great successes of the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) was the American Revolution. This revolution escaped being branded a Marxist revolution only because it was before Marx was born. When the first shot of the revolution was fired on April 19, 1775 at Concord, it was immediately branded a struggle of Patriotism. The RCC Permanent Revolution was camouflaged for no one to see.

In order to get colonial “buy-in,” the RCC planners (1) declared a Jubilee on all debt to England’s Crown and selected International banks, (2) granted the patriot 150 acres of land and a mule, and (3) would receive payment of $75.00 for each year served to any patriotic man or woman who would take part in the “war of revolution for Independence and sovereignty.”

If you do not know that… blame a teacher!

At the end of the Revolution (1) the Jubilee was cancelled, (2) the land and mule were lost to the “land speculators,” (3) the Patriot got half the money he was promised, (4) the new Government under the Articles of Confederation was attempting to fund itself with an “un-collectible” direct, income tax, and (5) the money in circulation was worthless due to the enormous war debt of the colonies owed to select International Bankers.

If your children don’t know that…again, blame a teacher!

By 1786, the RCC had lost total control of the American Revolution for obvious reasons. The Patriots outnumbered the Capitalists. Remember the American Revolution is continuous until this nation’s sovereignty comes to an end.

The government of the Revolution was under the Articles of Confederacy, which created a Union amongst the colonies, then newly created independent nation states. In many respects this Union functioned much like the unions claim they function today.

In 1786 this government was completely bankrupt. The only funding for the government was based on a direct income tax, which no Patriot paid, again, for obvious reasons.

If you didn’t know that… Well, you do now!

It was to the point Washington and the former Revolutionary General Staff feared the Crown could regain what it had lost. Leaders of the former colonies started to hold “Conventions” to determine some remedy for the economic situation. Eventually a convention was convened in Philadelphia in the summer of 1786. These events have been improperly recorded by RCC historians as the Constitutional Convention. Also, these conventions were illegal, violating Article 13 of the Articles of Confederation. Out of this convention came the United States Constitution which established a Republic with a Federal Government funded 100% from tariffs and excises to be set by the newly created Federal Congress. This was what was put into motion when John Hancock so strikingly signed this document into existence.

Hamilton, Madison and Jay etc., were RCC revolutionaries not any different than Lenin and Trotsky. Yes the Patriots greatly outnumbered the RCC crowd. But… these RCC extremists were prepared to rule after the Revolutionary War.

The RCC main goal had been achieved: removal of the Aristocracy from the shores of America. Remember the Philadelphia meetings were to discuss the economic plight of the Revolution, not to create a new government. When Madison and the boys arrived in Philadelphia they already had a document in hand written for a new RCC controlled Federal government.

(Author’s note: For all the anti-Masonic and anti-Jew conspiracy theory freaks, the RCC has many “partners in crime” to include Masons, Jews, Catholics, Protestants, Quakers, atheists, agnostics, communist revolutionaries and the list goes on and on. At any given time any of “these brothers in revolution” when given a chance will attempt to double cross “this gang of thieves.” The most note-able “turn coats” have been the Bolsheviks, the Soviet Communists, German National Socialists and the Zionists)

When the “final document” was completed after the debates and compromises of the delegates, the RCC politicians Hamilton, Madison and Jay penned a preamble to this Contract. Even though the new states were united in a Union under the Articles of Confederation, the united States of America did not exist. The RCC delegates did not “speak” for the Patriot population. They could only speak for themselves. To denote this most important fact, the delegates capitalized the first three words of this preamble.

“WE THE PEOPLE, in order to form a more perfect

So, the famous phrase “We the People” is to denote that this phrase refers to the framers of this contract, the RCC… not the colonial Patriots that was required to cast a vote for ratification.

Do you understand what you just read?

When the colonials voted ratification of the Constitution, the Patriot population entered into a “contract” with the newly created RCC controlled Federal Government.

Before the former colonials were asked to vote ratification Hamilton, Madison and Jay penned a series of essays to explain how this “more perfect Union” was to function. These essays are now referred to as The Federalist Papers. This book was to be used by the new Federal Supreme Court as a guide in their rulings to preserve the intent of the American Revolution.

Get the Picture?

The RCC created and controlled the new Federal government and the populace “signed” this contract into being. A Federal Republic, to be 100% funded from congressionally controlled tariff and excise schedules, came into existence. All wealth generated within its borders was protected from all outside influences. The Aristocracy in the Americas had been removed as an impediment to the spread of Capitalism.

How do you know any of this is true?

Answer: All one has to do to verify the above is obtain a copy of The Federalist Papers and read “Essay #12” penned by Alexander Hamilton. All the present “anti-Free Trade” authors and opposition totally ignore this essay.

“The effects of the Union upon the commercial property of
the States have been sufficiently delineated…”

Did you catch the wording? The commercial value of the Union will go up. And who would be most interested in Commercial values?

“…It’s tendency to promote the interests of
revenue will be the subject of our present inquiry…”

Now lets talk about making money.

“…The prosperity of commerce is now perceived and
acknowledged by all enlightened statesmen to be
the most useful as well as the most productive source
of national wealth…”

Man I wish I could talk like that.

“…The ability of a country to pay its taxes must always
be proportioned in a great degree to the quantity of money
in circulation and to the (celerity) …with which it

Keep this phrase in your mind throughout the rest of this book. The concept keeps popping up.

“… It is evident from the state of the country, from the
habits of its people, from the experience we have had
on the point itself…”

Here it comes…!

“…That it is impracticable to raise any very considerable sums of by direct taxation…”

This doesn’t have to be repeated, does it?

Now here comes the punch line.

“… A nation cannot long exist without revenue. Destitute
of this essential support, it must resign its independence
and sink into the degraded condition of province…”

Now remember the RCC created and controlled the Federal government, which entered into a contract with the patriot populace and it was agreed:

“…In this country if the principle part be not drawn
from commerce, it must fall with repressive weight
upon the land…”

Remember the RCC’s goal was to eliminate the Aristocracy from the shores of America. If this new nation did not follow the terms of the contract this nation’s sovereignty would come to an end.

It was expedient for the RCC to create the Federal Republic. Even though they had momentarily lost control of the Revolution, it was more important to establish a method to regain control. The Constitution met the requirements. The fledgling Federal Government now had the bare essentials to protect the independence and resultant created wealth from the Crown. No longer did the RCC face the aristocracy as an impediment in America. And besides, when the Federal Republic would no longer be necessary, it could be dismantled at a later date, which is what is happening today to this nation.

If you are not convinced of this assessment of events in 1786, then when you have the time, secure a copy of the book The Common Sense of the Constitution, by Allyn and Bacon, 1924 and read the introduction.

“The average citizen has rather hazy ideas about the Constitution. Many people have never seen a copy; or if they have, it was so long ago that they have forgotten how it looks. They do not know whether it covers two pages or two hundred. Most of them think it long and involved, when as a matter of fact it is one of the simplest and clearest documents ever written, and is far easier to grasp than ninety per cent of the legal papers today.

We cannot understand United States History unless we keep the Constitution clearly in mind. Nor can we read the news columns of the daily paper intelligently without this knowledge, to say nothing of the editorial page. What can be more futile than to try to wrestle with any phase of the social studies without a clear understanding of the principles which underlie the document upon which our political, economic, and social structure rests?”

You will agree with the concept of history presented in this book; Especially when you read Article I, Section 8, Clause 1. of the Constitution.

“The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, imposts and excises, to pay the debts and provide for the common defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States.”

Free Trade would not have been acceptable to Hamilton, Madison and Jay. The RCC needed time to grow in a protected environment. They had just fought a revolution against Mercantile Free Trade of the Crown.

Chapter 2
Meanwhile, Back In Europe

Karl Marx and his teachings and followers are to be used as a transition from the War of Independence to 1890s evolved Capitalism.

By this time Capitalism was starting to dominate business and trade in this country and the world. It was large enough to have critics and enemies. The Most famous of these critics was Karl Marx and his Communist Manifesto.

This must be established…Communism has never existed!

“Communism: The doctrine of Marx and Engels, founded on the basis of the materialist conception of history. Communism is the stage following after Socialism and when social classes cease to exist. Communism does not yet exist in any country.”

Marx For Beginners, Rius, 1976, glossary.


“Run that by me again.”

Communism has yet to exist. I know the questions you want to ask, but you will not understand/comprehend the answers to those questions until later in this book.

One thing you must understand, there are no simple answers to those questions concerning Communism. The problem is compounded by the simple fact most right wing Americans and surely the great sheep of the political Center have not read any Marx, Lenin, or Trotsky.

So if you insist on asking… hold those questions. A brief overview of Marx’s theory from Marx for Beginners, will answer many of those questions. Please keep the American Revolution in mind as you read.

“As time went on, the merchants and guild artisans grew in numbers and power. They began to shrug off the burdensome “yoke” imposed on them by the Nobles and the Clergy. The first intellectuals awoke, bringing new ideas into daylight. A new class is born, The BOURGEOISIE…”

Commerce thus began to change the form of production.

The Bourgeoisie needed bigger (and free) markets to shift the merchandise produced in their workshops.

See or hear anything familiar yet?

“…Their appetite for profits ran smack against the limits of the Feudal mode of production… and these restraints provoked a series of bourgeoisie revolutions…”

If you haven’t guessed by now the bourgeoisie are the RCC.

“… Against Kings and church leading to the birth of a new system of production… CAPITALISM.”

Oh! please continue…

“The bourgeoisie revolutions were followed by another revolution…the Industrial. Humanity invented machines, which took the place of manual crafts. This completely revolutionized the mode of production…”

The author will deal with this issue later in this volume.

“The appearance on the scene of machine produced goods brings with it a couple of new social classes: Capitalist, or owners of the machines and Workers, or the operators tied to these infernal machines. With machinery comes a new mode of production Marx calls, CAPITALISM.”

Pay attention!

“Now the worker isn’t the slave of a feudal Lord. He’s a “free citizen” (i.e. free to sell himself to the highest bidder)…”

Marx developed a unique theory:

“… the class struggle is inevitable and historical… sooner or later says Marx, Capitalism is going to “have to retreat before a newer and fairer system Socialism.”

Karl Marx for Beginners, Rius,
1976, pps. 130-133.

As time passed for Marx from the revolutionary year 1848 until his death, he would rethink his position. These changes were brought about by Marx’s observation of the permanence of the RCC’s Revolution with the continued growing existence of Capitalism. From this he developed what he called the Theory of Permanent Revolution.

“The disasters of 1848 did not indeed shake Marx’s theoretical beliefs, but they forced him seriously to revise his political program. In the years 1847-8, he was so far influenced by the propaganda of Weitling and Blanqui as to begin to believe, against his natural, Hegelian, inclination, that a successful revolution could be made by means of a coup d’ ’etat, carried out by a small and resolute body of trained revolutionaries, who having seized power, would hold it, constituting themselves the executive committee of the masses in whose name they acted. This body would function as the spear-head of the proletarian attack. The broad masses of the working class after years of bondage and darkness could not be expected to be ripe either for self-government, or for the control and liquidation of the forces they had displaced.

A party must therefore be formed to function as a political, intellectual, and legislative ‘elite of the people, enjoying its confidence in virtue of its disinterestedness, its superior training and its practical insight into the needs of the immediate situation, able to guide the people’s uncertain steps during the first period of its new freedom. This necessary interlude, he termed the state of permanent revolution, guided, by the revolutionary class dictatorship of the proletariat over the rest ‘as a necessary intermediate step to the abolition of all class distinctions, to the abolition of all the existing productive relations upon which these distinctions rest, to the abolition of all social relations which correspond to these productive relations, and to the complete reversal of all ideas which derive from these social relations’. But here, although the end was clear, the means were left comparatively vague. The ‘permanent revolution’ was to be brought about by the dictatorship of the proletariat: but how was this stage to be effected and what form was it to take?

Exile in London, Karl Marx, Isiahah Berlin,
1963, p. 153.

Yes I know, small book and a lot of stuff. If you haven’t guessed I like powerful quotations that are real eye openers.

Yes! What does the next step bring. “Who” is going to be involved?

This is the $64,000 question, Who are the infamous “they” behind the RCC? The answer is quite simple. For the 20th Century “they” were:

“…conservatively pedantic socialism has found its most authoritative representation in the indefatigable Fabian Couple, Beatrice and Sidney Webb…”

Revolution Betrayed, Trotsky, 1932, p.2.

Before Beatrice and Sydney Webb and their creation the Fabian Society is discussed at length, the class of People they represent, the RCC, it is necessary to describe the state of Capitalism in the 1890’s. It is only fair to briefly illustrate their social and economic position in the 1890’s since Marx’s position, based on observing the RCC, has been presented.

Please read on.

Chapter 3
1890’s Capitalism

There have been many political and economic writers that unknowingly describe “symptoms” of the Permanent Revolution but do not recognize the existence of the Permanent Revolution. James Livingston’s, Origins of the Federal Reserve System; Money, Class, and Corporate Capitalism, 1890-1913 is a fine example.

Keep in mind as the 20th Century was about to dawn, Free Trade the necessary tool to spread the Permanent Revolution, was dead.

“By the First World War the Free market had ceased to exist in the most extreme form because it did not meet human needs…”

False Dawn, John Grey, 1998 p.5.

So what was the problem for the RCC?

Well the European Aristocracies still existed. Secondly the American Revolution still eluded their complete controlling grasp. But the “Progressive Movement” would change all this. Now on to Origins of the Federal Reserve:

“I am trying to demonstrate that the programs and social philosophies of reform-minded businessmen and intellectuals were situationally determined…”

…My object is to demonstrate that the movement for banking and monetary reform (ca. 1894-1913) was both symptom and attempted cure of the decline of competitive-entrepreneurial capitalism…

Origins of the Federal Reserve System,
Livingston, 1986, p. 18.

This is similar to the same problems global Capitalism was encountering at the end of the 20th Century. Now pay close attention to Mr. Livingston.

“…I try to show that reform of the financial system was a pressing social question that not only involved, animated, and shaped the outlook of the entire modern-corporate business community; but also produced some of the assumptions critical to modern economic theory, and defined the methods and goals of modern liberalism…”


Notice this was social reform. Notice also this movement set the tone for modern liberalism. This is the same liberalism the Reagan Revolution supposedly banished from Washington D.C.

Hold on Mr. Livingston is not done.

“I suggest that the movement for reform provided the context within which a modern ruling class came of age…”

We all know who this new ruling class are… the RCC.

“… That this reform movement was the preparatory school in which a corporate-industrial business elite worked out a world view or social Philosophy appropriate to its constituency’s leadership of modern society…”

And here comes the Bullet…

“… I suggest, in other words, that the origins of the Federal Reserve System lie in the awakening and articulation of Capitalist class consciousness.”

By the End of the 19th Century we find the Capitalist Class (the RCC) awakening. This awakening is expressed through social reform. And there were problems for the Capitalist and of course there was no free trade to expand Capitalism’s system. Secondly the Capitalist was not harvesting profits in the quantities they were accustomed to.

“Capitalist did, then, have good reason to fear the future; the relative decline in growth rates is readily apparent after 1873 and quite pronounced after 1884… the late nineteenth century’s enduring “depression” was a shift in the distribution of income from profits to wages or from Capital to labor…”

One of the problems for the RCC is as Capitalism grew so did the amount of workers in a direct proportion. In fact the number of workers will continually grow exponentially larger than the number of Capitalist. It is quite obvious for the RCC to stay in control they needed to gain more control of the Federal government controlling the workers.

(Author’s note: This author is pro worker, pro union but anti-AFL-CIO. Worker in this book is defined as Blue and White collar to exclude those representatives of the Radical Capitalist Class, the CEO and upper-level management).

Labor presented another problem. As the size of the proletariat increases it absorbs more of the wealth produced.

“So large is labor’s share of national income that any substantial disparity between productivity and real wages would exert great impact on the other shares--either largely expropriating them or presenting them with huge windfalls…”

Gee! Doesn’t this sound familiar?

“For example, if real wages are rising because of price deflation and labor
productivity meanwhile is not increasing at a comparable rate, labor will
to that extent “expropriate” capital’s share of national income”.

This was not just a fluke phenomenon. If left unchecked, a crisis for Capitalism of devastating proportions would develop… in favor of the Worker as envisioned by Marx.

“… the disparity between growth in real wages and labor productivity is
most notable between 1884 and 1894: productivity barely improved in
this decade while real wages continued to increase steadily, at a rate of
five to six times faster than productivity…”

Now for all you self-avowed Marxist, non-communist Socialists and dyed in the wool Capitalists, Mr. Livingston describes the classic problem for Capitalism to solve, over production and under-consumption. In today’s business jargon this is called the bottleneck.

“The economic problem so conceived was relative, not absolute: these observers were suggesting not that profits had disappeared altogether, but that capital’s share of national income was declining as real costs for new fixed capital was rising…”

Here comes a priceless gem of observation.

“No sooner has the capitalist fairly adopted one improved machine, than it must be thrown away for a still later and better invention, which must be purchased at dear cost, if the manufacturer would not see himself eclipsed by his rival…”

This is very important. This was the problem to be solved by the Capitalists if they were to retain control of the Permanent Revolution. So important that the above observation requires a supporting second opinion on over production/under-consumption. It comes from a totally different source, The Second Industrial Divide, Possibilities for Prosperity, by Michael J. Piore and Charles F. Sabel.

“To Marx, the specialization of manual work-whatever its immediate impact on productivity-was decisively important because it led to the introduction of special-purpose automatic machinery. Once a human task had been decomposed into its elementary motions, it became possible to build a device that would perform these motions automatically; and as one step of a manufacturing process was thus mechanized, the preceding and following steps had to be correspondingly reorganized, to keep pace with the new machinery. Thus, the introduction of automatic equipment also increased the rigidity of production, making it ever harder to switch resources to alternative uses.”

The Second Industrial Divide, Piore and Sable, 1984, pps. 22-23.

Here then lies the problem the Capitalist was paying so dearly for. Back to Mr. Livingston:

“… Specialization could be activated only by growth in demand. Obviously it made no sense to rearrange the production setup to increase out-put if there was no market for the increase and the rearrangement made it expensive to switch the resources to some alternative purpose…”

And here comes another zinger of a quote.

“…Progress in the efficient use of resources was blocked; unless the market for goods could be increased (by such means of reducing tariff barriers and taxes; decreasing transportation costs; redistributing income to those too poor to buy what they want; and consolidating demand for closely related goods into demand for a single standard product)….”

And the hits just keep coming:

“…Once the division of labor was freed from restraint, however, its advance was theoretically self-sustained…”

Yes, in 1900 the Capitalist needed the existence of a Free Trade global market place… that did not exist. Standing in the way of Free Trade were the European Aristocracies and the Republic of the United States of America. One more appropriate quote is necessary to illustrate the problem presented.

“Like Marx before him (Lenin), he was guilty of a false and subjective reading of history that left him with an appallingly skewed vision of what the future may be like. And not the least of it was his misreading from the start to the finish of how free-market economics would actually fare, and of how resilient was democracy as preserved in Capitalist nations.”

The Keys of This Blood, Malachi Martin, 1990,
p. 224.

Free Trade was the key to success for both the Capitalist and those seeking Communism. In order for a Free Market economy to exist, national sovereignty must be eliminated, as was the English Aristocracy was removed from the American shores.

The RCC realized what Marx, Lenin and Trotsky did not. The problem of overproduction and under-consumption contained billions of future bottlenecks to be eliminated. Not until the advent of the computer would the RCC be armed with the tool to be able to make production equal demand.

But before anything could be done, an environment for Free Trade had to be created. The RCC dedicated itself to this task. And as noted earlier in this book, the leaders of this revolution was to be Sidney and Beatrice Webb, founders of the Fabian Society.

Chapter 4
Value Added / Surplus Value and Profit

Before a discussion of the importance of Sidney and Beatrice Webb’s Fabian Society can be presented, the crux of another Marxist/Radical Capitalist problem must be examined, the distribution of Capitalist created wealth. This will be the most controversial and most important concept presented in this book.

Ask yourself this question: Where does all the money come from that has fueled the fantastic rise of the Stock Markets from 1980-2000?

Ponder that thought deeply before you read on!

The typical answer is as follows. American investors invest their money in companies with the expectation that the company will sell a product or a service that will result in a profit. Out of these profits the Capitalist will then pay a dividend to the investor (and himself) that had been taken at great risk in the pursuit of future profits.

Well, that is pretty easy to understand. There isn’t anything controversial about that. After all, isn’t this the American way? Not exactly!

But, where does the money or wealth come from that becomes profit?

Most people will respond the money comes from the sale of a product that has a price with the profit worked into the price.

Consumers will spend (X) amount of money on a product, commodity or service. The cost of that product, commodity or service will have a wholesale value, which is (X-something). The merchant will then add his mark up which is (X+ something). [(X+something) is the merchants profit]. Add (X-) and (X+) and you get the price of the product (X).

This is true to a point, but it is not the correct answer.

Marx observed:

“What determines the price of any product is competition, or more exactly, three kinds of competition. (1) seller vs. seller, (2) purchaser vs. purchaser, and (3) seller vs. purchaser.

Marx For Beginners, Rius, 1976, p. 100.

When there are several vendors that are engaged in head to head competition they have to enter into a price-cutting contest to succeed in the marketplace. This results in lower prices for consumers. Remember the 1950s and 60s “gas-wars” or today’s “burger wars.”

If there are many consumers competing in the sales frenzy for the same product, then the price of that product will increase. The Cabbage Patch doll craze comes to mind.

Competition between seller and purchaser occurs when the seller wants “to sell high” and the consumer “wants to buy cheap.” The outcome of this competition depends on the first two competitions described.

In short, this is the concept of supply and demand.

“When there are 100 cars and 1000 possible buyers, the price of the vehicle jumps up according to the wishes of the seller…But if there are 100 cars and only 20 buyers, it’s very probable the price will favor the buyer.”

Ibid. p. 100.

Yes I understand; I haven’t described just how a price is determined for a product and where that money comes from.

“Let’s talk about the price of production…an automobile, for instance costs $1000; add to this all the hidden costs such as publicity, public relations excises, the distributor’s percentage, taxes, the producer’s profit…Result? The retail price to the public is $2000…”

Ibid. p.101.

Marx didn’t foresee all the added cost engines that would evolve with Capitalism’s expansion that would ultimately effect price determination. Not only that Marx didn’t realize the variety of ways the producers would “jack-up” the wholesale price of the product for sale.

To understand this another analogy is needed. This author is going to borrow from Adam Smith’s (mythical inventor of Capitalism) famous “Pin-maker” of a village.

Once upon a time there was a “free enterprise entrepreneur” village pin-maker. In his shop worked three men. Each man ran his own machine; one to make the head of the pin, one to make the shaft of the pin and one to attach the head of the pin to the shaft. The pin maker’s shop was able to meet the demand of pins for the village. There was an economic balance; supply equaled demand. All the investment into the costs of manufacturing, to include the wages of his employees, enabled the pin-maker to charge a price for the pins that allowed the pin-maker to make a modest profit. Everyone was happy.

This profit is derived from “surplus value” or “value added” to the costs of raw materials, wages(value of labor) and machine maintenance. The worker’s wages were a reward for having manufactured the pins or to put it another way the wealth created.

Then one day one of the pin-makers employees came up with an idea to build a machine that would perform all the functions of the three machines owned by the pin-maker. The owner did not have the Capital “to turn” the worker’s idea into a reality. The owner of the shop got some of the richer members of the village "to invest” money into the “research and development” necessary to build this machine. These investors were willing to take this risk with expectations for a large return on their investment (ROI).

The pin-maker and investors became Capitalists at this point.
The results were beyond all expectations. Not only did the machine work; the machine was able to produce more pins in one day than the other machines could make in a week. The machine was easy to operate. Not only that, the pin was of a higher quality and cheaper to produce.

Of course the pin-maker had to pay “dividends” to his investors out of the profits that would come from the surplus value or value added from this new mode of production.

The pin-maker was now able, with the increase in production, to “export” his pins to the other villages in his region. He had to in order pay-off his investors and compensate for the over-saturation of the village marketplace. This is the basic flaw of Capitalism, overproduction and under -consumption. And the price of the pin had to be set in order to satisfy the profit needs of the investor and the pin-maker... So as long as the pin-maker could enlarge his markets to off-set the problem of local overproduction and under-consumption the owner and investor is satisfied.

The pin-maker and the investors now had the freedom, due to increased profits to make choices. He didn’t need three employees. With a superior product he could eliminate his competitors in the area villages. So this enabled the pin-maker to control the marketplace and the price of the pins. The investors would not let the pin maker reduce the price of pins. They wanted more return on their investment.

Not only that he could reduce the pay roll. If the employee refused to take a “pay cut,” the shop owner could fire him. There was now a surplus of labor, the two former employees that had worked in the shop. Since they were unemployed, they could be induced to comeback to work even if the wage was lower; a job is better than no job.

In short, money is invested into a manufacturing concern, workers are paid a low fixed wage to create surplus value or value added (created wealth), and the manufacturer and the investors share the value added from the profits from the sale of the pin. The worker does never share in the profit. (See Appendix A)

In order for the reader to comprehend the tremendous importance of Surplus Value or the value added consider the following observation.

“Anyone who blames America’s declining real wages on declining productivity growth, does not understand economics. Ford Motors today produces roughly the same number of cars and trucks as in 1975 with only about half the number of employees. This means that worker productivity there has practically doubled in eighteen years; yet Ford workers have lower real earnings (adjusted for inflation) than they did in 1975.”

The Myth of Free Trade, The Pooring of America, Dr. Ravi Batra, 1990, p. 47.

(Author’s note: There is approximately only 30 minutes worth of labor involved in the manufacture of an automobile regardless of it’s size. This is about $15. Fifteen dollars worth of labor creates a $20,000 automobile.)

This author realizes this is a gross over-simplification, but it does describe the basis and problem created by the Industrial Revolution of Capitalism.

And hopefully the reader now has a concept about value added or “where the money comes from” to pay off the investor. If you do not quite understand this concept, don’t worry, it shows up later in this book. (See Appendix B)

This is important. Capitalism has never been able to solve the problem of overproduction and under-consumption until recently. This is the economic basis of the Permanent Revolution for the Radical Capitalist Class. Labor is the ultimate victim of this paradox not the Capitalist.

Eventually the RCC would envision the solution for Capitalism. This would be the need for a self-regulating classless society…Communism
Chapter 5
About those Conspiracy Theories

The 20th Century was witness to countless thousands of Conspiracy Theories. The vast majority of these theories did/do not include the theory of Permanent Revolution. As a result, these theories are false doctrines.

The biggest proof that these doctrines are false is these “plots” were constructed on the concept of “Capitalism vs. Communism.” As we know Communism has never existed.

All political doctrines are false if the Permanent Revolution is not recognized.

At some point in historical time a theory that does not include the Permanent Revolution of the RCC will fail to reflect “current” reality.

So why all the conspiracy theories?

There are enough people, thanks to expanded advances in computers and communications, that know events that take place are not natural phenomena but have been meticulously planned. As FDR once observed “Nothing in history is an accident, its been planned.” In other words, there will exist people that feel there is more going on than what is seen.

As in physics, which now is looking for the elusive “glue on” particle or force that holds all atomic particles together, so it is with the source of conspiracy theories. What is the single fiber of politics that points to the actual existence of the one true Conspiracy (Permanent Revolution)?

The entity in this case is the Fabian Society. The Fabian Society controls the Permanent Revolution. In the 20th Century the Permanent Revolution, under Fabian guidance became the mother of all political movements from Abortion to Zionism. Eventually all political movements can be traced back to this origin.

It has been the job of the RCC historians to hide the Permanent Revolution. But no matter how good the histories have been written, no matter how good their brothers of propaganda, called spin masters, take care of “real time” events…there will always be enough people that know “something is not right.” Propaganda and History do not match reality.

By recognizing the existence of the Permanent Revolution in the hands of the RCC guided by the Fabian Society, reality starts to make sense, history starts to make sense… and Communism becomes an all too apparent future.

An example or two maybe necessary to illustrate.

By the time the 1960’s rolled around, the dwindling American Right Wing was drowning in the political Center controlled by the “so called” Liberal Eastern Establishment. The more extreme factions of this Right Wing “propagandized” there was a connection between this Eastern Establishment and the Spread of Soviet Communism.

Remember Communism has never existed. So what was the USSR? The point is historical confusion is created. This Confusion hides the Permanent Revolution.

The Right Wing in America has never really read any Marx or Trotsky and if they have, they never understood what was presented due to RCC induced ignorance. And as a result all their conspiracies are based on the myth of Capitalism vs. Communism.

The fear of course was the sell out of American sovereignty to Communism (that never existed). And in defense of their paranoia, the Right Wing defended Capitalism when in all actuality Right Wing Conspiracy Theories have been helping the real enemy, the RCC and the Permanent Revolution.

In the 60’s by far the most influential Right Wing conspiracy think tank was the John Birch Society. At the core of Birchism was a “conspiracy” dominated by what Birchers called the “Insiders.” Every new member to the JBS received a copy of None Dare Call It Conspiracy, (there is a question of authorship so no name is provided). The book is full of good and true historical facts about the JBS envisioned Communist conspiracy theory but fails to recognize the existence of the Permanent Revolution. Every crucial controversial point was well documented. It even associates the Fabian Socialists with the “Insiders”.

Yet in recent editions of None Dare Call It Conspiracy, the Fabians have been dropped from the Index. This is just not a trivia fact. If a reader of this book was to call JBS headquarters in Appleton Wisconsin and ask about the Fabians and the Permanent Revolution and why the JBS hasn’t recognized the Fabian controlled RCC destroying U.S. National sovereignty…The JBS reply would be “you don’t understand the Society.”

Ask them why aren’t they reporting the Permanent Revolution and the Communism that is becoming the basis of life in America? And the reply would be “there is no Permanent Revolution.”

The JBS answer will be interesting but it will not include the JBS is a victim of a false reading of history, (the biggest of sins for Marxists) just like Marx, Lenin and Trotsky. The JBS bases the proof of its conspiracy theory of the “Insiders” on Georgetown University’s Carroll S. Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope as the “gospel” on American History.

As a result the JBS identifies the “Insiders” as the New York Council of Foreign Relations (CFR). The JBS claims the CFR emerged out of the U.S. negotiating team at Versailles after the U.S. Senate voted down acceptance of Woodrow Wilson’s 14-point plan. This is not totally true. The CFR was created by the Fabians to ensure the next time RCC final success for the Permanent Revolution was at hand; it would be a done deal.

For further proof of Fabianism being left out of the history books turn to the Index of the 1360 page book Tragedy and Hope and look for a reference to the Fabians.

There is none.

To the novice in the world of conspiracy theory, Tragedy and Hope, “the Bible” for conspiracists, was written from the archives of the Eastern Liberal Establishment. Professor Emitarious, Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University claims to have had access to the “Secret Stuff” conspiracy theory people “knew” existed. Quigley was no “Crack Pot”. Check out President Clinton’s first acceptance speech for President… He singles out Quigley as responsible for Clinton’s rise to power!

Obviously something is being hidden. And that thing is Permanent Revolution. Anyone that has been in a JBS type organization eventually realizes, “my organization doesn’t go for enough.”

Why and What are they hiding?
Chapter 6
Fabianism, Leader of the Permanent Revolution
The Age of Confusion

The Permanent Revolution is the continual process of removing all obstacles to the spread of Capitalism through the implementation of Free Trade in order to eventually establish a totally self-regulating classless society…Communism.

There is only one organization that has had 100% success in fulfilling the above…The Fabian Society. American RCC historians of all political colors have ignored the importance of the Fabian Society to 20th Century America.

Please keep in mind in 1876 on July 1, the First Socialist International died a silent death in Philadelphia. Marx would spend the rest of his life in London exposed to Fabianism. In a way “Communism” died. It would mutate during this dormant period leading up to 1900. Aiding this mutation would be the Fabian Society.

This transformation would be to Socialism known as Progressivism in 1900 America.

“In politics and in social theory the liberating movement of the Edwardian period was socialism…Because Socialism was a range of ideas rather than an organization, it could assimilate a variety of groups within it… The dogmas of the militant action groups did not govern force, represented in Parliament… The Webbs defined English Socialism.”

The Edwardian Turn of Mind, Samuel Hymes,
1968, pps. 87-88.

From 1886 to 1900 under the direction of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, the Fabian Society clearly turned “Socialism” into a driving political force capable of obtaining control of governments.

Let’s obtain another viewpoint.

“The American people have been and are complacently unfamiliar with Communism’s helpmate, Fabian Socialism… Fabian Socialist movement, which exists under many names in many places, began and grew in Britain… started by a small group of middle class revolutionaries… its respectable influence now pervades the English-speaking world…

Please let me continue with the very to the point political reality,

“In the United States, where its identity has been even more carefully concealed and where its practitioners are usually known as liberals rather than Socialists, it has very nearly succeeded in reversing that movement of National independence which began in 1776.”

The Fabian Free Way, Rose L. Martin, 1963, pps. xii-ix.

In short when 1900 rolled around for America the Fabian Society invaded New York and Washington D.C. Its duty was to continue the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. They aimed to change the world by eliminating European Aristocracies and the American Republic, creating an economic and political environment conducive to Free Trade. Plus 1900 signaled a century long struggle to weaken the very foundation of this Republic’s Constitution. The RCC’s need for the Constitution was at an end. The American Constitution was fast becoming an impediment to the Permanent Revolution equal to the European Aristocracies.

There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution that advocated this country becoming a World Power, but there is nothing in the Constitution to really prevent it. Capitalism was much more evolved in America than in Europe and in 1900 the RCC decided to enter America into International relations.

In 1900 90% of America lived outside the East Coast urban areas. These people expected the next 100 years would be like the last 125 years. This was not going to be the case. By the end of the 20th Century America: 90% of the population would have been driven from the land, into the cities to become the workers for the RCC. To understand this phenomena Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope will be used to illustrate, specifically a review of pps. 75-77.

Beyond a doubt, the main political movement was Progressivism.

“During this same period, there appeared a new movement for economic and political reform…”

The Permanent Revolution always appears as a reform movement!

“The Progressive movement resulted from a combination of forces, some old and some new.”

Of course this refers to Morgan and Rockefeller etc.

“Its foundation rested on the remains of agrarian and labor discontent
which had struggled so vainly before 1897…”

Remember the plight of the Capitalist at this time?

Labor was getting more of the national income than the RCC up to 1897. Capital used private, state and Federal forces to quell the rising tide of opposition to the ugly spread of Capitalism.

“There was also, a kind of afterthought on the part of successful business leaders, a weakening of acquisitive selfishness and a revival of the older sense of social obligation and idealism…”

“Guess Who?” Exclaimed Woody Woodpecker!

“To some extent this feeling was mixed with a realization that the position and privileges of the very wealthy could be preserved better with superficial concessions and increased opportunity for the discontented to blow off steam that from any policy of blind obstructionism on the part of the rich…”

Remember as Capitalism spreads, the proletariat grows exponentially. The Capitalist needs the ever-growing proletariat to run the machines. So the Capitalist needed a reform movement to “Con” the proletariat into “buying into the new system” and having a “Sense of belonging”.
“As an example of the more idealistic impulse we might mention the creation of the various Carnegie foundations to work for universal peace or to extend scholarly work in Science and Social Study…”

Quigley is talking about the Trust foundations like the Rockefeller Foundation, The Carnegie endowments etc. During the “muckraking” years the Robber Barons of the mighty Industrial trusts were forced to break up their mega-monopolies… but… were allowed to shelter the wealth in these foundations (and its resultant political power).

“As an example of the more practical point of view we might mention the
founding of The New Republic, a “liberal weekly paper,” by an agent of
Morgan financed with Whitney money (1914).”

In this book the pedigree of The New Republic will be covered later. Also notice Quigley’s use of the word “Agent”.

“Some what similar to this last point was the growth of a new “liberal
press,” which found it profitable to print the writings of “Muckrakers,”
and thus expose to the public eye the seamy side of Big Business
and human nature itself.”

The Permanent Revolution has always used the manipulation of the political extremes to force reforms on the political Center. Quigley has just described this phenomenon.

There is another point of the Permanent Revolution. It is made up of many factions. Like any other political grouping there will always be a Left, Center and a Right
“But the great opportunity for the Progressive forces arose from a split
within Big Business between the older forces of financial Capitalism led
by Morgan and the newer forces of Monopoly Capitalism organized
around the Rockefeller bloc…”

Morgan represents the “Right Wing” and Rockefeller being the “Left Wing” of the RCC. Labor of course would be the expanding political Center.

These “newer forces of monopoly Capitalism” are the Fabians. The Fabians were the world leaders in social reforms for Capitalism/Socialism/Communism/conspiracism.

“As a consequence, the Republican Party was split between the followers
of Theodore Roosevelt and those of William Howard Taft, so that the
combined forces of the liberal East and the agrarian West were able to
capture the Presidency under Wilson in 1912.”

In the book Tragedy and Hope Quigley gives the details of the above in over 1300 pages and never once mentions the Fabians, already demonstrated in this book as the leaders of socialism. The progressive movement or Progressivism are “Cover titles” to hide the Fabians. Progressivism was dubbed liberal reform, another cover term for socialism.

Do you get the picture?

A lot of effort has gone into hiding the truth, i.e. Fabianism, from History. It was Progressivism that put Wilson in the White House, not Sydney and Beatrice Webb… Not!
Chapter 7
Fabianism in America

The Permanent Revolution is a master or should I say “the” master of confusion. Confusion only works as a tactic when this confusion is supported and proliferated. The Nazi propagandists knew something about this.

Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope is a device of confusion. Tragedy and Hope mixes fact with fiction. Sound historical facts are used to lead his readers to the fiction. When the real facts lead to the existence and importance of the Fabian Society, Quigley then uses intellectual fiction to hide the Fabian influence. This is important because Quigley was considered, at the time Tragedy and Hope was briefly on the bookstore shelves, this nation’s leading historian. This validated the created fictions.

Quigley spends many pages correctly describing the history of Cecil Rhodes (yes the scholarship Rhodes). Quigley verifies those people around Rhodes had legitimate political power. And these people were dedicated to Rhodes dream of a One World English Speaking Government. To spread Rhodes’ dream, reading clubs (since TV and Radio did not exist) called Round Tables were created and spread all over early 1900s America.

This confusion is created by the Fabian Socialists infiltration of the Round Tables.

“Rhodes’ group of acquaintances, introduced to him by Fabian socialist William T. Stead… they formed a secret society to promote further expansion of British control over the world… aiming at a future merger of Great Britain and the United States… This goal was put forth by their public organization the Round Table Groups…”

The Tax Exempt Foundations, William H. Mcllhany, II, 1980, p. 18.

If you accept Quigley’s history, one’s focus is on the Round Table groups and Rhodes’ followers… not the Fabians and the Permanent Revolution. No one knows how many Fabians infiltrated the Round Table for obvious reason it was a well-guarded secret. It is important to note the Round Table became a Fabian tool despite Quigley’s attempt to hide this most pertinent fact.

Fabian infestation is unique. The members of the Round Table are already susceptible to the idea Capitalism is bigger than any nation. Why settle for an English Speaking Imperial Empire when Capitalism can encompass the globe.

Quigley identified the creation of the progressive, liberal The New Republic. Obviously the readers of The New Republic would be from the membership of the Round Table. The New Republic has been controlled from its inception by the Fabians; not the Rhodies.

This is important. I really do not know how a respected researcher such as Quigley could miss the fact that The New Republic is just another layer upon layer of hiding the Permanent Revolution and advancing Capitalism at the same time.

The New Republic was a creation of Herbert Croly.

“He and some others were about to start a new magazine, Croly explained.
It would appear every week, cover politics and the arts, and spread the
ideas of “Constructive Nationalism.”

Walter Lippman and the American Century, Ronald Steel, 1981, p. 59.

Where did the money come from? Compare the following description of the investors for The New Republic to Quigley’s description in the previous chapter.

“…The money would come from Williard Straight and his wife Dorothy—she a Whitney and the beneficiary of many millions in Standard Oil royalties, he a Morgan banker--having helped spread the virtues of Capitalism and Christianity in pagan China. He was now eager to prepare America for their international responsibilities… and decided the country needed most was a magazine espousing the New Nationalism…”

Walter Lippman, ibid. p. 60.

Does any of this sound familiar? Are some lights and bells starting to go off? This “New Nationalism” was a cover term for Global Capitalism. The “New Nationalism” is the same Free Market Economy promised by Ronald Reagan and Clinton’s Economic Democracy.

Croly would staff The New Republic with Fabians and allied Harvard Socialists. His leading recruit was Walter Lippman.

“Croly was delighted by his acquisition. Lippman, as you say, is an
interesting mixture of maturity and innocence.”

Walter Lippman, Ibid.
What was this mix?

“… The New Republic was staffed in the beginning by a number of talented, ambitious and socially acceptable young Socialists from Harvard, who dropped the socialist label but not its program soon after graduation. Among them was the pundit columnist, Walter Lippman, who joined the Fabian Society in 1909.”

Walter Lippman, IBID. p. 59.

What did Croly and his Fabian led cronies want?

“…Only a strong central government could control and equitably distribute the benefits of Industrial Capitalism. Croly parted company with the populist strain of Progressivism by arguing that the inequities of American life could never be rectified by weakening federal power, by mechanical electoral reforms, such as referendum and recall, by breaking up the efficient trusts, by coddling the small businessman and at the expense of the consumer or by imagining that good government was that which governed least…”

Walter Lippman, IBID, p. 59.

The New Republic is just a glaring example of Fabian infiltration into the highest levels of American Society. This tactic was to be repeated all along the Progressive Political Spectrum. Even though it appeared that Capitalism was split along Morgan/Rockefeller lines, it was unified by Fabian Socialist infiltration into America’s most important institutions.

Yes, the author is aware that the American history books are devoid of Fabianism. This does not make it any less real. Fabianism fit the likes of the hundreds of Walter Lippmans.

“…reform without revolution…”

Walter Lippman, IBID. p. 23.

Chapter 8
Fabians Capture White House

RCC controlled history has recorded Woodrow Wilson’s election to the office of President in 1912 was due to Teddy Roosevelt’s creation of the Bull Moose Party which split the Republican vote. In some respects this is true but if it were not for the Fabians, Wilson would not have been President.

Roosevelt and Wilson were both Progressives. The RCC needed to capture the Presidency. The RCC Knew Roosevelt could not win an election. He had not won his party’s nomination.

And the Democrat Wilson could not have defeated his Democratic challenger in that party without Fabian assistance. The Progressive Movement, dominated by Fabians could get their program instituted through Wilson if the Bull Moose Party was formed and Wilson could get the democratic nomination. This is what happened and Wilson won the Federal election by 24 Electoral College votes.

The point: it is hard to believe the American political system, could be successfully invaded by British Socialists but that is the case.

Fabian Socialism captured the White House in 1912!

“Not only did Lippman help swing The New Republic behind Wilson, he wrote speeches for the President…”

Walter Lippman, IBID. p. 107.

But before Wilson could get elected he had to win his party’s nomination, which at the time seemed almost an impossible task.

“In the spring of 1912, few persons believed that Woodrow Wilson would stand a chance to obtain the Democratic nomination for President of the United States…”

Woodrow Wilson, His Life and Work, William
Dumseath Eaton, 1924, p. 52.

Remember Wilson and TR were progressives.

“The popularity of Col. Roosevelt was shown to be so great that the democratic leaders began to realize that if they were to win in November, they must have a standard bearer who would appeal to the people. The primary results proved disappointing in showing there was no such Democrat before the public unless it was Governor Wilson.”

Woodrow Wilson, IBID. p. 53.

The man that helped Wilson win the difficult Democratic nomination was Col. Mandel House.

“In 1912 he (House) helped Wilson capture the Democratic nomination by winning over the die-hard followers of William Jennings Bryan.”

Lippman, IBID, pps. 107-108.

House is a controversial person in history. For a short time RCC historians and pundits made like House never existed, that he was a myth. But his name shows up in too many “biographies”. If you are wondering, Quigley only mentions House in passing. House was the first “Henry Kissinger.”

Who was this guy?

“Edward Mandel House--Colonel House as he preferred to be known by his honorary Texas title-although not a cabinet official, judge or congressman, was among the most influential men in the nation. A Western Progressive who had engineered the successful gubernatorial campaign of the Texas reformer James Hogg, he had expanded his talents to a National Stage…”

Walter Lippman and the American Century,
Ronald Steel, 1980, p. 107.

Let’s take a look at the “talents” Mr. House used for the “national stage”. (Good word choice, stage).

“Edward M. House has been described… as being… highly radical, more than liberal, in the politico-social sense…”

Mr. House of Texas, Aurthor D. Howard Smith, 1940, p. 43.

“House believed the United States Constitution, creation of the eighteenth century minds, was not only outmoded, but grotesque and ought to be scrapped or rewritten…”

Mr. House of Texas, IBID. p. 23.

Now keep in mind, this was the presidential advisor to Wilson.

“… As a practical politician he realized this could not be done all at once, giving the existing state of popular education; so he favored gradual changes which, in the long run, would produce the same results…”

Fabian Freeway, Rose L. Martin, 1963, p. 157.

To continue from the Fabian Freeway,

“Late in the fall of 1912 there appeared a curious novel entitled Phillip Dru Administrator. It was published by B.W. Huebsch, a favorite publisher of the Left and for many years a valued collaborator of the American Fabian Socialist groups…”The Administrator appointed a board of economist to work out a tariff law leading to the abolition of the theory of protection as a government policy…”

Remember! This was the basic contract agreed upon by the RCC, creators of the Constitution, between the new Federal Government and the Patriot population in 1787. In essence, House was abdicating destruction of the American Revolution! Get the picture?

Hold on there is more.

“…He also instructed the board to work out a graduated income tax…”

As Hamilton and enlightened statesmen observed in 1786, if the government does not fund itself from tariffs on commerce, that funding will fall with oppressive weight upon the land and in 1786 a direct income tax could not be collected from the people.

“…Phillip Dru further called for a new banking law… to make corporations “share” with the government and states a certain part of their earnings.”

Fabian Free Way, IBID, p. 158.

Do you remember what this new banking law was to be? ( Refer back to chapter 3).

It was the Federal Reserve. It was the awakening of the RCC as a class. Keep in mind what you read earlier about the RCC’s need for a central bank in Chapter 3 of this book.

And Col. Mandel House engineered Woodrow Wilson into the White House. And just who was this Wilson?

“Wilson seemed the ideal candidate… he was a respected scholar who had been exposed since 1885 to Fabian Socialist views on economics and social sciences, he was a specialist in American history and constitutional law who wanted to see the constitution revised…”

IBID. p. 156.

Any way you look at it, there is no denying the British Fabian society, representatives of the Radical Capitalist Class, planned and executed the capture of the American executive branch of the Federal Government that existed by contract authority through the U. S. Constitution.

This was the Permanent Revolution in action. The American Republic, result of the 1776 American Revolution, joined the ranks of the European Aristocracies with the election of Wilson. The Republic had become an impediment to the global spread of Capitalism.

From 1912-1920 the United States was put through an exhaustive process of Progressive Political Reform. This was the Permanent Revolution in action. This reform process was Fabian Controlled 100%

This reform process was necessary for the RCC. It was time to end the Capitalist “Boom Bust Cycle” a result of overproduction and under-consumption before Capitalism to go global. This could only be accomplished with constant expansion of Capitalism. In order to do this America had to end its protectionism and Europe had to loose its strongly nationalistic Aristocracies. One action required “reform without revolution” and the other required World War.

Does your political peer group possess this view and very pertinent perspective of history? Such a pity.

Chapter 9
The Wilson Revolution

As noted earlier, there have been many political, economic and social writers that have described in detail some facet of the Permanent Revolution… and are totally oblivious to its existence at the same time.

One of the best histories written on the first two years of the Wilson administration (1912-1914) appears in the book Trade Wars Against America, A History of United States Trade and Monetary Policy, by William J. Gill written in 1990. Gill was a former trade negotiator for the Federal Government. Chapters 7-9, “The Attack Begins,” “The Overthrow,” and “The Federal Reserve Coup” describe in detail the Permanent Revolution “in process,” and at the same time the author is oblivious to its existence.

This chapter is going to be select quotes from those chapters. Armed with the knowledge of Fabian Ideology the reader should enjoy “the Revolution” or should it be phrased “reform without Revolution?”

(Author’s note: This author has never had contact with Mr. Gill. And the author’s concept or thesis was developed long before reading Mr. Gill’s book was published.)

“Alexander Hamilton and our other founding fathers understood that any nation that desires to remain politically independent must also protect its economic independence… The whole concept of nationhood rests upon this premise. Only those nations which intend to eventually surrender their sovereignty completely will abandon protectionism in trade to the extent that the United States has in recent decades…”

Trade Wars Against America, William J. Gill, 1990, p. xii.

Yes… Yawn… You’ve already read that but, Wow! It really must be true! Free Trade is the enemy of a Free Nation.
“If we collapse, the world will collapse with us. Therefore, it is in the interest of all countries… that America be rescued from the Free trade trap that now paralyzes so much of our economy…”

Trade Wars, IBID. xiii.

“As the twentieth century stumbled from one tragedy to the next, Americans forgot their own lesson---indeed, their own history. Amid the turmoil that increasingly compelled our citizens to focus on the crisis of the hour we lost our bearings until now, as another century beacons over the horizon, we are increasingly adrift in an uncertain sea.”

IBID, p. 44.
The author realizes this information may appear redundant but it is necessary to demonstrate what has been presented so far in this book is correct reality… not some “conspiracy theory of the lunatic fringe.”

“The Progressives, basing their arguments on the deepening public suspicion of trusts and monopolies, prepared to wage war on four fronts…

The first had as its objective the demise of the tariff. However, the substantial revenues that would be lost by killing off the tariff had to be replaced and that was to be the function of the graduated income tax, the second front of the attack.”

IBID. p. 47.

These are Fabian Progressive reforms, not Marxist ideology!

“The other two fronts, opened almost simultaneously, were, third, the restoration of the Central Bank… and… fourth an amendment to the Constitution to elect U.S. Senators by popular vote instead of by the state legislatures as the founding fathers has stipulated.”


Now the Revolution.

“The opening battle was the debate over a new tariff act in 1909…the focus of the battle in Congress became not so much the tariff per se as the income tax which was to replace it… President William Howard Taft… proposed an income tax on corporations that was to serve as a revenue source while the constitutional amendment was wending it way through the state legislatures. The corporate levy was euphemistically termed an excise tax to get around the Constitution.

IBID. p. 48.

What was created was the Payne-Aldrich Tariff Act. One must always assume any Fabian legislation pertaining to the Permanent Revolution as a Trojan Horse. There will always something inside you definitely will not like.

“… Payne-Aldrich introduced a dangerous heresy into the administration of the tariff which in the end was to utterly destroy the protectionist principle upon which this nation was built.”


What was the damage caused by the Fabians?

“The first crack had been opened in the protectionist wall that for 120 years had guarded the interests of the workers and industry, agriculture and commerce of the United States…

… Yet like so many other things in the long, slow surrender of the Constitution by the legislative branch and the repeated usurptations of authority by the executive and judiciary, the transfer of power over the nation’s foreign trade was acquiesced by a public made malleable by misinformation…

…For the income tax, and the greatly expanded Internal Revenue Service it spawned, enabled the government to force open the doors into our homes and offices and privacy on a scale Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson and the other founders could have never conceived.”

IBID. p. 49.

Payne-Aldrich paved the road that would lead to Wilson’s pet project, the Underwood Tariff Act of 1913.

“This revolutionary act set this nation on the road to the Free Trade system which now prevails… since 1913 the United States has been committed to free Trade.”

IBID. p. 54.

In short, the Fabians paved the way for the RCC to have its much needed Free Trade that was dead in 1900. So much for the impediment presented by the American Republic.
Chapter 10
War Changes All Things

World War I and its results and Fabian machinations probably altered the course of world history on par with the crucifixion of Christ. This author is not claiming the RCC’s Fabian Society created WWI. This author does make the claim the RCC’s Fabian Society was prepared for the aftermath of WWI.

It had politically strategic positions and influence within and outside the U.S. Federal Government.

As observed earlier in this book the Monopoly Robber Barons were allowed to dissolve their corporate combines… and keep the wealth. The most prominent examples were the Carnegie and Ford various foundations.

Much of the foundation’s books and papers were circulated through Round Table groups that were dominated by Fabians. The Round Table Groups could be described in this manner.

“…The disingenuous character of the Round Table appeared in three ways: (1) it pretended to be a study group when it was really an organization of propaganda and influence armed at influencing policy; (2) it pretended to represent diverse opinions when as a matter of fact it insisted on unanimity (at least in the London group) and eliminated diverse points of view very quickly; (3) it pretended to be co-operative organization on an inter-dominion basis when in fact everything of real significance was controlled from London. A fourth, and in some ways more significant example, which cannot be examined here, was the fact that it pretended to be a single autonomous agency when in fact it was a multiple, ubiquitous entity whose influence was exercised through many agencies, including professorships, periodicals, and other organizations (such as Chatham House, The Institute of Pacific Relations or the Council of Foreign Relations)…”

Tragedy and Hope, Quigley, pp. 218-219.

In 1953 the foundations were investigated by Congress. One of the witnesses against the foundations was Norman Dodd. Assisting Mr. Dodd was Kathryn Casey, an attorney whose function was to make sure there were no improprieties in this Congressional investigation. Following are excerpts from Dodd’s Congressional testimony (From the book The Tax-Exepmt Fondations, William H. Mcllhany, II, 1980) transcript of Casey’s report of a review of Carnegie Endorsement for Peace minutes from 1910-1920.

“[In the minutes about 1911] the trustees raised a question. And they discussed the question and the question was specific, “Is there any means known to man more effective than war, assuming you wished to alter life of an entire people?” And they discussed this and at the end of a year they came to the conclusion that there was no effective means to that end known to man. So, they raised question #2, and the question was, “How do we involve the United States in a War …?”

Remember the Fabians wanted to create an environment for international Free Trade in America and Europe and also wanted to eliminate the “protectionist principles” that were written into the fabric of the US Constitution. Yes, a case can be made War was to be used to accomplish Fabian goals. Continuing Dodd’s testimony:

“And then they raised the question, “How do we control the diplomatic machinery of the United States?” And the answer came out, “We” must control the State Department.”

It has been demonstrated in this book, that the Fabian controlled Colonel Mandel House engineered the election of the Fabian influenced Woodrow Wilson to be President of the United States in 1912. It is very believable the Carnegie Endowment for Peace could control the State Department. Continuing the Dodd congressional testimony:

“At this point we catch up with what we had already found out and that was that through an Agency set up by the Carnegie Endowment every high appointment in the State Department was cleared.”

Just so you understand, the Fabians controlled the US Presidency and State Department by 1914. For whatever reasons and there were many of them, Europe erupted in War in 1914. The majority of Americans were not interested in European affairs, besides this attitude was good enough for George Washington, Hero of the American Revolution. But you know how war can change things. To continue Mr. Dodds congressional testimony:

“Finally we were in a war. These Trustees in a meeting about 1917 had the brashness to congratulate themselves on the wisdom of their original decision because already the impact of the War had indicated it would alter life and can alter life in this country…”

Now here comes the bullet!

“This was the date of our entry into the war; we were involved. They even had the brashness to word and to dispatch a telegram to Mr. Wilson, cautioning him to see that the war did not end too quickly.”

Please understand, when President Wilson delivered his War proposal to Congress for debate, (the Constitution provides the Congress the power to invite the President to be Commander in Chief should a state of war exist) the RCC was already preparing for events after the World War I long before the Fabians drug this nation into the conflict.

The events that lead to the American involvement into WWI are curious indeed. Bear in mind England and France were running out of two commodities necessary to Wage modern warfare, money and men. By 1917 Germany’s military intelligence had started a plan to remove Russia from the War, freeing up 1 million men for the Western Front.

By 1918, the world as most Americans knew it was to change forever!

Chapter 11
The Road to War

The clash of Europe’s strongly nationalistic Aristocracies, bolstered by their domestic Capitalism fueled the antagonism amongst the Imperialist belligerents to create WWI. Each Empire was struggling to establish dominance. To the many different Marxist factions this was the final conflict that would end Capitalism’s push for dominance over mankind.

But the war was reducing each Capitalist supported monarchy to dangerous levels of vulnerability. As the war raged on, the Bolshevik mentality was gaining growing acceptance amongst the industrial populations of the belligerents. This was due in a great part from RCC financing and political assistance in Europe and the United States.

So in 1917:

Britain was literally out of men and money for the fight in 1917.
Entire French divisions were staging uncontrolled mutinies at the Front.
Germany was ready to send 1 million men to be freed from the Russian Front.
Food Riots were breaking out in American East Coast population centers because American transportation was at a standstill; a result of German unrestricted, submarine warfare preventing shipping which was tying up loaded railcars at east coast ports.

Then comes the Fabian forced American entry into the war. All was to change.

With American entry into the war, an allied victory was a sure thing. If the Kaiser won, the RCC would suffer a great defeat. America’s entry into the war was inevitable to prevent this “Kaiser” victory.
The Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) through the Fabian Socialist set U.S. policy during WWI. Even though the United States did not participate during the bulk of WWI; the RCC Fabians would control the outcome of the peace negotiations. RCC controlled historians and educators all falsely record Woodrow Wilson provided and dominated the Versailles Treaty talks with the famous “14 point” program to ensure world peace through the creation of a global League of Nations.

The aristocracies of Russia, Germany, Austro-Hungarian Empire and Italy “evaporated” at the end of WWI. A large political void and vacuum existed in Europe.

The RCC Fabian Socialist were prepared to fill that void. They were very much in the position and had the influence to change the basic fabric of American and European societies.

One of the most important myths of history was Wilson was the author and creator of the 14 Point Plan. When in reality this document was the creation of the Fabian Society through a very secret organization called the “Inquiry.” Again RCC historians and educators would hide another example of Fabian control of great historical importance. For example, consult the index of Tragedy and Hope.

Remember, when America entered WWI, Wilson told the populace, that U.S. entry into WWI was to make the “World Safe for Democracy.”

Please ponder this War slogan a moment.

This country is a Republic, not a Democracy. President Wilson requested Congress for a Deceleration of War against Germany in early April of 1917. All the Congress and President were sworn to uphold the Constitution and preserve the Republic…not make “the World Safe for Democracy.”
Wouldn’t a logical slogan have been “Protect the Republic?” George Washington would not have considered joining the carnage that was wiping out the flower of European societies, just for the establishment of European Democracy!

So, what does this have to do with the Permanent Revolution?

Remember, for Capitalism to keep spreading; many major obstacles have to be continually removed. For Capitalism to spread, it needs Free Trade to build a Free Market Economy. Strong nationalistic Aristocracies, supported by their growing domestic Capitalism prevented Fabian Capitalism from removing its two major obstacles: (1) Nationalism and (2) correcting Capitalism’s fatal flaw of overproduction and under consumption­the Bottleneck.

Before 1914, Free Trade did not exist and all the Aristocracy’s domestic Capitalism suffered from overproduction and under-consumption.

In 1914, the RCC, the Fabian controlled Progressive movement had by this time transferred Constitutionally, mandated authority for Congressional Control of Tariffs and Taxation to the Executive Branch of the Federal Government. The RCC, under Fabian influence, were prepared for Free Trade. All they needed was a war to get things rolling.

By the time the RCC Fabian controlled Wilson requested the Declaration of War from Congress, Wilson and the gang knew the United States would hold the upper hand in the international settlement. Keep in mind, the Progressive President Roosevelt settled the Japanese Russo war of 1905. The Fabians had experience!

“…From the time that Congress declared a state of war existed between the United States and the Imperial Government up to the autumn of 1918, when the Central Alliance made overtures to end the war, the President made no attempt so far as I am aware to enter upon peace negotiations with the enemy nations. In fact he showed a disposition to reject all peace proposals…

…He appears to have reached the conclusion that the defeat of Germany and her allies was essential before permanent peace could be restored. At all events, he took no steps to bring the belligerents together until a military decision had been practically reached…”

The Peace Negotiations, A Personal Narrative, Robert Lansing, 1921, p. 17.

Robert Lansing was Secretary of State for the United States. Remember all State Department appointments were controlled by the RCC Fabians.

“He did however, on January 8, 1918, lay down his famous “Fourteen Points”, thus proclaiming his ides as to the proper basis of peace…”


And the proper basis of peace was making the world “Safe for Democracy.” Also keep in mind England and France had large war debts owed to America. So at the negotiations the allied victors were at the mercy of the U.S. Government dominated by RCC Fabian Permanent Revolutionaries.

“Meanwhile, in anticipation of the final triumph of the armies of the Allied and Associated Powers, the President, in the Spring of 1917, directed the organization, under the Department of State, of a body of experts to collect data and prepare monographs , charts, and maps, covering all historical, territorial, economic and legal subjects which would probably arise in the negotiation of a treaty of peace. This Commission of Inquiry, as it was called, had its offices in New York and was under Colonel House so far as the selections of its members was concerned.”

IBID. p. 18-19.

So, the Secretary of State, Robert Lansing acknowledges the existence of the “Inquiry.” The “Inquiry “was under the control of the Fabian Colonel House. And it was created in the spring of 1917, just before the U.S. entered the war.
Just to make sure there is no misunderstanding that House and the Fabians were in control, a second source is presented.

“Early in September he [Wilson] instructed Colonel House to assemble some experts to draw up material for the eventual peace conference…”

Walter Lippiman and the American Century,
Steel, 1981. p. 127.

Notice the difference in the date given for the creation of the “Inquiry,” Lansing cites the spring of 1917 and Lippiman puts it in the fall. To a Fabian the fall of 1917 makes the “14 points look less of a vulture,” waiting for the feast of the spoils. Regardless, Lansing and Lippiman agree on the existence of the House dominated “Inquiry.”

“… The group would be entirely independent of the State Department and under no obligation to the Allies…”

Lippman, IBID.

Oh Boy! No State Department Control, just under the direction of House… with no obligation to the Allies. How convenient!

“… To ensure secrecy it would be based in New York rather than Washington, and be financed out of the President’s special fund…”

This was real constitutional behavior! American sons and daughters were going to be sent to a literal meat grinder run by a German Aristocracy, that was about to get 1 million more men for the trenches due to the future Bolshevik separate peace with Germany. And before a single American would cross the Atlantic, Wilson and the RCC Fabians were already planning the peace.

“… The project’s very existence, let alone its purpose, was shrouded in mystery. Even the head librarian was pledged to secrecy… House picked as director, his brother-in-law, Sidney Mezes, a fellow Texan who was then president of City College.”


Is there any doubt the Fabian Society, action arm of the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) dictated the peace after WWI. Does your child’s high school history text record this fact? No. Will your college student read this in his mandatory history class?… I doubt it.

The Fabians created the conditions that gave birth to Fascism. And this Fascism led to WWII. And Fabian controlled negotiators defined the peace of that war which created the environment the RCC had been seeking for over 50 years… a global format to institute a Free Market Economy based on unrestricted Free Trade. This author is going to skip 1920-1980 in American History. At least 3 books would be required to cover this time frame, but would not add to the discussion at hand.

The author also acknowledges that to many Conspiracy Theory “buffs,” most of this information is old stuff… except when the Permanent Revolution is added. This changes the entire “interpretation” of history.

Antony C Sutton, former Teaching Fellow at the Hoover Institute of War and Revolution at Stanford University, observed that little “scientific” evidence exists to “prove” a conspiracy is operating to establish a New World Order. This author does not share his opinion.

The next section of this book is the “scientific” proof of the Permanent Revolution waged by the Radical Capitalist Class through the Fabian Society.

No one on the American Right Wing Conspiracy Theory can point a finger in the direction of this revolution. No one on the Right or for that matter on the Left, recognizes this war against Humanity.
The Bolshevik Revolution

In American history books, the Bolshevik Revolution (the October Surprise) is buried by American entry into WWI. These were simultaneous events. The vast majority of Americans do not have this perspective.

And these events were directly related. As a point of reference in time, President Wilson went before the U.S. Congress to request a declaration of war against Germany on April 7, 1917.

When did the Czar give up his throne?
“…Two members of the Duma arrived from Petrograd to receive Nicholas’ abdication…The two Duma members left for Petrograd on the evening of Thursday, March 15, 1917…”

Russia In Revolution, E. M. Halliday, 1967, p.24.

Where was Leon Trotsky?
“…On March 5, 1917, American newspapers headlined the increasing possibility of war with Germany; the same evening Trotsky proposed a resolution at the meeting of New York County Socialist Party “pledging Socialists to encourage strikes and resist recruiting in the event of war with Germany…”

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Antony C. Sutton, 1981, p.24.

Where was Nikolai?
“…late in the morning of March 15 (1917),according to Krupskaya, Lenin had finished lunch and she was washing the dishes, when a Polish revolutionary friend rushed into the apartment and said, ‘haven’t you heard the news? There’s a revolution in Russia.”

The Life and Death of Lenin, Robert Payne, 1964, p. 274.

Where was Joseph Stalin?
A Trotskyite joke… “Yes, Where was “Koba” when the revolution started?” laughs the Trotskyite! “Not even “Koba” himself will give an answer.” Enough humor, back to the Permanent Revolution.

The Bolsheviks did not overthrow the Czars’ government. By the time Lenin and Trotsky arrived in Russia, the government was under the control of Alexander Kerensky and RCC historians for some odd reason have always referred to this government as the Interim Government from its inception. The Kerensky government was a coalition of socialist revolutionaries, the Bourgeoisie, various segments of the monarchy, and the Radical Capitalists. This government still waged war with Germany. This government felt U.S. aide and entry into the war was assured, since the anti-Semitic Czar had been removed from the throne.

The Germans had other ideas. So did the RCC. And further still, Lenin and Trotsky had their “own” perception of the situation. This was the time for the Worker to seize control of the Permanent Revolution. The RCC was in serious crisis. It was the time Karl Marx predicated would come… Workers rising up and seizing the means of production.

So Trotsky and Lenin had to get back to the USSR. We will start with Leon first because he was better looking than Nikolai.

“Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British Police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport.”

Wall St. and the Bolshevik Revolution, Sutton, p. 25.

“From the time the United States declared war on Germany, the apartment above Colonel House’s was occupied by Sir William Wiseman, wartime chief of the British Secret Service in America…Just after the United States broke diplomatic relations… Sir William had already become a great favorite of Wilson…an episode involving Sir William occurred, which shows the partiality that highly placed American Liberals felt for the outbreak of revolution in Russia…The gentile Social Democrat, Kerensky, cabled Wilson asking the latter to intervene. Colonel House informed Wiseman of the President’s desire that Trotsky be allowed to proceed.”

Fabian Freeway, Martin, p.163-164.

Just to make sure everyone understands, The RCC Fabians were making sure Leon “got to the revolution in time.” A Trotsky, who at the time; was advocating American workers to protest conscription into the Federal Army. There was a problem.

The problem is magnified by Lenin’s trip back to the motherland.

“…Already the rumor was being spread that Lenin was being paid by the Germans. A group of about fifty Russian Exiles was waving banners protesting the journey. Lenin saw the banners and smiled grimly…The Bolsheviks sang the “Internationale,” but there were so many cries of “German Spies” and “The Kaiser is paying for the journey.”

The Life and Death of Lenin, Robert Payne, p. 296.

Do you see the problem?
Trotsky was traveling to Russia on an American passport a la President Wilson. Lenin was traveling to Russia a la Germany. The American President gave the Bolsheviki political authority to overthrow the Kerensky government before U.S. entry into WWI. This would mean when Federal Troops did engage the Germans, the Germans would have 1 million more men to throw at U.S. sons and daughters. And the heroes of the “October surprise” would “get to the revolution on time” thanks to the RCC.

The RCC’s brothers in Permanent Revolution, Trotsky and Lenin, did succeed in overthrowing Kerensky and pulling Russia out of WWI.

But the RCC would witness all their hard-work of 25 years come to an abrupt halt. Regardless of how horrible WWI was; the U.S. Senate defeated the “Inquiry’s” “14 Point Plan” of the Fabians by 1 vote. Despite all the Fabian Propaganda, the American people were not properly conditioned. And the RCC did not foresee the Bolshviki uprising, as the point in time, the Bolsheviki would double cross the RCC and claim the Permanent Revolution for the workers.

From this point forward any defector from the RCC would be mislabeled a Communist. This was absolutely essential. Lenin and Trotsky could fully expose the RCC as a real threat to mankind. The RCC invented the false war of Capitalism vs. Communism. With the creation of this false war the Permanent revolution could be hidden from view.
These two tremendous losses would not be regained until 1980.

Summary of Part 1

Communism has never existed anywhere in the world. By the end of the 20th century its very beginnings were to become “the way of life” in what is left of the American Republic.

The author understands there were several issues and topics discussed in Part 1 that on their own would require book length descriptions and explanations. The intent for this section was to “verify” the existence of a very secret organization, the Fabian Society. The Fabian Society has been the main “think tank” for the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) Permanent Revolution. The purpose of the RCC’s Permanent Revolution is to clear any and all obstacles to the global proliferation of Capitalism. The expected goal of the Permanent Revolution is to aid Capitalism to evolve into a self-regulating classless society…Dictatorship of the Proletariat…Communism.

As Documented, the Bolsheviki, funded and politically supported by the RCC, rose up and attempted to seize the reins of the Permanent Revolution in Russia, the October Surprise. In essence, this was an act of fellow criminals, double-crossing “the RCC gang.” The RCC took advantage of this defection and created the false war of “Capitalism vs. Communism” to hide the Permanent Revolution.

By the time 1920 rolled around the Fabian Capitalist revolutionaries had gained full control of the American Federal government, or so they thought. The RCC had forged a large crack in the U.S. Constitution with creating the political environment to institute Free Trade from the White House instead of the halls of Congress. By luck or providence, the Fabian “Inquiry’s” 14-Point plan was defeated in the U.S. Senate by 1 vote. The RCC vowed to not let the next opportunity slip through their fingers. These Fabian Capitalist radicals created the New York Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) to educate America away from isolationism and protectionism and to condition this country’s unsuspecting population for the next RCC attempt at world power.

It would take the CFR 60 years and the creation of its international “self” the Trilateral Commission (TLC) to create the proper conditions for another attempt at implementation of The New World Order. This “reform without revolution” has been waged using the tactic of “One Country, Two Systems.”

The Reagan Revolution

Historians, the Media, and politicians created a cover term for the RCC. This term was the East Coast Liberal Establishment. Under this cover, the RCC went about creating Corporate Socialism while Capitalism developed the advanced technological tools necessary to institute the “Dictatorship of the Proletariat.” Remember, according to Marx, Capitalism will evolve into socialism and when Capitalism had developed to an advanced, highly, technical level then Communism will eventually become “the way of life” in a Capitalist dominated society.

In 1979 the crowning glory of the East Coast Liberal Establishment (RCC) was the fast track passage of the 1979 Multi-lateral Trade negotiations (UN’s GATT). There were only 4 “no” votes in the Senate and 7 “no” votes in Congress. The RCC “bought-off” elected officials voted in the affirmative. More astonishingly the AFL-CIO’s friends of Labor, funded by this nation’s largest political action committee the Committee on Political Education (COPE), voted in concert with the Capitalist.

The biggest prize in all this was the MTN created a new cabinet position to be appointed by the next president of the United States, the office of Special Trade Representative (STR).

In 1980, Ronald Reagan campainged against Carter, vowing to end the erosion of America in the hands of the East Coast Liberal Establishment. The basis of the Reagan platform was to end the Fair Trade policy of the Carter administration with a pledge for Free Trade to put America back to work. There is no difference between “Fair Trade” and “Free Trade’ as long as this is Republic is a signator to the UN’s GATT.

Reagan won.

Reagan’s first act as a “conservative” was the appointment for the STR. This was Bill Brock (CFR/TLC) of Tennessee. Reagan was to make 276 appointments to his administration…all CFR/TLC members; “One Country, Two Systems,” “One Party, Two Systems.”

The Cater (CFR/TLC) administration (with 272 CFR/TLC presidential appointees) praised the 1979 MTN legislation as Fair Trade. This legislation was passed under the cloud of America’s largest period of de-industrialization in its history (more factories that could have been bombed out of existence by a war), created a very large pool of militant permanent unemployed. In essence proof of the existence of “ONE COUNTRY, TWO SYSTEM.”

The Source of Reagan’s Fabianism

The results of the 1980 elections demonstrated Americans wanted a definite change in the direction of the Federal Government and the Republic. The Democratic vast majority in the U.S. Congress disappeared into a sea of what was perceived as Conservatism. This Conservatism, led by Reagan, was to end the Socialist policies of the Liberal East Coast Establishment that was putting America on the road to economic ruin. Little did the voters understand, they had just elected another RCC Trojan Horse that was ready to unleash the final stage of the Permanent Revolution!

The Reagan Revolution was highlighted by a new economic euphemism… Reaganomics. Reaganomics was based on instituting a global Free Market Economy with Free Trade as its centerpiece.

It is quite obvious the public wanted a change. They were fooled with Reagan’s use of the words “Free, Freedom and Free Enterprise.” They were swayed by the Reagan “Conservative Rhetoric;” that incorrectly espoused Free Trade as the wisdom of the Founding Fathers. They believed Reagan was a Patriot in the mold of the American Patriots that won this nation’s freedom from the English Crown. When in reality he was a Fabian Stooge.

The vast majority of this revitalized conservatism did not have a clue as to what real conservatism was. They did not understand the American Revolution. They did not realize the Free Trade championed by Reagan was the single largest threat to the future of this Republic as prophesized by the Founding Fathers Reagan liked to quote. Reagan was never to quote from Hamilton’s “Essay #12” from The Federalists Papers for obvious reasons.

In short, this nation was going to get more of the same. The RCC was in the same position, as it had been in April of 1917, prepared to remove the final impediments to the Permanent Revolution.

The main economic philosopher used in this revolution of Reaganomics was Joseph A. Schumpeter. The importance of Schumpeter as an economist was…he had developed a theory that would put off the final demise of Capitalism predicted by Marx. Schumpeter’s theory was to cure the biggest problem for Capitalism, overproduction and under-consumption. This theory appeared in his most praised work Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy written in 1942. In this work Schumpeter recognized the existence and importance of the Fabians.

“The Fabians emerged in 1883, and remained for the whole of our period a small group of bourgeois intellectuals…They entertained the same generous hopes for humanity as the philosophical radicals had before them. They went forth to work for rational reconstruction and improvement in the spirit of practical Progressivism.”

Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy, Schumpeter, 1942, pps. 321-322.

Keep in mind this progressivism was “reform without revolution.”

“…They were careful about their facts which some of them took no end of trouble to collect by means of extensive research, and critical arguments and measures…A few of them were able to avail themselves of connections formed in Oxford and Cambridge…”


For those that do not know, Oxford and Cambridge are the intellectual centers of England.

“…A modern cabinet minister can in general find within the walls of his ministry most of the information and suggestions he needs…

…Outside the lines of established policies the parliamentarian in office, still more the parliamentarian out of office, was often hard up for facts and ideas especially in the field of the “new’ social problems. A group that had them in stock and was willing to serve them up, neatly arranged and ready for use from the treasury or any bench, was sure to have the entrée…The civil service accepted this. And not only that; being to a considerable extent in sympathy with the immediate aims of the Fabians…The Fabians in turn also accepted this role of unofficial public servants. In fact, it suited them perfectly…They liked to serve behind the scenes. Action through the bureaucracy whose growth in numbers and in power they foresaw and approved fitted in very well with the general scheme of their democratic state socialism.”

Ibid. p. 323.

Schumpeter verifies Fabian power. They liked to be kept hidden from view. Schumpeter demonstrates the Fabians had great expertise at manipulating government in England long before the Fabian Invasion of this nation to capture the Wilson administration. By 1980 the Fabians were almost totally invisible to Americans. 100 years of Fabian government intervention welcomed Reagan to office.

The vast majority of this nation had not even heard of Mr. Schumpeter. In order to understand the significance of Schumpeter, selected quotes from an essay written by Nicholas Xenos entitled “Democracy as Method: Joseph A. Schumpeter” will be used. This essay appeared in a monthly called Democracy, a New Left publication from the early 1980s. This publication died with the death of the New Left.

“What claim does a former Austrian finance minister have to consideration as a ‘Democratic classic?

…When a report to the Trilateral Commission, on ‘the governability of democracies’ complained of an ‘adversary culture’ among intellectuals as a ‘challenge’ to democratic government which is, potentially, at least as serious as those posed in the past by the aristocratic cliques, fascist movements, and communist parties, it cited Schumpeter in support of this thesis…”

Schumpeter recognized Fabian control of governments. The above quote clearly demonstrates this to be the case. The Fabian created TLC gives recognition to the importance of Schumpeter’s ideas.

“Samuel P. Huntington (one of the authors of the Trilateral study), Irving Kristol, Daniel P. Moynihan, Daniel Bell, and other so-called neoconservatives have gone often to Schumpeter for ammunition in their skirmishes with intellectuals on the other ideological side…”

Neoconservatives were to dominate the formulation of Reaganomics. All the gentlemen in the above quote were Neoconservatives.

“…When Joseph Schumpeter came to the United States to join the Harvard economic faculty, he was seeking time to devote to his scholarly work, which to him meant teaching and writing on the history of economic theory…

…For the most part, this proved to be the case…Schumpeter worked on and published his highly influential Business Cycles in 1939, and he earned a devoted following among Harvard graduate students…but these accomplishments were overshadowed by the publication, in 1942, of a book entitled Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy…

…But what makes Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy stand out is that it not only contains in accessible form most of Schumpeter’s important economic theories; it also put forward a new theory of democracy…

…The heart of Schumpeter’s revision is the idea that democracy is no more than a method of government, an “institutional arrangement” for arriving at political decisions in which individuals acquire the power to decide by means of a competitive struggle for the people’s vote.”

These “individuals” are the Capitalist elite, the RCC that gained their class consciousness described in chapter 3 of this book.

“Schumpeter’s simple redefinition is a tour de-force, not the least of all because it is so simple, and its consequences are far-reaching. It, is not too much to say, that American political science over the past 25 years has taken its starting point from this reduction of democracy to a method of elite selection. This means that participation, once the foundation of political theory, dropped out of the foundation of democratic political theory altogether. More than that, participation came to be seen as a positive hindrance to the proper and smooth functioning of democracy. “the belief that a very high level of participation is always good for democracy is not valid…”

Meaning participatory democracy is not good for Capitalism!

“…The emphasis on political elites, together with the de-emphasis of participation, led Schumpeter to believe that his theory, unlike the classical doctrine, took into account the crucial role of the political leadership in the real world…”

Schumpeter recognized the need for the elite to rule.

“…The circular flow of economic life, would lead to a stationary economy, were it not for the presence of individuals; who are able to fashion something new out of the economic materials at hand, either by means of the application of new methods of production—new technology making the production of old goods cheaper, or making possible the production of new goods for new wants or wants not yet exploited—or by reorganizing the already existing methods of production…”

If you do not understand this; go back and re-read chapters 3 and 4 of this book.

“…The potential for change is always present, but only certain people are able to lead the way and realize it—Schumpeter’s entrepreneurs…Under Capitalism, where the prime interest is profit, the entrepreneurs are turned loose. Not to be confused with the class of Capitalists—entrepreneurs may come from any class and not need own the means of production they reorganize—the entrepreneurs provide the kind of leadership that is particular to Capitalism, and they have done their job well. Each spurt in economic development results from the introduction of new techniques in a particular sector—followed later by a general spread of the technological advances, bringing the economy as a whole back to equilibrium….”

This is in reference to Marx’s observation about the introduction of specialized machines to the mode of production causing overproduction and under-consumption. This also recognizes the need for a Dictatorship of the Proletariat ran by a select elite to guide the way.

“…This process of economic change is an outcome of competition, but not in the usual understanding of a competitive market structure…

…It does not matter to Schumpeter how many actors there are in the market, but only “the competition from the new commodity, the new technology, the new source of supply, the new type of organization…

…a competition which commands a decisive cost or quality advantage and which strikes not at the margins of profits and the outputs of the existing firms but at the foundations and their very lives “counts as an explanation for economic development…”

This is what was discussed in Chapter 4 of this book, which described the pin-maker.

“… Since the entrepreneurs efforts necessarily lead to temporary monopolies against its competitive market critics, noting not only that there has never been anything like perfect competition in the world, but also attributing the late nineteenth—and early twentieth-century heyday of Capitalist growth (with its attendant democratization of consumption) to monopolist entrepreneurship …”

“… Creative destruction” is Schumpeter’s paradoxical term for this dynamic force of pressurized innovation. Although the intent is different, his characterization follows the famous lines of the Communist Manifesto: Constant revolutionizing of production, uninterrupted disturbance of all social conditions, everlasting uncertainty and agitation distinguish the bourgeois epoch from all earlier ones. Schumpeter’s entrepreneur is a refinement on Marx’s bourgeois, but the paean to Capitalism’s creative destruction remains…”

The “paean of Capitalism” is overproduction and under-consumption.

“…Capitalism, having set the creativity of the entrepreneur loose, destroys the non-capitalist economic forms that preceeded it…”

Here, “non-capitalist economic forms” is Free Enterprise.

“…but Schumpeter adds a twist…From the sixteenth century onward in Europe, the modern nation state was formed by an alliance of feudal, aristocratic political power with Capitalist economic power, he argues. The dynamic creativity of Capitalism, aided by the state, destroyed all non-Capitalist economic structures, but it also eventually undermined the aristocratic political system that protected it…”

So far, Schumpeter supports the premise of this book.

“…The political leaders who arose out of the bourgeoisie did so by joining a political class dominated by pre-capitalist elites—the bourgeois politicians were co-opted into a political culture that was pre-bourgeois. Because of this Capitalism cannot provide its own political leadership, without this protection, Capitalism becomes vulnerable to attack…”

And this leads to Capitalism to adopt some forms of Fascism whenever needed.

“…The mass public becomes the patron of the intellectuals, and in turn has Its attitudes and opinions shaped by them. At the same time, the growth of the service sector and rising levels of education lead to an oversupply of people—intellectuals in a wider sense—who form the breeding ground of resentment since their expectations outrun their real possibilities within the Capitalist system. No bourgeois order can attack the intellectuals without endangering itself, so Capitalism must live with its ideological tapeworm.”

These “tapeworms” are the Neoconservatives that would dominate Reaganomics. The Neoconservatives are the bastions of Fabianism.

Was Schumpeter Correct?

The people that would take up the banner of Schumpeter’s theory were the Neoconservatives.

But before we go any further we must digress a little. The Fabians made their way into the Reagan government through City College of New York. The Fabian Colonel Mandell House had a “right hand man” at City College. This was his brother-in-law Sidney Menzes, the president of City College. From 1914 on the Fabian influence flourished behind the scenes at City College. City College was to be the breeding ground for the economist and intellectuals that would dominate the Reagan Revolution. These Fabians, Socialists turned Capitalist were given the cover name of Neoconservatives.

“If Horatio Alger had written about intellectuals instead of newsboys, Kristol could have been one of his heroes. Irving, the editor; or, From Alcove No.1 to the President's dinner Table. Alcove No.1 was the bit of turf in the City College of New York cafeteria that tradition had assigned to non-Communist socialists. The Communist and their friends exercised their territorial imperative from alcove No.2. Here, in the late thirties, Kristol’s “real college education took place”; he passed the hours studying “a Marxist scholasticism that was as rigorous and learned, in its way, as the Jesuit scholasticism it so strikingly paralleled.”

The Neoconservatives, the men who are changing American politics, Peter Stienfels, 1979,pp. 81-82.

The Neoconservatives were presented to the American public as Socialists that suddenly realized Socialism doesn’t work. Capitalism was the only economic system to provide for a healthy economic and social structure for mankind. In true Fabian style they enjoyed powerful influence “behind the scenes” even before Reagan won the White House. A few more select quotes from Steinfels’ Neoconservatives will more than demonstrate.

“They enjoy dinners at the White House, their advice is both solicited and volunteered on government programs and campaign positions; though Henry Jackson was the neoconservative candidate in 1976, at least on of them, Zbigniew Brsezinski, signed on as a Carter adviser on foreign policy. They hold seats on national commissions of various sorts, of which Brzezinski’s Trilateral Commission is one example.”

Ibid. p.9.

The Trilateral Commission (TLC) was formed in 1973 by Brsezinski; with the urgings of David Rockefeller, then chairman of the Fabian created Council on Foreign relations (CFR).

The next Steinfels quote is quite curious.

“This should not suggest a conspiracy; indeed it is a reflection on the state of our political order…”

Ibid. p.9.

Boy, that is a relief. It is not a conspiracy?

“Connections with government circles are not the only advantages the Neoconservatives enjoy. As former liberals and even graduates of New York socialism with its trade-union component, as Cold War militants who share the anti-communist opinions of George Meany, they have maintained good relations, at least until recently, with major elements of the labor movement.”


Steinfels use of the word communist refers to the Soviet Communism of Stalin, not the Communism evolved from Capitalism that had not yet come into existence. George Meany would soon pass away. Lane Kirkland, member of the CFR and TLC would assume leadership of the AFL-CIO.

Nope, I don’t see a conspiracy here. Do you?

“…At the same time, they have moved closer and closer to big business. Elizabeth Drew captured the complications of such a double set of relationships when she described a political diner honoring “Scoop” Jackson. Seated there were Daniel Moynihan, union leaders David Dubinsky, Sol Chaikin, A. Philip Randolph, and publicists Norman Podhoretz and Bayard Rustin…”


All men in the above quote are either from the CFR or the TLC or both and are the guiding lights of Neoconservatism. Sure am glad this is not a conspiracy. Aren’t you?

“…Neoconservativism has become out-rightly protective of business Interests. Needless to say, business, long unhappy about the relative lack of ideological support it receives from the academy, has welcomed the neoconservative enthusiastically...

…Much of this pro-business effort has been launched from a nonprofit “think-tank”—oddly enough, since both business and neoconservatives have often been derisive of the burgeoning world of nonprofit research and government contracts…”

Ibid. pps. 10-11.

Remember it was pointed out in the first part of this book the think tanks came into existence when the “Robber Barons” of the Progressive period were allowed to break up their empires and keep the wealth in nonprofit foundations such as The Carnagie Endowments or Ford Foundation. On page 11 of Steinfels book is a list of these Neoconservative controlled think tanks. They are as follows:

(1) Rand
(2) Hudson Institute
(3) Aspen Institute
(4) Heritage Foundation
(5) Georgetown Center for Strategic and International Studies
(6) American Enterprise Institute.

In short, by 1980 the RCC was more than well entrenched in Washington by the time the “conservative” Reagan was elected. The Fabian CFR/TLC had control of the domestic Business community and government. Obtain a membership list of the 1980 CFR if you are not convinced. The Fabian TLC had control of the multinational scene. Obtain a TLC membership list for 1980 if you are still not convinced.

Self-perceived “conservative” patriots waited for the new broom of Reaganism to sweep the East Coast Liberal Establishment out of Washington. Reagan’s broom must have had no bristles.

Yes, Schumpeter was correct.

The Urban Enterprise Zone

Let us choose a think tank at random from the list of Neoconservative controlled think tanks from the previous chapter and see if the Fabians really did control the Federal government during the Reagan Revolution. This is easier than listing the 276 Reagan appointments from the ranks of the CFR and TLC.

The think tank that got the most attention during the Reagan Revolution was the Heritage Foundation. Reagan had to make good on the campaign promise “to put America back to work.” Millions of Workers were out of work due to 60 years of East Coast Liberal Establishment policies. These workers were becoming militant. Hundreds of “militias” would be formed from this growing pool of unemployed. And more were sure to come as a result of the Reagan pledge to Free Trade through the UN’s GATT.

Does the Fabian Society have the influence to continue the Permanent Revolution? You be the judge.

“A day or two before Ronald Reagan picked David Stockman as his budget director, two men paid a call to the Michigan GOP Congressman…

…His visitors were Edwin Feulner Jr., president, and Phil Truluck, vice- president of the Heritage Foundation…

…The results of their visit shows the foundation, a conservative think-tank once regarded as small potatoes, has moved into the big leagues in Ronald Reagan’s Washington…

…The administration has proposed so-called enterprise zones low taxation to attract business to rundown urban neighborhoods, an idea first promoted in the United states by Heritage…”

“Small Think Tank Takes Washington,” The Toledo Blade, November 22, 1981, Section b., p. 2.

Reagan’s Free Trade policy was tied to the UN’s GATT. But Capitalism needed a real shot in the arm and the Capitalist did not want to wait for the GATT’s slow pace. Capitalism needed some form of real Free Trade immediately or the Reagan Revolution would be voted out of office. The Enterprise Zone concept was the ticket. Genuine International Free Trade could be implemented in select regions of this nation “hidden behind the cloak of putting Americans back to work.”

Not wanting to wait, the Fabians in government moved early on this project at the end of the Carter administration. This was to be done through already existing Foreign Trade Zones.

“Port authority officials have high hopes a liberalization of custom regulations will result in an influx of foreign business into Northwest Ohio.

Under a decision from the U.S. Treasury Department, custom duty will no longer be collected on the cost of American labor, overhead or profit on products assembled in the United States from foreign manufactured parts.

…duty does not have to be paid until an import commodity leaves Toledo’s Foreign Trade Zone…The regulation also applies to so-called sub-zones established for certain plants that assemble products from foreign-manufactured parts.”

“Customs change Could aid NW Ohio,” The Courier, March, 29, 1980.

Wow! Such a sweet deal. Too bad domestic free enterprise couldn’t get the same break. What was it that Alexander Hamilton mused in his “Essay #12” from the Federalist Papers? Oh yes! If the government doesn’t finance itself from custom duties, that burden must fall on the land with a heavy hand.

Now back to The Fabian Heritage Foundation…opps, I’m sorry, the conservative think-tank.

The January 20, 1982 Wall St. Journal headlined, “Reagan’s Plan to Revitalize Inner Cities to Include Creation of Enterprise Zones.”

According to the article, as many as 25 such zones could be approved each year, and would be designated by the Secretary of Housing and Urban development. Of course these will be located in the inner city, left a wasteland by U.S. based multinationals flight to cheap, overseas labor.

The Enterprise Zone concept comes from Stuart Butler, a policy analyst with the Heritage Foundation. It was introduced in his book Enterprise Zones, Greenlining the Inner City, published in 1981. Just a few lines from the introduction will suffice to give the pedigree of this concept.

“On 20 June 1978, Sir Geoffrey Howe, Member of Parliament and spokesman on economic issues for Britain’s then-opposition Conservative Party, delivered a speech on the problem of blighted inner-city neighborhoods before a meeting of the BOW Group…

…Sir Geoffrey paid warm tribute to the thinking of Professor Peter Hall, an authority on urban planning and former chairman of the Fabian Society, a leading intellectual group in Britain committed to democratic socialism.”

Isn’t it amazing how Fabian socialist policies get the brand of “Conservatism?” For a perspective on all this “zone stuff” it is necessary to quote from Antony C. Sutton’s creation, August Corporation publication, The Trilateral Observer for February 1982. This author provided all the documentation for this issue.

“There are already about 400 Free Trade Zones around the world, and about 40 in the United States.”

By the year 2000 over 4,500 such zones would exist in America.

“…Butler explains that Free Trade Zones become attractive to foreign companies selling in domestic market, since by establishing assembly plants within the zone the total customs liability may be reduced…

…Free Trade Zones (called Foreign Trade zones in the U.S.) are an important lateral approach to fulfilling the Multilateral Trade Agreements (MTN) detailed in the last T.O., the idea being drop all protective trade barriers such as customs, import duties and tariffs. While the Enterprise Zone is presumably to create local business that will create local jobs, the Free Trade Zone benefits only the internationalists—namely the multinational corporate community as best represented by the Trilateral Commission…

…We see then that the Enterprise Zone removes local and national “domestic” regulations and taxation while Free Trade Zones wipe away tariffs, customs and duties…”

Get the picture? One Country, Two Systems. One more nail is needed for the coffin of the “conservative” Heritage Foundation. Again from the Feb. 1982 T.O.:

“Heritage President John E. Feulner, Jr. has been involved with many conservative projects over 15 years. In naivete or not, Feulner took a year of study at the London Shool of Economics (LSE). LSE was founded in 1884 by Sidney and Beatrice Webb; not by coincidence, they also founded the Fabian Society and were its guiding lights until their deaths. LSE has ever since been an oracle of Fabian Socialism and has drawn many students there by its promise of “open” thought” with hope to infiltrate their thinking with Fabian “thought.”

(Other prominent graduates were John F. Kennedy and Mick Jagger.)

“This does not necessarily mean that Feulner is a Fabian Socialist; but considering that it is his organization that introduced the Enterprise Zone idea, one must figure that a close investigation should be made into Heritage’s sources of policy formation and the policy themselves.”

By 1997 large sections of Ohio and the other 49 states have become International turf due to the Enterprise Zone concept. Over 4,500 such pieces of non-America exists inside our national boundaries and are rapidly expanding in size.

“The Seneca County commissioners have approved the expansion of an enterprise zone.

The Commissioners have added Liberty Township to the zone that includes Hopewell, Pleasant, Clinton and Big Springs townships. The expanded zone, which allows tax breaks for companies that move there, has been approved by the Ohio Department of development.”

“Seneca County OK’s bigger enterprise zone,” The Courier, August 12, 1997.

In other words, a vast majority of this nation’s so called economic expansion created by the Reagan Revolution is on international turf not the terra firma of America. The RCC’s Permanent Revolution is more entrenched in America than you realize or recognized by historians, educators and mainstream academics.

Long live the American Revolution and its Republic…or what little is left of it. Take a long serious look in the area you live. You might just be shocked into thinking maybe there is a conspiracy a work.

Life in the New World Order

Not all factories and business in America went the way of the “DoDo Bird.” There are many establishments that did survive. Those concerns that adopted the RCC’s ground rules for survival have been forced to accept life, as described by Schumpeter.

I hope the reader has not forgotten the RCC’s biggest problem of overproduction and under-consumption. This all has to do with the bottleneck. And a solution tothe main cause of the bottleneck is vital to the expansion of Capitalism as observed by Marx.

“…To Marx, the specialization of manual work---whatever its immediate impact on productivity—was decisively important because it led to the development of special-purpose automatic machinery. Once a human task had been decomposed into its elementary motions, it became possible to build a device that would perform these motions automatically; as one step of a manufacturing process was thus mechanized, the preceeding and following steps had to be correspondingly reorganized, to keep pace with the new machinery. Thus, the introduction of automatic equipment also increased the rigidity of production, making it ever harder to switch resources to alternative uses.”

The Second Industrial Divide, Piore and Sabel, 1984, p. 22.

And for just a little more review, this translated for the Capitalist as:

“The economic problem so conceived was relative, not absolute; these observers were suggesting not that profits had disappeared altogether, but that capital’s share of national income was declining as real costs for new fixed capital was rising…

…No sooner has the capitalist fairly adopted one improved machine, than it must be thrown away for still later invention, which must be purchased at dear cost, if the manufacturer would not see himself eclisped by his rival…

…Specialization could be activated only by growth in demand. Obviously it made no sense to rearrange the production setup to increase output if there was no market for the increase…

…Progress in the efficient use of resources was blocked unless; the market for goods could be increased (by such means of reducing tariff barriers and taxes; decreasing transportation costs; redistributing income to those too poor to buy what they want; and consolidating demand for closely related goods into demand for a single product….”

Origins of the Federal Reserve; Money, Class, and Corporate Capitalism, 1890-1913, Livingston, 1986, p. 18.

Smack dab in the middle of the Reagan Revolution a man named Eliyahu M. Goldratt authored a book in 1984 entitled The Goal. It is a work of fiction, a novel. Countless thousands of copies of this book were passed out in hundreds of manufacturing facilities in America. This novel was about the main problem of Capitalism, overproduction and under-consumption. And this novel was full of “Schumpeterism.”

Hundreds of years of economic philosophical “non-fiction” writings have never come close at conveying the enormity of the Capitalist problem as The Goal. There comes a point in time when “fiction” could very well communicate a concept better than non-fiction. The Goal is one such work.

The main story line is about a man named Alex. Alex had just been appointed plant manager of a manufacturing concern that was not performing well and the parent company was considering “closing the doors.” Alex was a “local” boy who had worked his way up. He grew up as a kid with a vast majority of the plant’s workforce. He did not want to fail for the community like so many of the other empty manufacturing facilities in town. And of course the whole situation was creating “family” problems between his wife and child.

In desperation Alex turns to an old college professor for help. His name was Jonah. The professor gives Alex the “cure” for the factory’s problem. It is the same cure for the big problem of Radical Capitalism.

Just a few quotes from the jacket of the book to get this endeavor under way.

“Recommended for anyone with an interest in the state of the American economy…Publishers Weekly.”

“…A small but growing number of magazines at some of the world’s biggest manufacturers are agreeing with him…Business Week.”

“A factory may be an unlikely setting for a novel but the book has been widely effective…Tom Peters.”

Let’s face it hundreds of plant managers in 1984 were in the same situation as Alex. And all were equally ignorant of just what the “real” problems were. After all, they had all been educated on the Capitalism vs. Communism theory of history and had not a clue about the reality of the Permanent Revolution.

One more quote from the jacket.

“If ever anybody had told me that I would be setting up in bed until three in the morning, enthralled by a book on Production and Operations Management, I would have thought them mad. And yet what the authors’ have done is turn their revolutionary theories into a zippy-paced novel in which the hero is the plant manager facing the imminent closure of his factory.”

(High-light of subliminal message by this author.)

Alex’s plant was in the same situation hundreds of RCC type factories were in. Despite the introduction of new and expensive, robotic equipment to speed up production and improve efficiency the factory still is operating in “the red.” Sound familiar?

Now some quotes from the introduction.

“The Goal is about new global principles of manufacturing. Its about people trying to understand what makes their world tick so that they can make it better. …As they think logically and consistently about their problems they are able to determine “cause and effect” relationships between their actions and results…

…First, I want to make these principles more understandable and show how they can bring order to the chaos…Second, I wanted to illustrate the power of this understanding …The western world does not have to become a second or third rate manufacturing power. If we just understand and apply the correct principles, we can compete with anyone.

…We simply need to look at reality and think logically and precisely what we see…Progress in understanding requires that we challenge basic assumptions about how the world is and why it is that way. If we can better understand our world and the principles that govern it, I suspect all our lives will be better.”

Keep in mind this is a discussion about Capitalism, not Free Enterprise. Some 20 pages into the book Alex contacts his old college professor Jonah.

“Jonah leans forward conspiratorially and says, “Let me ask you something –just between us; Was your plant able to ship even one more product per day as a result of what happened in the department where you installed the robots?”

“…Did you fire anybody?”

IBID, p. 28

A robot is a fine example of a specialty machine Marx described as imitating human motion. And this machine costs the Capitalist dearly. Alex responds:

“You mean did we lay anybody off? Because we installed robots?” I say. “No, we have an understanding with our union that nobody will be laid off because of productivity improvement. We shifted the people to other jobs. Of course, when there’s a business downturn, we lay people off.”

Jonah then asks:

“Then tell me, did your inventories go down?

Alex replies:

“Offhand, I have to say I don’t think so. But I’d really have to check the numbers.”

To which Jonah fires back:

“Check your numbers if you’d like…But if your inventories haven’t gone down…and your employee expense was not reduced…and if your company isn’t selling more products—which it obviously can’t if you’re not shipping more of them—then you can’t tell me these robots increased your plant’s productivity.”

We now turn to page 31.

“Alex, tell me again why you believe your robots are such a great improvement.”

Alex’s response is predictable.

“Because they increased productivity.”

Jonah fires back:

“And what is productivity?”

Now pay close attention to Alex’s next response. It touches on another of Marx’s theory of the Permanent Revolution…creation of wealth in an RCC factory. It is an issue so dynamic that the Capitalist really wants everyone to ignore.

“According to the way my company is defining it…there’s a formula you use, something about the value added per employee equals…”

(Emphasis by this author. Remember the chapter in this book about value added or where the money comes from to pay dividends to investors?)

Jonah abruptly cuts Alex off in mid-sentence.

“Regardless of how your company defines it, that is not what productivity really is…Forget just a minute about the formulas and all that, and just tell me in your own words, from your experience, what does it mean to be productive?”


“Well, I guess it means that I’m accomplishing something.”


“Exactly…But you are accomplishing something in terms of what?”


“In terms of goals.”



Please keep in mind this was in the middle of the Reagan Revolution. The RCC was on the verge of seeing Capitalism explode globally. Of course profits was one “Goal” of the RCC. It takes money to wage the Permanent Revolution. And the RCC was in its best position to meet its final goal since 1917.

Now we turn to pages 59-61. Alex states to Jonah:

“The goal of a manufacturing organization is to make money…and everything else we do is a means to achieve that goal…Well, in order to know if my plant is helping the company in making money, I have to have some kind of measurements.”

Jonah replies:

“That’s correct.”

Alex continues:

“But where I am, down at the plant level, those measurements I use inside the plant…well, I’m not absolutely sure, but I don’t think they’re telling the whole story.”

For those readers that do not have a handle on Marx’s theory the next exchange of dialogue will get you up to speed. This is the heart and guts of Marxism…and Capitalism…and Schumpeterism. Remember the Permanent Revolution is the removing of impediments to the spread of Capitalism. We return to hear Jonah say:

“You see, there is more than one way to express the goal. Do you understand? The goal stays the same, but we can state it in different ways, which mean the same thing as those two words, ‘making money.’”

And like a parrot Alex responds:

“So, I can say the goal is to increase net profit, while simultaneously increasing both ROI and cash flow, and that’s equivalent of saying the goal is to make money.”


“Exactly…In fact, that’s why I developed a different set of measurements.”

Now pay close attention to what Jonah is saying.

“They’re measurements which express the goal of making money perfectly well, but which permit you to develop operational rules for running your plant…There are three of them. Their names are Throughput, Inventory and Operational Expense.”

Here are the rules for operating the factories of the RCC under Free Trade for the Permanent Revolution.

“Throughput is the rate at which the system generates money through sales…If you produce something, but don’t sell it, it’s not throughput…

…These definitions, even though they may sound simple, are worded precisely. And they should be; a measurement not clearly defined is useless…

…Inventory is all the money that the system has invested in purchasing things it intends to sell…

…Operational expense is all the money the system spends in order to turn inventory into throughput.

At this point Alex, for one short moment, thinks like a WORKER. He asks a “bullet” of a question.

“Okay, but what about the labor invested in inventory? You make it sound as though labor is operational expense?”

Jonah’s response is very interesting. It is a “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, Wizard of Oz” response.

“Judge it according to the definitions.”

Alex, still thinking like a WORKER responds:

“But the value added to the product by direct labor has to be part of the inventory, doesn’t it?” (empasis by this author)

Jonah continues with his “I am the Great Oz, Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain,” to Alex’s “value added” response.

“It might be, but it doesn’t have to be.

Still stuck in “WORKER-LAND” Alex asks:

“Why do you say that?”

Well Alex, Jonah is the Great Oz. Everyone in the Kingdom comes to the Oz for answers.

“Very simply, I decided to define it this way because I believe it’s better not to take the value added into account. (emphasis by Goldratt)

It eliminates the confusion over whether a dollar spent is an investment or an expense. That’s why I defined inventory and operational expense the way I just gave you.”

This is the ultimate Marxist point. Marx observed wages are insignificant in the manufacturing process of Capitalism. Wages are neither, inflationary or deflationary. Wages have nothing to do with sale or inventory or operational expense etc. Wages have nothing to do with the Capitalist’s “pay off” to investors. But the combined wages of the entire working class challenges the power of the Capitalist Class.

Remember where the “money comes from” to pay the dividends to the stock-holders and profits to the Capitalists. The worker’s labor generates the VALUE ADDED.

And above all the Capitalist does not want anyone to understand the “Magic” of what happens inside a Capitalist factory. That magic is the VALUE ADDED to the product. Profits and dividends come from the VALUE ADDED in the manufacturing process and not shared with the people that create it into existence.

The Marx and Capitalist argument is about distribution of wealth. Wealth in this case being defined as VALUE ADDED.

And the big problem for the Capitalist is overproduction and under-consumption. Marx contends if the value added is shared with the WORKER that is creating the “Magical” value added, overproduction and under-consumption will go away. If the Capitalist does this he will loose control of the Permanent Revolution.

Capitalism’s proliferation has been a continuous process of destroying countless thousands of micro-economic societies that have been “in balance.” Capitalism must keep expanding to prevent its collaspe.

According to Schumpeter, Capitalism is destructive and self-destructive.

This author believes in the American Revolution and the resultant Free Enterprise created by the American Patriots. The Patriots of the American Revolution “stole” the revolution from the RCC and invented their own economic system called Free Enterprise. The only time this nation has been in crisis is when Capitalism feels the need to spread.

Worker Soviets Come to America.

The concept put forth in the book The Goal really started to dominate all American economic activity in the early 1990s. What good is there in having a goal and not having an engine to promote it?

This engine is very similar to the Worker Soviets created in the Industrial urban areas of Russia after the Bolshevik “October Surprise” Revolution. The Bolsheviks literally liquidated the Engineers, technicians plant managers, etc. by firing squads.

The workers took over the function of hiring, firing, determining what would be manufactured, would schedule production and basically determine how the means of production would be operated.

This nation in the 1990s was swept off its feet with Natural Work Groups, Employee Involvement Teams and Self-Directed Work Teams.

This Capitalist concept will be illustrated by reviewing another book that was passed out in the thousands in American Factories. It is entitled Self-Directed Work Teams published in 1991. On page ii, there is a partial list of 80 corporations that are using this book as a guide for plant operations.

It is amazing the number of RCC companies on this list. It reads like a “Who’s Who” list of the CFR and TLC…the Fabian controlled Permanent Revolution.

On the front cover appears this endorsement.

“A quick, Easy-to-Read, Very User-Friendly Guide to the Most important Work innovation to Come Along in the Past 200 Years.”

You know, since the American Revolution.

On the back cover is a list of endorsements.

“…it’s a must read for all members of any organization considering a culture change..”

Manager, GE Nat’l. Customer Service Center

“After reading this book, I can see how Self-directed Work Teams could really work.”

Union Leader, General Motors Plant

“Best book, I’ve read on the subject…”

IBM Manager of Training and Development

“Just the book I’ve been looking for all our Facilitators.”

Johnson and Johnson Manager
Quality Programs.

On page I we read the following.

“If you don’t already have them—you’ll want to know they’re revolutionizing the workplace. Why they’re producing unbelievable results in quality and productivity in companies that use them.”

Two observations from this quote: (1) it is recognized as a revolution and (2) insert “value added” for the word quality.

On page ii we read:

“These questions are designed to help you think through and clarify for yourself some of the most important issues surrounding SELF DIRECTED WORK TEAMS…

Here comes some more Schumpeterism:

It’s high time democracy came to the workplace. We must maximize the brains, talents and hard work of everyone at work if we are to survive as an economy. Better decisions, better ideas, etc. and constant improvement will produce the world-class quality and service we have to have. The only question is: how fast can we do it.”

Again substitute VALUE ADDED for the word quality.

On page iv we then read the author’s credentials.

“He has worked for the GE Company, General Motors and IC (integrated circuits) Industries…whose guiding belief is that training and development when it’s designed and delivered well, taps the unlimited potential of human beings. Unlike machines, human beings never have to become obsolete.

Here the phrase “unlimited potential of Human Beings” is the humans ability to produce VALUE ADDED versus the expensive machines that costs the Capitalist so dearly and become obsolete.

Now, just a short review of pages 1-3, will more than demonstrate just how important SDWT is to the RCC.

“Self-Directed Work Teams (SWDT) have produced impressive improvements in quality, productivity, and customer service in both manufacturing and service industries.

The idea of a self-directed workforce is old and new. Experiments in this concept have been around for more than twenty years.”

I guess the author forgot about the worker Soviets from the Bolshevik Revolution or the existence of Schumpeter and the Fabians.

“What’s new about the idea is the seemingly strong commitment behind SDWTs today on the part of American management who have traditionally resisted employee involvement programs even though they produced results because this meant making changes management was not comfortable with.”

The Russian bourgeoisie didn’t like the idea of the Worker Soviets either, especially when they were lined up against a wall and liquidated.

Now, here are the hard fast rules laid down by the RCC for SDWTs. Again check out the Schumpeterism.

“ 1. UNPRECENTED CHANGE: Nothing is stable and predictable anymore in American business, so flexible, empowered (able to do what is right) workers are the only kind that can respond to a customer in a timely fashion.

2. COMPETING WITH A GLOBAL WORKFORCE: Since goods can be made anywhere, American workers are competing with workers all over the world to prove they can produce the highest quality goods and services at the lowest prices.

3. CONSTANT IMPROVEMENT: Quality is defined by the customer and standards keep increasing so every worker’s ideas, suggestions, and innovations are needed.”

Again replace the word quality with the phrase VALUE ADDED.

“4. LIFETIME LEARNING: Skills for a lifetime are gone. Every worker will have to train and retrain constantly to stay ahead of the competition.

5. WORK REDESIGN: How work is produced will have to be constantly be reexamined to make sure the best, “smartest” way of working is found. Team based production for making of goods and delivery service will also be part of work design.

6. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY; Everyone in an organization can now send and receive information directly. Computers, Fax machines and other new products enable workers to act on good, reliable information that has been traditionally been given only to managers.”

The vast majority of lay-offs, down-sizing and right-sizing in the 80s and 90s are a result of the Capitalist no longer needing the “company bean counters” that were replaced by the Computer. This middle management no longer took wealth from the process of creating VALUE ADDED.

“7. SPEED: Not only do we need to constantly respond to customers, deliver high quality at lower costs, and introduce new products, but we need to do all this quickly—before we loose customers to a competitor who is more nimble than we are.

8. OPPORTUNITY: It is a time of unprecedented opportunity for people who are flexible and companies who can remove the barriers that kill off good ideas.”

Does the phrase “Dictatorship of the Proletariat come to mind?

“This is an important moment in history—and if you are a part of a self-directed workforce, you’re participating in shaping the future of American industry.”

Here replace the phrase American industry with Radical Capitalist Society.

“Your success will save your job, your company, and possibly change the entire system of relationships between—worker-manager-union-company, that we have had for the past 200 years.”

Replace the above quote with “LONG LIVE the PERMANENT REVOLUTION.”

Self-directed work teams had another purpose. This purpose was to institute the biggest contribution to the Permanent revolution to eliminate overproduction and under-consumption. This is Just In Time delivery.

Just In time Delivery is self-explanatory. Nothing goes into production unless it is already sold. It does not do any good to have the best and the fastest means of production if there are no sales.

Just in Time Delivery applies to the materials going into the factory for the magic of Value added. And Just In Time delivery applies to the product when it leaves the factory. At the end of the 20th Century the goal of every factory was to have production equal consumption.

“Each according to his needs and Each according to his ability.”

Come on “Say it ain’t so Joe.” Tell me American Capitalists aren’t throwing the game of Free Enterprise and the Republic.

Self-Directed Work Teams are the Soviets of America. This is the very beginning of the “Dictatorship OF the Proletariat.” A dictatorship that is OF, not “by” or “for” the worker. This is the self-regulated, classless Society…Communism

Inside an American Soviet

One of the companies listed in the users of SDWTs was the Harris semiconductor (integrated circuits) facility in Findlay, Ohio.

Did Harris use SDWTs? The answer is yes. Everyone from the plant manger down has/is still being trained to be good little proletarians. This author will never forget the first big, kick-off meeting introducing the SDWT concept. The presenter opened with this statement.

“I know this is going to look like we are taking a step backwards but before we can take two steps forward we must first take one step backwards.”

This author broke out in hysterical laughter prompting the moderator to inquire about my laughter.

“I responded, Lenin would be proud of you. He made the same remark when he introduced his New Economic Policy (NEP) in 1921 to the Communist Party.”

In that first meeting it was made quite clear to the workers (Blue and White collar) that a total culture change was required of the Findlay Plant if it was to succeed into the 21st Century in the new emerging global marketplace. All our competition was doing it.

Harris Corporation was an exception in the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. Its CEO and higher company officials were not members of the CRF or TLC. But it was a glowing example of the success of the Fabian propaganda.

It does not matter if the Harris Corporation leadership “was in the clique.” If an organization or individual supports the Permanent Revolution, knowingly or through ignorance…the outcome is the same.

The company had a “partner in this crime,” The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). The IBEW, the union that represented the hourly worker on the job, was affiliated with the AFL-CIO. The AFL-CIO was a Fabian inspired creation. The President of the AFL-CIO was Lane Kirkland from 1980 until 1995. Kirkland was a member of the CFR and TLC. The IBEW gladly joined in partnership with the Harris Corporation in setting up SDWTs in the Findlay plant.

What was happening in Findlay was not an isolated event. It was and still is happening all over this country.

Several processes were taking place at the same time at the Findlay plant. (1) The SDWT structure was being put in place, (2) through the SDWT structure the worker was being instructed on “what had to be done” in Findlay to make it world class and (3) the Company was “signing on” to the new international quality standard called “ISO 9000.”

You know the basic premise of the SDWT.

Through the SDWT structure the worker was being instructed on how to run the factory without the need of middle management, supervisors and technical support. And the very first line of instruction in the SDWT structure was “Keep the Bottle Necks Running.” Extensive training went into educating the worker to deal with the fundamental problem of Capitalism as observed by Marx…overproduction and under-consumption.

The ISO 9000 certification was to ensure the Company was playing “by the new global rules. There are several layers of ISO quality qualifications, ISO 9000, 9002 to ISO 9???. There is an ISO standard for product quality, scheduled maintenance, how the maintenance is done, how future facilities will be constructed and operated and environmental standards. The workers were told if ISO quality certification was not obtained the company could not compete globally. The Harris Corporation was one of the first companies in America to receive an ISO quality certification.

Any company that has the ISO certification also gives the company one other great advantage. If the company wants to move overseas, it does not have to worry about the third world laborer not being able to produce a product of equal quality as the former American worker. The only complication will be translating the ISO inspired work instructions from English to whatever language necessary.

(Remember to use the term value added when the word quality appears.)

As stated very early in this book the Permanent Revolution breeds confusion.

In the rooms in the plant where all these meetings took place were posters and slogans developed by these fledging Soviets. Some days these rooms looked like little “May Day” parades in Moscow.

Now here is the confusion (in Marxist terminology this confusion is called the “dialectic”). On one wall would be displayed the main slogan developed by the SDWTs “Doing the same thing everyday the same way is Insanity.” The intent here is to strive for continuous improvement, to stay competitive, Schumpeterism.

On another wall would be a slogan from another SDWT working on an ISO quality certification. “Do it the same way everyday, follow your ISO Instructions, your job may depend on it.” The big thing about an ISO certification is “it lets the customer know the product is made the same way 24/7.

One more detail about ISO 9000 is needed. ISO 9000 quality certification is the unofficial certification to enable any Company to do business in the grandchild of the UN’s GATT, the World Trade Organization (WTO).

In 1979 there were over 2000 workers in this Findlay Plant. In the year 2000 there were less than 600 people working for another company, in the same building that claimed to be a company worth $4.5 Billion, far more wealth for this facility then when it was RCA And today the workers wage, when adjusted for inflation back to 1980, is less than it was 20 years ago.

It took 100 years for the Capitalists as a class to finally get the return on investment they lost in the 1890s.

And all of this came together on July 1, 1997. On that date the WTO ELIMINATED ALL TARIFFS ON A GLOBAL BASIS for Semi-conductors, Computers and Telecommunications equipment. These are the technologically advanced devices of Capitalism to collect the data necessary for the Dictatorship of the Proletarian self-regulating classless society…Communism…to become a reality.

Any American working in the industries listed above are members of the new Communist Society. (See Appendix C)

Summary of Part TWO

Part one of this book demonstrated the existence of the Fabian Society that is the steering committee for the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. The Fabian Society has the ability to capture governments and change the course of history for that nation. And the goal of this revolution is the creation of a self-regulating classless society. This was accomplished by examining American History of 1900-1920.

Part Two of this book verifies the RCC Permanent Revolution is an actual conspiracy that has survived to the present. American history for 1980 to the present (2000) revealed the Reagan Revolution in all reality is the Permanent Revolution does really exist. And the force behind this Permanent Revolution is the Radical Capitalist Class spearheaded by the Fabian Society fueled by Schumpeterism
Part Three
The Road to Fascism

Capitalism goes into crisis when the inverted economic pyramid of Free Trade goes out of balance. When the gap between overproduction and under-consumption widens Capitalism drifts into fascism.

The RCC uses Perestroika to prevent this from happening. Perestroika is the RCC controlled process of creating its own opposition in order to identify and control its opposition. The outcome of future events can be controlled in this process.

Lenin gets historical credit for “inventing Perestroika” when in reality the RCC had already been using it to its own advantage way before Lenin reached the scene.

For example, The Czar of Russia was not popular in Russia or the world because of his militant anti-semitism. Through the Czar’s secret police the Okrhana, opposition groups were created and allowed to function, such as The Black One Hundred (a Right wing extremist group) and the Bolsheviki (a Left Wing extremist group). By using these extremist groups the growing Russian political Center could be manipulated in the direction of the RCC. Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were all paid informants of the Okrhana. (Several recent books and biographies give evidence to these facts.) History has verified the existence this process.

But like any “gang of thieves” not one member of the conspirators can be trusted. When an individual or group of individuals see an opportunity to turn on the others in order to get a “bigger cut” or control of the gang, they do it. This is known as a double cross. When this happens the Gang faces exposure. The remainder of the gang must use force to quell this split. This is Fascism.

In 1917 the Bolsheviks double crossed their brothers in Permanent Revolution, the RCC. Lenin and Trotsky decided it was time for the “Workers” to seize the reins of the Permanent Revolution. They realized: if the RCC remained in control and was able to demonstrate its ability to rule, the worker was doomed to continuous oppression. An oppression no different than if the Aristocracy still ran the show.

This put Capitalism in Crisis. The Bolsheviks could expose the RCC conspiracy. Not only that: a large percentage of the growing global work force of the Capitalists, were influenced by these Bolsheviks (now called Communists)

The RCC, with its hundreds of years of revolutionary experience, was prepared for such situations. They only had to wait for the death or political liquidation Lenin. The RCC had their inside man…Koba…better known as Joseph Stalin.

Stalin successfully purged the Bolsheviks from the USSR. In return for this great service to the RCC, the USSR received large volumes of financial and technical aid form “the West.” One only needs to read Antony C. Sutton’s books on Soviet industrial and military development for verification.

But…Stalin…grand conspirator that he was took advantage of the Western Aid and proclaimed “Socialism for one Country.” Before Socialism could be brought to the rest of the World it must first be perfected in one Country. So armed with “modern Capitalist Technology” and the world’s largest concentration of natural resources Stalin followed the lead of Lenin and Trotsky and double-crossed the RCC. Stalin in essence became the new Czar.

Again facing crisis on a grand scale the RCC had to hurriedly create a buffer zone between Western Europe and the USSR. This buffer zone was to be Nazi Germany. Fascism was born.

Trotsky was writing a series of essays on the development of Fascism when he was hacked 37 times with an ice pick in Mexico, the first Republic in the western Hemisphere with a Socialist Constitution. Trotsky realized Fascism was more than a political slur used by Bolsheviks against their enemies. He never got to alert his followers that Fascism is a result of the Permanent Revolution being in the wrong hands.

World War II was started by the Germans to stop the spread of “Bolshevism.” When it became apparent Hitler was to follow in the footsteps of Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, the Americans entered WWII. Hitler was a bigger threat to the Permanent Revolution than Stalin. Stalin could be dealt with at a later date.

This process of Perestroika continues today, especially in the American Republic. And as opposition grows in America to the Permanent Revolution, the RCC controlled Federal government becomes more fascist.

Perestroika in America

It does not matter if you are a Left or Right winger in opposition to the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. The vast majority of this opposition is controlled by the RCC’s use of Perestoika.

The purpose of Perestroika is to give the RCC control of future events and their respective outcomes and to clearly identify its opposition.

This is going to be the most difficult concept to present and the most difficult concept for the reader of Conspircy theory literature to comprehend. No one likes to acknowledge “they have been had.” It is a trauma equal to the trauma of a rape victim. No one wants to admit they have been violated.

And almost every American is a victim of some form of Perestroika.

There are hundreds maybe thousands of Perestroikas operating in America. Earlier in this work it was stated the Permanent Revolution is the mother of all political movements from Abortion to Zionism. Each Perestroika is custom tailored for some facet of society that is an impediment to the Permanent Revolution. This is to ensure the respective issue has a positive result for the RCC.

Bear in mind some of the largest and most effective Perestroikas are accepted as legitimate institutions, such as the One Party (Republicratic) system of the Democratic and Republican parties. The AFL-CIO is another. A recent addition to this list is the Reform Party reconstructed in the image of Patrick Buchanan (a longtime operative of the RCC). One of the oldest Perestroikas is the John Birch Society (JBS). For nearly twenty years the “militia movement” formed out of the JBS mold has been shrewdly used by the RCC conspiracy. And the most recent Perestroika is the New Left opposition to the RCC’s pet project the WTO.

The existence of the more extreme Perestroikas have been used to “herd” the working class (blue and white collar which share the same fate) into the ever growing political Center. By manipulating the political extremes, the political center can be forced to give up more of their constitutional rights to the RCC. This is all kept in control with the use of Fascism.

Not everyone will become “members” of the self-regulating classless society. Remember, for the Capitalist to avoid its final demise production must equal consumption. So the numbers of consumers must be reduced.

Those workers that are members of this New World Order must be kept in line. This is accomplished with the Perestroika known as Self-Directed Work Teams.

For those that are not members of this New World Order a more drastic form of Perestroika is required. For example those individuals involved with “Drugs.” The Federal government and the RCC control the drug trade. Drugs are brought into this nation by the RCC and then the citizen in this nation that is involved with the use of drugs will become a victim of “the war on drugs” and will be incarcerated with a long, mandatory prison sentence. In the Federal prison system this individual will be contracted out to a Capitalist business in order to pay for the imprisonment. Prison contract labor is the fastest growing pool of labor for the RCC, thank you Charles Colson and Jack Kemp. This nation now has more prison inmates involved in forced labor for Capitalism than the Nazis had at their apex. This is a fine example of Fascism.

But there is one group of Americans, which are not in this New World Order who are not as easy to put into prison and there will always be a growing number of them. This is the unemployed. They are the ultimate victims of the spread of global Capitalism and every American is a potential unemployment casualty

The Extreme American Right Wing

During the 70s, 80s, and 90s millions of American workers (blue and white collar) became victims of the global proliferation of Capitalism. These people are the unemployed. The vast majority of the unemployed probably will not find jobs paying nearly as well as the “lifelong” job that they had lost. And also the majority of these people were “let out” before their retirement fund or 401K had accumulated any real sums of money. Needless to say these people were and are angry “at the system.”

A significant portion of the unemployed, since they had time on their hands sought out the reasons of “why they no longer had a job” to provide for their family or future. This futility is correctly described in Alan Tonelson’s book The Race to the Bottom, published in 2000.

But before this book made it to print, these people were forced to drift aimlessly in society until they found ‘someplace” or organization that would provide “the answers.” The Militia Movement became the magnet for the unemployed.

“…We need to listen to the voices and actually hear the disenfranchisement of workers, who, unable to find work, turn to the militias for understanding, even if their answer to despair is a conspiracy that can’t be proven.”

“Government cannot ignore militia groups,” Toledo Blade, Art Jipson, April 1997.

This author tried to educate Mr. Jipson that there is a provable conspiracy to explain the cause of unemployment. He refused to listen. Regardless of his Acadamia induced ignorance Mr. Jipson made some very “on the point” observations in his Blade editorial.

A selection of quotes will illustrate.

“…the government must begin to take seriously the so-called patriot movement that they are part of…

…In order to address the threat from militias, officials need to understand the anger that motivated these citizens…

…The origins of the modern militia movement are often traced to extremist groups of the 1950s. The John Birch Society, the Sons of Freedom, and the earliest incarnation of the Posse Comitatus, while the most commonly discussed progenitors, are but a few of the paths that have led to today’s “unorganized militias.”

…The individuals in these groups believe that the Federal government has lashed out against its citizens…

Consider this: there are hundreds of “unorganized” militia groups around the country that foresee the eventual need for an armed and violent confrontation with the Federal government. They view the government as a tyrannical monster, a destroyer of liberty and personal freedom, a Babylon that is irredeemable.”

The reader should remember, as pointed out earlier in this work any organization or history that does not include the Permanent Revolution is false doctrine or patriot group. The conspiracy theories they espouse are, as Mr. Jipson observes, can not be proved.

But Mr. Jipson like millions of Americans is not aware of the Permanent Revolution let alone aware of Perestroika.

Mr. Jipson is correct on one other point. The origins of these conspiracy theories did come form the 1950s. The RCC knew back in the 50s, unemployment was going to be the ever-present offspring of the spread of Free Trade. This would continually breed opposition to the RCC’s controlled Federal government policy of Free Trade. And in the 1950s the vast majority of Americans, even though they knew about the United Nations, were ignorant of the existence of the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT).

While the RCC was creating their fake opposition The RCC controlled press and educational institutions were putting out negative and misleading information about these Perestroikas. This was done in case one of these created organizations or an individual “goes on his/its own” and becomes a renegade. When this happens that person or group will be viewed “as a nut case, rascist, bigot, or anti-semetic.

To verify this there is a plethora of books on the topic that hit the bookracks in the mainstream bookstores. Here is a partial list: The Party of Fear, White Supremacy, In Hitler’s Shadow, Gathering Storm, The Racist Mind, and Conspiracy (How the Paranoid Style Flourishes and where It Comes Form).

And Mr. Jipson is correct on one more point; the John Birch Society (JBS) is the “mother” of conspiracy theories. The JBS is recognized in each of the above list of books as such. What Mr. Jipson did not know the JBS is one of the oldest Perestroikas run by the RCC.

The JBS established themselves as a bastion of Right Wing political education alerting the patriotic American to the Communist Conspiracy Theory through the United Nations with the aid of the East Coast Liberal Establishment control of the Federal Government through the Insiders, members of the CFR and TLC. The JBS couldn’t say Fabian Society and Permanent Revolution even if its mouth was full RCC fecal material.

Exposing the JBS, A Puppet of the Puppet Masters.

The purpose of Perestroika is to recognize enemies and future enemies to the spread of the Permanent Revolution. After this country became the patron saint of the UN’s GATT, The RCC knew there was eventually going to be a steady flood of unemployment in this Nation. These future unemployed would become a pool of future enemies. The John Birch Society (JBS) would become the “model” Perestroika for the gathering of the unemployed.

The FBI played a large role in the creation of the JBS. This issue would definitely be deserving of a book long “investigation.” The intent of this chapter is not how the JBS came into being. This chapter is to demonstrate how the JBS attracts its membership.

There is an old fisherman’s saying that goes sort of like this, “You can’t catch fish if you don’t have the right bait.” The JBS was to become “the fishers of men” with the well-baited hook.

In the early 80s this author was one of the “fish” caught by the JBS.

While employed by RCA semi-conductors in Findlay, Ohio, this author was befriended by the late John Cox. John Cox was an engineer for the company and a charter member of the JBS Indianapolis, Indiana chapter founded by Robert Welch. Mr. Cox had paid attention to my anti-CFR/TLC campaign rhetoric when I ran for and won the office of Vice President of IBEW Local #1907. Mr. Cox also gave me hundreds of hours of original tape recordings form “day one” of the JBS.

After my victory Mr. Cox introduced himself. He told me he had listened very carefully to my message. He informed me there was an organization that could help me in my cause, the JBS. He then encouraged me to get in contact with the JBS coordinator for the state of Ohio. This was at the same time I was dumping tons of Data on the August Corporation.

I did get in contact with the coordinator and set up a series of educational meetings. He was not aware of the UN’s GATT despite the JBS’ “GET US OUT OF THE UN” campaign. He was convinced enough to pass my name onto the Belmont, Mass. Offices. After the introduction was made with the JBS leadership I presented the same information to the JBS. This resulted in a very lively dialogue.

The results were amazing. I joined the Society. I started to give personal appearances for the American Opinion Speaker’s Bureau (a JBS propaganda organization.) This got me on a variety radio and TV talk shows in the mid-west. As an example, following are a few quotes from a message to the Cleveland area JBS leadership, printed on JBS letterhead.

“On Tuesday, March 16th we will have an interesting guest in the Cleveland area.

Mr. Terry L. Hayfield is vice president of the Local #1907 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers in Findlay, Ohio. Mr. Hayfield is a member of the John Birch Society. He has, for several years, analyzed Council on Foreign Relations and Trilateral Commission policies on the destruction of our domestic industries and the transfer of our productive capacity overseas.

Later that same evening, Mr. Hayfield, Julius Smetoma, and I will be on the John Manolesco program on WERE radio (1300AM) from 9:00 until 11:00 p.m.”

Memo to: Greater Cleveland area John Birch Society and Trim leadership and selected members. March 16th, 1982

When the “gang” arrived at the radio station, we were met at the door by the station manager. He was not about to let us in. He had a look on his face “like he had just seen a ghost.” He informed us lawyers from both the RCA Corporation and the IBEW had called and given the same message…If that man goes on the radio the respective organizations will do everything possible to have the station’s FCC license revoked. I assured him that I would not mention either the company or the union. After 30 minutes of pleading he let us in.

So, what made me join the JBS even though I was skeptical about their extreme Right Wing anti-union bias (to a Bircher, being a union member was the next best thing to being a Communist, even though Communism did not exist in the world)?

The answer: I got hooked by their bait.

Back in those days when a person joined the JBS they received two books. One was The Blue Book of The John Birch Society, authored by its founder Robert Welch and the other was How to Read the Federalist Papers by Holmes Alexander.

What first really got my attention appeared on page 21 of the Blue Book:

“A part of that plan, of course, is to induce the gradual surrender of American sovereignty, piece by piece and step by step, to various international organizations—of which the United Nations is the outstanding but far from the only example—while the Communists are simultaneously and equally and gradually getting complete, working control of these organizations. Both sets of steps, which were short and insidious at first, are now being increased in both length and brazenness. Until one day we shall gradually realize that we are already just a part of a world-wide government ruled by the Kremlin, with the police-state features of that government rapidly closing in on ourselves.”

(Authors note: I had not at this time “discovered” the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. As a result I did not “see” the reality of this false doctrine).

It was the Holmes Alexander book that really sunk in the JBS hook. Specifically, it was “Essay Three” of this book that made me “take the bait.” This essay is a terrific and accurate paraphrase of Alexander Hamilton’s “Essay #12” of the Federalists Papers.

“Ill fares the country whose patriotism is a matter of virginity instead of virility…

…Our “world statesmen” have a habit of rising above their oathes of office to serve, or to save, some charming little nation or noble old empire which is not, however, their lawful charge…

…There is an ultra-modern form of world-statesmanship wherein the practitioner plays the role of a global polygamist. His own country is merely one of the household wives of a Super State…

…No man can serve two masters or be true to more than one wife. Plural patriotism to other States or to a Super State is infidelity to America…

… The Free Trader: He is more apt to be a fool than a knave, but they’re both. In either case the idea which obsesses the free trader is the opposite of national self-interest. There are industrialized island-nations, like Great Britain and Japan, which prosper by export of manufactured goods and are advantaged when their purchaser-nations have no tariff walls…

The free trader, whether he’s a dupe or a cunning schemer, is promoting an idea which is admittedly advantageous and beneficial to many foreign nations. But this idea of no-tariff or low-tariffs is not in the American interest…

…It’s impossible for a true man to promote free trade and yet hold to the basic Federal oath…I solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic…

…So thick is the smokescreen around this subject of world trade that the American layman sees nothing but the congenial adjective “free” looming through the man-made curtain of mystery…

…But the expression free trade is only the product of the sloganeers. Its connotation could more accurately be those of no-pay or low-pay labor in foreign lands and of built-in bankruptcy for American small business…

…Tariff walls, like the armed forces, are part of the American defense system. They are rightly and unapologetically called “protective tariffs.” Since the first Congress they have guarded our hard-won, home-made independence, which must have economic integrity or it cannot have political and military integrity.”

The above position put forth by Mr. Alexander is the correct position for American trade policy. Mr. Alexander also had described the pedigree of the free trader quite correctly. Unfortunately good examples of the fork-tongued free trader started to appear in JBS publications after the election of Ronald Reagan.

The June 17, 1981 The Review of the News interviewed U.S. Representative William E. Dannemyer.

“Q. On this line, you recently opposed U.S. import limits against Japanese automobiles. Will you explain why you called it ‘politically attractive’ but ‘bad economics’?

Import restrictions are politically attractive but bad economics because they treat symptoms rather than causes, and they do it in a way that is emotionally rather than economically satisfying…The answers to the problems of American auto makers cannot therefore be found by placing import restrictions on Japanese cars.

Q. Doesn’t protectionism also invite trade war?

A. It invites retaliation by the Japanese against U.S. export products such as processed aluminum. It raises prices for U.S. consumers and it encourages auto manufacturers not to make changes being demanded in the marketplace. The better way to solve the problem for U.S. companies would be for the Congress to pass tax-reform legislation that would encourage investment in new plants and equipment while reducing the regulatory burden.”

There was no JBS rebuttal to the CFR position presented in this interview. Do you recognize the RCC propaganda in the above statement?

Then on July 15, 1981 the Review of the News interviewed Lewis Lehman.

“Q. Let’s move from Q.E.D. to C.F.R. (Laughter.) Many of the Conservative supporters of President Reagan have been critical of organizations such as the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. You’ve been a C.F.R. member. How do you view it?

When the interests of the country are at stake, I think that our Conservative reform movement is the only way for American politicians to go. In that regard, even the members of the Council on Foreign Relations should be redeemed…And I believe Conservatives should be in place to attempt change opinions which have often been pernicious in our economic and foreign policy. The C.F.R. is now opening its doors to select Conservatives. It’s not as hard as it once was for us to present our case there. Perhaps the C.F.R. is itself seeing that the direction of American policy is changing and that Americans want a profound transformation in the conduct of affairs in Washington.

Again no rebuttal from Review of the News, to put forth the basic premise of the JBS, that the CFR/TLC is the enemy of this Republic. And to add insult to injury, the Review of the News (maybe it should be pronounced “noose”) for July 22, 1981 had this to report:

“Presidential trade representative William Brock says the Reagan Administration will lean as far as possible in the direction of “free trade” and will avoid “import restrictions, subsidies to domestic industries, and other market-distorting measures.” “Where other nations have a natural competitive advantage, U.S. industry must either find a way of upgrading its own capabilities or shift to other activities. Where the foreign advantage is based upon government subsidies and other trade-distorting practices, U.S. policy will enforce U.S. trade laws and work to eliminate such practices.

And once again no JBS rebuttal was presented.

As Popeye used to say under his breath, with corn-cobb pipe spinning “I can’t stands no more!”

I zipped off a letter (and again a large set of documents on CFR/TLC free trade policies) to the JBS Belmont offices for Gary Benoit. Included in the documentation were the above quotes from The Blue Book and How to Read the Federalists Papers.

“The purpose of this communication has two purposes: (1) to update your research staff on the issue of free trade and (2) to stress the need for the John Birch Society to review its present position concerning free trade…

Please understand this is not a criticism.

No one conservative can be criticized for not having defined a consistent American trade policy. There is a need for an anti-free trade policy from one of America’s leading voices…the American Opinion. With the large influx of Neoconservatives into the movement to conserve the Constitution, the importance of defining FREE TRADE is a must.”

By this time I had stumbled unto the existence of the Permanent Revolution. The response was quite interesting:

“Thank you very much for the very helpful package of information that you sent to us on the CFR/TLC—especially as their policies relate to the issue of free trade.

Several of us in the office have studied the material…

I have no idea as to whether or not any (or some) of our writers will be using this information in the future. But it is in our files, and we are glad that you brought to our attention.”


Gary Benoit

The various publications of the JBS ignored the issue of free trade for quite some time. There was no effort to “right the wrongs”. I kept up the struggle against the UN’s GATT. A year after the August Corporation’s Trilateral Observer ran a 3 part series based on my research (which were its last 3 issues) the Review of the “Noose” for December 15, 1982 ended its silence on the issue of Free Trade.

There were two articles in that issue. The first was “International Trade Meeting Ends”.

“Delegates from 88 nations wind up five days of arguing over international trade with a declaration to “refrain from taking or maintaining any measures inconsistent with the GATT and to make determined efforts to avoid measures which would limit or distort international trade.” The United Stated had hoped to get delegates to the meeting on the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade to phase out Common Market farm subsidies and “Third World” trade barriers, but without success. “Over all” says U.S. Trade negotiator William Brock, “the results might get a grade of C. It could stretch out to a C+ but only time and future actions will tell.” He acknowledges that protectionist sentiment is building up in Congress and that “we will do everything we can to ensure protectionist legislation does not pass.”

If Inspector Gadget was a member of the JBS, he would have elucidated a loud “Zowie!!!”

What happened to the “GET US OUT OF THE UN” policy of the JBS. It looked more like “GET THE UN OUT OF JBS PRESS.” I was, to say the least, shocked, after all the documentation I sent to Belmont, The JBS could not even link the GATT to the UN. Talk about your fairness in the media.

But wait! There was an even bigger “bombshell” in the “NOOSE.” Under the “Business” section of the “Noose” two full pages of CFR/TLC policy was presented. “Something was really rotten in Belmont.”

“Although November provided us with several possibilities, our first choice for catastrophe of the month was the six day G.A.T.T. conference held in Geneva. The summit…was called by the United States to reaffirm the commitment to free trade set forth in the 34-year-old General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade. But the U.S. and a shrinking band of free trade advocates failed to wrest from the G.A.T.T. members an unqualified condemnation of the rising protectionism, which threatens international trade.”

I could not believe what I was reading. The JBS was concerned the rising tide of protectionism was not “quelled.”

“This failure has encouraged backward forces in the U.S. Congress which support a variety of measures to “protect” domestic industries and increase employment. In fact, trade barriers have not and will not lead our industries to become more competitive or to provide more jobs; they will achieve the opposite.”

This was standard CFR/TLC rhetoric condemning those patriots that support this Republic. After the rather long opening paragraph there is a subtitle, “Gutting the G.A.T.T.” This section read like free trade propaganda from the Carter Era, apex of the East Coast Liberal Establishment “Insiders”that was “so despised” by the JBS.

“The disastrous consequences of protectionism had been so clearly demonstrated before World War II that economists and political leaders of all ideological stripes have until recently been reluctant to raise high barriers to the free flow of goods between nations.”

Not once does the JBS member reader see the words “United Nations” associated with the GATT.

“Total shock” does not even come close to describing this author’s feelings. I discovered I was a fish that had swallowed “excellent fake bait” and got hooked by a CFR/TLC fisherman. Thousands of well meaning American Patriots are being harvested from the disappearing streams of defending freedom. One last chance was made at alerting the JBS that they were fishing in the wrong rivers of Patriotism with tainted bait.

On January 17, 1983 another letter and set of documentation, to include the existence of the Permanent Revolution was mailed to the JBS Belmont offices. Attention was drawn to the author of the above CFR/TLC propaganda, C.V.W.

“The purpose of this communication is to bring to your attention the danger of supporting “Free International Trade” via the GATT…

Secondly, this is a questioning of present editorial policy of Review of the News…

“…This documentation is a representation of my research…
…needless to say, my “model” of structural unemployment in American industrial heartland has been accepted by leading Right Wing conservative publications and can be considered a true representation in comparison to mainstream conservative press…a clear demonstration of One World Government policies on the individual rather than the “over-generalized” observations on a nationals level…

…Recently, my spare time has been dedicated to preparing a one-hour presentation of CFR control of U.S. trade policies through the GATT, for the American Opinion Speaker’s Bureau…

…Needless to say, the recent conclusions in the Review of the News concerning the GATT based on the research of C.V.W. differs quite extensively from my conclusions based on my information. If the Review of the News research has been thorough, there will be no problem in understanding “from where I’m coming.”…

…When you are finished reviewing the following information, it will be obvious that recent John Birch Society pro-regulation of trade through a United Nations organization requires a correction in the editorial policy of your magazine…”

Hold on to your Patriotic Posterior. Check out the response:

“Cynthia V. Ward sends her special thanks for your recent communication, in which you warned her about the danger of supporting “Free International Trade” via the GATT.

As you said, the document was very easy to use. Ms. Ward carefully reviewed the highlighted information, and she greatly appreciates your interest and efforts.

Please remember the Review of the News whenever you encounter information and ideas that will improve it. The work of you and others of like mind all over the country keep the magazine going.”

I was sure by this time the “Noose” and the JBS did appreciate my efforts. This was an RCC Perestroika. With the “feedback” presented, RCC propagandists like the JBS could keep up with the growing dissent in America and determine how to respond to it in a manner positive for the Permanent Revolution. Please read the following article that appeared in the RCC’s controlled Newsweek (pronounced “Nooseweek”) magazine for March 15, 1982, “John Birch, Beware the One-Worlders.”

The JBS and organizations like it always need “conservative credentials” to keep Patriots taking the RCC manufactured “bait.”

“Ever since its founding in 1958, The John Birch Society has campaigned against big government, high taxes and—above all—communism. It’s not going to slack off just because a conservative is in the White House. President Reagan may be moving in the right direction, says society member Gary Allen, but he’s taken a 5-foot leap across a 9-foot ditch.

…Still headed by 82-year-old founder Robert Welch, it considers communism only one arm of a “monster conspiracy” in which socialist American “Insiders” are plotting to establish one-world government.

To spread the word, the John Birch Society syndicates daily commentaries to 75 Radio stations, publishes a newspaper column and deploys some of its 50,000 members to speak around the country…

The Society operated a chain of summer camps for teen-agers. Along with sports, the camps offer seminars on topics such as “The United Nations—Get US Out” and “What is Communism”

It is very simple.

The JBS is a Perestroika; a Perestroika that gets RCC advertisements to direct unsuspecting Patriots to swallow the hook of false hopes. It also made the JBS look conservative.

There was no other choice but to leave the JBS.

Chapter 4
The Patriot Political Refugee

Countless thousands, maybe millions, of dedicated and educated Patriots have gone through the same process. This process is the realization the Patriot organization, that they are members of, discovers the ideology of that organization does not match history and the respective present reality as described in the previous chapter.

In short, they have been victims of a false ideology. The ideology is false because it does not include the RCC’s Permanent Revolution to clear away all obstacles to the spread of Capitalism and its eventual evolution into Communism.

At this point the individual becomes a political refugee.

As the 20th Century was speeding to its end these individuals would repeat the process of drifting to the Right extreme: joining Right Wing organizations and leaving upon discovering each organization is based on a false ideology.

This same phenomenon was being repeated for those followers of Left Wing ideologies. In their Marxist “reasonings” they too felt the organization they were members was based on a false reading of history (the biggest sin that can be committed by a Marxist). And this was a result of that Left Wing ideology not accounting for the RCC’s control of the Permanent Revolution.

Each new migration for the Left and Right Wing refugee would move this individual closer to militancy; a militancy based on the premise only armed confrontation could stop the spread of misery that was the result of the spread of Free Trade. The Right Wing final destination was the Militia Movement. The Left Wing final destination is Anarchy. Between 1980 and 2000 the Militia Movement got all the press.

As stated earlier the RCC uses the extreme political groups to herd the political
Center closer to the aims of the Permanent Revolution and to prevent Counter-Revolution. The political Center is being compressed at the same time its membership increases. As the political Center becomes more compressed it releases those individuals “that have not been convinced” globalization is good for America. These “freed” individuals from the Center will be “absorbed” by a Pereastroika. At some point in time the “educated” individual will make the same observation about the Perestroika he made about life in the political Center.

These “freed” Patriots from the RCC created Perestroikas of the Left and Right might come into contact with each and realize they share a common enemy…the RCC’s Permanent Revolution.

This author calls this “political fusion.” When this fusion starts to take place the RCC’s Permanent Revolution is pushed into crisis. And when Capitalism is in crisis it turns to Fascism to stop the fusion.

(Author’s note: Political fusion will be covered in the next chapter. It was necessary to mention this fusion in order to understand Capitalism’s need for Fascism.)

If enough of this society “gets hip” to reality it is quite possible armed Counter-Revolution will be the result. In order to stop this the RCC controlled Federal government would have to violate a whole raft of Constitutional rights of this nations populace. So the RCC uses manipulation of the extremes to get the politically compressing Center to accept new laws that circumvent the Constitution, similar to events in Nazi Germany from 1933-1940 i.e. gun control legislation and imprisoning people for their political or religious beliefs.

In other words the RCC controlled Federal government needs controlled “acts of violence” that will result in herding the sheep of the political Center to accept a rampant reduction in Constitutional rights i. e. Ruby Ridge, Waco, New York City World Trade Center Bombing, and OKC Bombing. This is nothing new to the RCC. The RCC used the same tactic in the Czar’s Russia and Nazi Germany.

What dear reader, don’t you believe this? Please keep reading.

Please consider the following quotes from “Government is Needed to Protect Freedoms,” from The Courier for September 8, 1999 by Alan Wolfe.

“So deep is right-wing suspicion of government that it approaches paranoia: Anything government says in its defense becomes further cause to distrust government.”

Anyone that gets close to the truth is insane!

“Americans, an individualistic people, have a tendency to be suspicious of public authority. They also tend to be more conservative than liberal. The mutual admiration society between conservatives and the FBI meant that liberal’s could rely on conservatives to give support to the idea that sometimes government is necessary…

The popularity of the FBI was enhanced by the unpopularity of Hoover’s targets: criminals and communists.

(Author’s note: The RCC controlled Federal government has a long history of “infiltrating” or creating groups opposed to the government. For example, in the book ACT of Treason, by Mark North, on pages 114-115, there is a description of FBI domination of the Communist Party USA, through the use of informants. Quoting from a Robert F. Kennedy interview for the London Sunday Times; “It (CPUSA) couldn’t be more feeble and less of a threat, and besides its membership consists largely of FBI agents.” The modern Militia Movement was no exception.)

“At the same time, the link between the FBI and the American right made it difficult for the violent right wing extremists to operate: How could conservatives support the government and try to bomb its installations at the same time?”

The answer is simple if you recognize the Permanent Revolution.

“All this changed under Hoover’s successors. As the American left went into abeyance, the only political activists threatening violence were on the right. To the degree that it (FBI) monitored and tried to control their (militias) activities, the FBI came to be distrusted by the right as it once had been distrusted by the left.”

Do you “get the picture?” No extremism, no reform, no identification and elimination and control of potential enemies to the Permanent revolution.

What is that I hear?

You still don’t believe the concept of Perestroika and political refugee? Consider the next piece of supporting evidence from “FBI: Militias a threat at the millennium,” USA Today, October 20, 1999 by Kevin Johnson.

“With some extremists attaching apocalyptic significance to the new millennium, the FBI is quietly warning local police about possible threats posed by anti-government militias and hate organizations.

The campaign includes the national distribution of a report titled Project Megiddo…

…The project, which is named for an ancient battleground in Israel associated with Armageddon, will be the centerpiece of an FBI seminar this month, before the International Associations of Chiefs of Police in Charlotte, N.C…

…The FBI has urged police to be alert to changes in behavior of known militias and cult groups and to the possible stockpiling
of weapons….

This same info appeared in “local” newspapers also. For example, “FBI to warn local police to be alert for extremist millennial attacks,” The Advertiser Tribune, Tiffin, Ohio for October 21, 1999.

“…There are no specific threats, but we often alert law enforcement agencies about impending dates with significance for potential terrorists…

…Each year, for instance, the FBI reminds state and local law enforcement of the April 19 anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City federal building and the 1993 federal assault on the Branch Davidian sect outside Waco, Texas…

…The significance is based primarily upon apocalyptic religious beliefs concerning the New World Order conspiracy theory…

…Our concern is with fringe, hate or apocalyptic groups or lone wolf members of them who may pose a threat,” Carter said. We’re not focusing on militias.”

These lone wolfs are the political refugees that are identifiable. They understand the present reality and have been branded as paranoid schizos. It is odd the FBI would clarify they are not really looking at the militias. For over a decade the militia movement has been accused of being a hot bed for domestic terrorism. Could it be that in a short time the RCC would no longer need a Right Wing enemy? (We shall see in the next chapter)

So, if there is propaganda being put out by the RCC controlled press originating form the RCC controlled government, there certainly must be similar propaganda in the government controlled militia press. And so there is.

As an example, a brief examination of The Patriot Report for December 1999 will illustrate. The lead article “Feds Plan To Use Foreign Troops To Destroy Militias, Officer reveals secret plan in report called Copper-Pin.”

“This report comes from a patriot law enforcement officer who…”

(Gee, I wonder which government Agency he works for)

“…Attended a special meeting organized by the government. No tape recorders, cameras or note taking was allowed. This information was shared later with the Militia of Montana…”

(Whose leader admitted at a later date of cooperating with the FBI to inform on any of the MOM members that might go “lone wolf” on or before December 31, 1999.)

“…So that Americans would be warned about what is going on behind the scenes. For security reasons the name of the author has been kept confidential.”

(How convenient!)

Is it any wonder, when an individual properly educates himself it is only a matter of time “he wises up to what is going on” and moves on to political refugee status. The problem for the RCC is the act of an individual becoming a refugee is that this is not a small number of isolated occasions but a growing mass migration.

There is a political theory, discredited by RCC mainstream historians and politicians, that no matter how far an individual travels to the political Left of Right, this individual winds up in the opposite direction he was travelling. Sooner or later a person that used to be in the John Birch Society and moved on in the Right Wing extreme direction suddenly finds himself agreeing with somebody from the Left extreme.

If these individuals, meeting from the Left and Right would not identify their previous political affiliations and discuss openly what bothers them, they will discover they truly share a common enemy. And that common enemy is The RCC and its Permanent Revolution.

Chapter 5
The Right Wing Is Dead, Say Hello to the New Left

The extreme Right Wing is dead. The RCC no longer needs to beat the dead horse of the militia movement.

“According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the militia movement reached its peak in 1996, when there were 858 such organizations across the country. By last year (1998) there were 435.”

“FBI: Militias a threat at millennium,” USA Today, Kevin Johnson, October 29, 1999.

(The Southern Poverty Law Center is a Non-Governmental Organization {NGO} affiliated with another NGO called the Anti-Defamation League that are subcontracted by the Federal Government to moniter and infiltrate the activities of Right Wing extremist individuals and groups. NGOs are not subject by Constitutional constraints that the government’s agencies are.)

Y2K disasters did not occur on or before January 1, 2000. Thousands of insane paranoids did not take to the streets. Jack-booted Foreign Troops under UN sponsorship did not invade America, like they had in Desert Storm or the Balkans.

The credibility of the Right Wing was totally discredited when their prophesies based on their “false ideologies” did not become a reality. The combination of Communism’s “fake death” in 1989 and no Y2K disasters effectively sounded the death knell for the American Right Wing Perestroikas.

The RCC controlled Federal government had a new “real” threat to worry about, the New Left that exploded onto the scene in Seattle, Washington on December1, 1999.

The Right Wing militia movement and other Right Wing organizations such as the John Birch Society were in fact false doctrines, which is gradually being discovered by many of their members. Even though the majority of these individuals know something issn’t quite right, they have never discovered the RCC’s Permanent Revolution and are now refugees drifting in a sea of confusion.

Even so, some of these people are starting to fuse with the fringes of the Left.

(Authors note: This political fusion as stated earlier will put Capitalism into crisis and bring about Fascism for defense of the Permanent Revolution. This will be discussed in the next chapter because this information is not pertinent for this chapter.)

From 1980-2000 the extreme Left has been on the same migratory path but without the publicity. By the time the United Nation’s World Trade Organization (off-shoot of the GATT) meeting in Seattle of December 1999 convened the New Left was ready to explode onto the political scene.

The existence of New Left organizations will now become a growing source of Left Wing refugees.

The emergence of the New Left is a threat to the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. At the center of their political message are the evils of the WTO, the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. These RCC organizations are the enemies for the RCC ‘s world workforce, women and children. The New Left realizes the WTO and IMF are tools of global, unfettered Capitalism. The New Left does not recognize the Permanent Revolution.

The vast majority of the New Left are under the age of 30, mostly college students. Even though their experience in life is limited by their age, they realize all the propaganda supporting the wonders of Free Trade for American and Third World workers does not “match reality.” Already these people are political refugees from their parents position as sheep in the growing political Center.

This growing New Left is the greatest threat to the Permanent Revolution in over 20 years. It has put Capitalism in crisis. And the Capitalists greeted these New Left demonstrators in Seattle with a super fine example of Fascism in action.

The New Left, are political infants that have seen their Moms and Dads “downsized, right-sized and economically-circumcised.” They see unfettered Capitalism (the RCC) fouling the Third world environment (since they can no longer do it in America), destroying centuries old societies, destroying Third World families, forcing an increase in child labor in the third World and aiding the increase of child, female and male prostitution. And all this is correctly identified as a result of the UN’s GATT.

The New Left, in its infancy, is very close to the truth of the Permanent Revolution.

Of course what the New Left is viewing, are all symptoms of the spread of global Free Trade which are removing impediments to the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. A revolution, which its existence is not realized by the New Left. The young members of this New Left are just a “stone’s throw from discovering the Permanent Revolution. And the New Left leadership, which is over the age of 30, refuses to recognize, exactly as the American Right Wing’s Perestroikas, to recognize the Permanent Revolution.

The New Left is another Perestroika of the RCC.

The New Left has one very large problem. Its leadership is comprised of the remnants of the 70s American Left Wing political stooges of the RCC that created the GATT. Remember the 1979 Multilateral Trade Negotiations were the crowning glory of the RCC. And these 1970s left over “Liberals” are just starting to realize the great evil their legislative efforts spawned.

If the under-30 members of the New Left would become educated to the full history of the WTO, World Trade Bank and the IMF they would all become Counter-Revolutionary refugees against the RCC’s Permanent Revolution.

In short, the New Left’s leadership is “unconsciously trying to put the Permanent Revolution” back into the hands of the Workers just as Lenin and Trotsky tried to do in 1917.

The RCC must prevent this. And it is obvious the New Left has already become an RCC controlled Perestroika. Regardless which one of the dozen or so New Left “front groups” “web-cites” you chose to read, they all stress the fact they do not want to interfere with international Free Trade. All the New Left wants is for unfettered Capitalism to recognize workers rights and be careful not to destroy older societies, families and the environment.

This author has tried in vain to share 30 years of research on the Permanent Revolution with the leaders of the New Left. (See Appendix B)

The New Left’s doctrine does not and will not recognize the existence of the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. Therefore the doctrine of the New Left is a False Doctrine; a doctrine just as false as the Doctrine of the John Birch Society.

If there were to be a migration from the New Left to equal the migration from the Old Right, a political fusion would take place that would reach Astronomical proportions and would bring an end to the Permanent Revolution.

Chapter 6
Seattle 1999, the ANTI-WTO Demonstrations
No More Secrets

This author is quite sure the great majority of the New Left will disagree with the generalizations from the previous chapter. The information in this chapter will clear up any confusion or disbelief.

Even though this author is not a Marxist, his political refugee, Right-ward migration, has gone far enough into the Left to realize: Lenin and Trotsky were correct when they recognized, that if the RCC was able to demonstrate their ability to lead after the destruction of the Aristocracies, the workers (blue and white collar) of the world would always be the slaves to Capitalism, and eventual victims of the Dictatorship OF the Proletariat being instituted into the fabric of American life. And the Anti-WTO demonstrations, sponsored by the AFL-CIO gave full proof to this reality.

When these demonstrations spilled out into the streets of Seattle, Washington in the early days of December 1999 they were met a with Fascist police brutality not witnessed since 1960’s Civil Rights and Anti-VietNam protest movements.

Bear in mind, just prior to the Seattle Demonstrations, the police forces of this nation were bracing for a violent, armed Right Wing extremist insurrection, a result of the FBI sounding the alert in its Project Megiddo Report. In short, the police of America, to include Seattle were expecting “Revolution in the Streets” intended to overthrow the Federal government.

The small band of Anarchists on hand made sure the Police would react in full force. The results of their efforts dominated the front pages of American newspapers and the screens of our televisions. But it was not Right-Wingers getting gassed, clubbed and arrested. It was the young followers of the New Left. Many of these victims quite correctly labeled this police reaction as Fascism.

One can’t fault the police to a point. The police are full-grown adults and should have a “mind of their own.” They should be mature enough to take a realistic look at the present social environment. But, they were “pumped up” for a fight by the FBI, experts in the creation of civil disturbance.

So, just what was happening in Seattle? Put on your thinking caps and try to remember all you have learned in this book (the author will give you reminders), it goes like this.

Towards the end of November 1999, USA Today ran a small article entitled just “Trade Agenda.”

“U.S. Trade Representative Barshefsky urged the public to support the Clinton administration’s free-trade agenda, warning that a backlash could undermine the U.S. economy and Washington’s influence around the world.”

(Free Trade policies do not come from any single presidential policy. They come from US Congressional surrender of its Constitutional mandate to set tariffs. Trade policy is an act of compliance to the UN’s GATT. The Washington influence can be translated to RCC’s influence.)

“To turn our back would be to accept a lower standard of living, loss of export opportunities, reduced rates of investment in plants and hiring, and ultimately a loss of national strength and influence around the world, Barshefsky told the Council On Foreign Relations.”

(Translation: this would create an impediment to the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. This was Ms. Barshefsky’s message to the CFR, a creation of the Fabian Society, controllers of the Permanent Revolution)

In the same USA Today issue appeared this tidbit entitled “Gore Endorsement.”

“The 750,00-member United Steelworkers Union (USW) endorsed Vice President Gore for the White House. The union’s leader said Gore indicated that, as president, he would protect American steel-makers.”

(Gore is a member of the CFR/TLC {creations of the Fabian society}, same as his opponent George W. Bush. The USW is an affiliate of the AFL-CIO whose president Jon Sweeny. Sweeny had just endorsed Clinton’s participation in the WTO negotiations. This is the same AFL-CIO that had been led by Lane Kirkland, member of the CFR/TLC which fully supported the 1979 MTN passage. And it is impossible for any man to support Free Trade and protect domestic workers rights.)

The festivities got started in Seattle by an AFL-CIO sponsored Anti-WTO kick-off rally featuring various speakers from the AFL-CIO and prominent young members of the New Left.

One of these speakers was Kelly Armstrong of Duke University representing a New Left organization known as United Students Against Sweatshops (USASS). As Ms. Armstrong made her most excellent presentation (you could see the excitement in her eyes that beamed Kelly had put her best effort into preparation and was ready to do battle against the WTO) one could see James Hoffa Jr., President of the Teamsters Union affiliated with the AFL-CIO. Kelly Armstrong did not know that all the efforts of USASS had been now compromised by going into coalition with the Fabian controlled AFL-CIO.

And as Kelly Armstrong made her stirring speech, the anarchists were creating havoc that would grab all the headlines. These actions would “radicalize” the New Left opposition in the eyes of the political Center. The political Center would perceive any anti-WTO opposition as a new, terrorist threat to the status quo. The political Center would not hear Kelly Armstrong’s “Permanent Revolution exposing rhetoric.”

Kelly was not aware of the Permanent Revolution. But one must give credit to her and USASS. They had done more to stop the spread of the New World Order’s Permanent Revolution than the John Birch Society and all other “likeminded” Right Wing groups in America.

Excerpts from her speech will illustrate.

“We want to be sure that all our school apparel is produced with respect to worker’s rights.

Our Movement (USASS) has spread from just a few Campuses to more than 150 schools in the United States and Canada.”

(This demonstrates the New Left is growing fast. And remember it is anti-WTO. This presents a problem for the RCC. The attitude of USASS might reflect the attitude of young new consumers. This could effect much needed consumer sales if the USASS and like minded organizations message was to spread. The ”USASS type” if left unchecked could become a serious impediment to the Permanent Revolution )

“Just as the WTO has been secretive, our universities tried to keep secrets too…”

(Remember the Fabian controlled RCC works in secret.)

“…The universities joined hands with the apparel manufacturers and looked us in the eye and told us it was impossible to reveal to the public the locations of the factories that produce our college gear.

But students didn’t accept that lousy argument. Instead we stood up and chanted,”

(Kelly raised here right arm in the air and waved the clenched fist of solidarity created by Karl Marx)

“No More Secrets!”

(USASS must have discovered the existence of the ISO 9000 Quality certification required for participation in international trade through the WTO. Any product under ISO certification is meticulously tracked through each and every step of manufacture and at what factory was responsible for that particular product. Also keep in mind Secrecy is one of the hallmarks of the Permanent Revolution.)

“And when they still didn’t listen, we all just sat down. We sat down in our president’s offices and refused to leave until they met our demands.

(Never read this in the newspapers. Remember when 1960s student occupations used to be headline news?)

“Student power prevailed. And our victories have even shaken the most resistant companies.

Nike one of the most notorious labor abusers, caved into student pressures. This year Nike disclosed factory locations for our Universities. This was the first time this information had been made public.”

(Keep in mind the dollar value of money paid to Michael Jordan in endorsements far exceeded the combined wages paid in one year to all of Nike Third World workers. Talk about your value added. And our American consumers pay well over $100 dollars for a pair of Nike shoes.)

“We’re not finished yet. And we’re not going to stop until worker’s rights are respected everywhere. We are all proud to join you in the fight for Fair not Free Trade.”

(There is no difference between Fair or Free Trade as long as the UN’s GATT remains the law for all trade in the world. The best this country can do is to continue to vote compliance to the GATT. Another point of information; in the fall of 2000 some right wing conservatives tried to get an amendment to a bill passed trying to remove this country from the WTO. There was no “USASS type” support. The leader of the Congressional liberal opposition to this amendment kindly informed the halls of Congress that passage of this amendment did not matter. This county can not voluntarily remove itself from the WTO, only the United Nation’s WTO executive board (whose membership is a secret) can do this. “No more secrets,” sure Kelly. The Kelly Armstrongs must realize there can be no rights for workers or anybody else until this Nation, or any Nation seperates itself from the UN’s GATT )

“As students and young people we will inherit the social and environmental deterioration the WTO leaves in its wake. We have the obligation to stand together and take an interest in these issues.”

(Kelly, you are so close to the truth. Please take the necessary steps in the “Right” direction.)

“We have the responsibility to demand new rules for the global economy. New rules that respect human rights and the environment. That is why we are calling on the dignitaries of this ministerial to negotiate worker’s rights and new environmental rules. If not, the WTO will continue to put trade above justice and corporate profits above worker’s rights.”

We should not let that happen!

We can’t let that happen!

We will not let that happen!”

Well Kelly Armstrong, as you gave your speech, AFL-CIO union workers could be seen waving their “No to WTO” signs as if they were in their union local’s Natural Work Group Rally staged for the Company dignitaries.

(This author did attempt to contact Kelly Armstrong. She did not respond .See Apendix D)

Do your homework. In 1979 this nation’s largest and richest political action committee, the Committee On Political Education (COPE) voted 100% for the UN’s GATT, mother of the WTO. The AFL-CIO is trying to “cover its own ass” after it “shit” on American, Patriotic Union Workers for the last 20 years.

Yes Lenin and Trotsky were correct. The RCC has demonstrated its ability to lead and it is not about to “cave in” to a group of “snot nosed college kids that go around burning cars, smashing in shop windows and shout profane anarchist slogans” They must really be having a great laugh at the AFL-CIO headquarters, long time GATT supporter, by “helping the likes of USASS.” USASS, have your day in the sun. You are only asking to stop the spread of the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. The RCC will let you have small victories, which you will celebrate as great victories. If you do not accept the existence of the Permanent Revolution your movement will eventually die the same death of the American Right Wing.

The Permanent Revolution will continue. But as the “Kelly Armstrongs” mature, someday a light will go off in their heads and bells will ring in their ears and recognize the ideology they followed in 1999 was false and will start their trek as political refugees further to the Left. And one day they will have traveled far enough to the Left, they will discover they have gone far enough into to the Right and say:

“Damn, there is a Permanent Revolution going on here!”

Chapter 7
Political Fusion, Radical Right meets Radical Left

The biggest fear of the RCC’s Permanent Revolution is being exposed.

There are only two ways the Permanent Revolution can be exposed. (1) Someone in a “leadership” position develops an extreme case of guilt and decides to confess. This is a very doubtful event. And (2) The extreme Right and Left start to “fuse” in greater numbers and realize their respective political differences must be put aside and join in a common struggle against the mutual enemy the RCC.

The success of the RCC lies in their ability to control the growing and now vast political Center. As the numbers of the political Center increases the RCC compresses this political mass “inward,” much like a kid compresses a bunch of snow into a ball. The more this mass is compressed the closer the society is melded into a self-regulating society called Communism.

Regardless if you believe this or not, this is exactly what is happening in American society. This is most evident with the growing use of RCC industrial concerns of Self-Directed Work Teams (SDWT) known as Natural Work Groups or Employee Involvement.

The difference between white and blue-collar worker is being eliminated by SDWTs. SDWTs are comprised of both White and Blue-collar workers. They are forced into becoming equal. As a result blue and white-collar workers become one. This is the first and most important building block for a self-regulating classless society.

As this process has been in progress the economic differences of White and Blue-collar workers become less and less. The “hourly” workers are given pay raises that only match the increase of inflation. At the same time (especially in the 90s) the older “salary work force which has had higher pay scales have been “downsized” out of the work force and replaced with “Foreign labor” or younger workers who are willing to work for far less money than the “downsized worker.” The downsized worker is very doubtful to find employment that pays anywhere near the level of the previous “lifetime “ job.

As a result of these two processes social and economic differences are being eliminated. Thus, creating what is quickly appearing to be a classless society. This society is also becoming self-regulating due to SDWTs. For those individuals that still possess a job in a SDWT environment, the chance of taking a stand is slim to none. The result of opposition from those that still have a job will result in plant closure.

The success of the RCC’s control of the political Center has been a result of manipulating extremists groups (Perestroikas) activities. i.e. branding an organization as “Racist” or “anti-semetic” and then “creating” a hideous event prompting the “need” for the Federal government to enact laws (which violate our basic Constitutionally mandated rights) to make the political Center “safe” from Racist or anti-semetic terrorism.

As noted earlier in this book an individual that is a Right Wing political refugee in migration looking for the truth will eventually become a member of a Perestroika. It is only a matter of time when these individuals will “escape” the Perestroika. This also applies to the Left Wing.

There comes a point in time when these “extremists” start to come in “contact” of some form. This contact is a result of both Left And Right extremes realizing they share the same enemy and future despite their respective “political differences." This is “political fusion.” If the fusion is sustainable the Permanent Revolution is brought into full view. This results in Crisis for the RCC.

Political fusion is now constantly taking place all along the political spectrum. The increased herding of the political Center, called Fascism is a reaction of political fusion.

For example, this nation has a One political party, the Republicratic; One Party, Two systems. Its proponents impersonate Republicans (Right Wing) and Democrats (Left Wing). The policies of this party is to “herd” as many people into the political Center. This has been through the Fabian Society created Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The candidates in the 2000 presidential elections were both members of the CFR. Bush, besides being a CFR member, is also of another faction of the RCC, Skull and Bones.

Compression of the political Center is through a common issue agreed upon by the Republican and Democratic “impostures” of the Republicratic party. One does not have to look very far for confirmation of this reality. The issue of Free Trade is the most notable force behind the compression of the Center.

The Democrat Carter supported the GATT. The Republican Reagan supported the GATT. So has both Bush Republicans (CFR/TLC/Skull and Bones) and the Democrat Clinton 9CFR/TLC/Rhodes Scholar).

Just so you understand, consider this fusion. The “ultraconservative” Rush Limbaugh despised everything about “ultraliberal” Bill Clinton. Yet they both endorsed Free Trade. This is a political fusion to compress the Center.

The political fusion the RCC fears is the fusion of opposing political extremes that are taking place at an accelerated rate due to the growth of the Center. At the time of the 1999 Seattle WTO protests the “Racist, anti-semetic” KKK was going to stage one of their famous marches in New York City. The City placed a ban on the KKK from wearing their hoods and robes. The KKK protested this ban by filing a lawsuit with the aid of the American Civil Liberties Union.

The KKK is a Right Wing Extreme group. The ACLU is a Left Wing Extreme group considered by the clan as a “Jewish Front” out “to destroy” “White America.” And one of this nation’s leading black newspapers, The Amsterdam News supported the KKK editorially. At issue was First Amendment Rights. All three “extreme” groups would equally suffer the same fate if the KKK would loose the court case. They put aside their respective political differences to fight a “common enemy.”

As the political Center is compressed there are those individuals who suddenly come to the realization there are less and less differences between the imposture Republicans and Democrats of the Republicratic ONE PARTY: they become political refugees. The creation of the Reform Party gives proof of this event.

Ross Perot created the Reform Party. Ross Perot was a member of the CFR. The Reform Party appears to be a Perestoika created to capture these “Free Political Ions” recently freed from the compressing political Center. This was to ensure those that escape the One Party system do not migrate too far from the Center.

As the reader knows the Reform Party was not “successful” at challenging the Republicratic ONE PARTY and was falling apart by the 2000 Presidential Campaign. But the Reform Party was to be used in the year 2000 to trap the more extreme political refugees that had not only escaped the Republicratic Party but also a whole bunch of Right and Left extremists that had escaped other RCC Perestroikas that dealt with the more “radical” refugees.

The RCC’s controlled press gave excellent coverage of the union of Patrick Buchanan and Leonra Fulani; Buchanan a recognized Right Wing extremist and Ms. Fulani a recognized Left Wing extremist. But Ms. Fulani was not just your everyday Lefty. She is the first Black and woman to be on presidential ballots in every state in the Union. And Buchanan is supposedly the leader in the fight to stop the New World Order.

As previously noted, the Reform Party was almost dead by the year 2000. Patrick Buchanan would “revive and reform” the Reform Party. How could you miss all the RCC controlled Media coverage of this on C-span. “One can’t catch fish without the proper bait.”

The “reformed” Reform Party was to asorbe the growing numbers of the more extreme refugees from the Center. These refugees had the potential capabilities of eventually realizing the existence of the Permanent Revolution. Also this RCC Perestroika had to have really good “bait” to catch these political renegades.

Buchanan, since leaving the employ of the “conservative” CFR Nixon and Fabian controlled Reagan as speech writer suddenly became “the voice” for the Extreme Right. Despite all the speeches he authored for these Republicratic presidents’ support for Free Trade Mr. Buchanan became the leading “voice” opposing Free Trade.

In short, Buchanan became (willingly or not) the false candidate to neutralize the Right extreme. Mr. Buchanan’s falsity can be verified by his advocating converting this entire Nation into one Free Enterprise Zone in an April 1996 campaign speech in Cleveland Ohio. He also made several CFR and Cato Institue (a think tank dominated by the CFR/TLC and leading proponent of Free Trade) presentations.

Buchanan increased his Perestroika capabilities by joining James Hoffa Jr. in Seattle 1999 in opposing Permanent Trade Status for China and opposition to NAFTA. Again, Buchanan “being the Right Winger” and Hoffa “the Left Winger.” Yes, this is another political fusion.

There are many union members of the AFL-CIO realizing AFL-CIO propaganda does not match reality. This is realized by Teamster Locals, in the Seattle area leaving the Teamster’s Union affiliated with the AFL-CIO. This is a potential source of future Left Wing political refugees. Hoffa’s “fusing” with Buchanan would give Hoffa, the Teamster’s and AFL-CIO the appearance of being “conservative” and at the same time a champion of the Worker

The Reform Party was most vital to the Republicrats. If growing numbers of the extremes were allowed to interact freely, it would only be a matter of time, until the Revolution would be exposed. The Reform Party failed at the polls but was a short-term success as a Perestroika.

In the meantime, Hoffa and the AFL-CIO (a Peretroika for Workers) would serve as another necessary Perestroika. The emerging New Left is a potential “flash-point” that would add extreme heat to the anti-WTO movement. This heat could potentially speed up the fusion process of Right and Left Wing extremes. So it was only natural for the AFL-CIO to latch onto USASS type organizations.

Hoffa and the President of the AFL-CIO Jon Sweeny prominently displayed various New Left factions at the 1999 Seattle anti-WTO demonstrations. This brought the New Left under control. It gave the New Left the appearance of growing power. A power strong enough to keep these radical leftists “in the fold,” not to become political refugees. This was evident by the leadership of these factions refusing to accept Right wing opposition to Free Trade as allies.

The use of Perestroika by the RCC has been very effective. But this has not been effective enough. Despite their many successes the RCC still keeps increasing their Fascists capabilities as this is being written.

And proof of this came in the form of the Citizens For a Fair Vote convention that was held in Cincinnati, Ohio held at the Raddison Hotel at the Greater Cincinnati International Airport on the last weekend of August 2000, sponsored by Jim Conditt Jr.

Chapter 8
Extremists of the World Unite

No matter how good the Perestroika, it will eventually fail and its usefulness to the RCC’s Permanent Revolution comes to an end. The more Perstroikas the RCC create the potential for more political refugees increase. And as this happens, these refugees get closer to the truth of the existence of the Permanent Revolution.

In Marxist terminology, “the time is ripe for Counter-Revolution.”

The Citizens for A Fair Vote Count convention was proof of this postulate.

The purpose of this convention was to organize and educate all political “factions” of this nation that the RCC has complete control of this nation’s electoral process. The American Republic does not have Free and Fair elections.

In a government that is resorting to Fascism for its survival, control of elections is important. What is most important is “it is not who casts the vote” but “Who Counts” the vote. And the RCC counts these votes through the control of Voters News Service (VNS).

The RCC needs to have complete control of the electoral process. First the RCC wants to protect the greatest forward progress of their Permanent Revolution in its history and the proliferation of Free Trade eliminating the greatest impediment to this revolution, National sovereignty.

Secondly the ballot box is the purest form of dissent in a Republic. With out a meaningful ballot, all opposition, be it Right or Left Wing, is useless and impossible. All ideologies become a mute point. What good is an ideology if there is no form of dissent?

The gathering in Cincinnati for the August Citizen’s For a Fair Vote Count convention more than substantiated there exists in this country, political refugees from across the entire political spectrum. There were people form the John Birch Society, The Reform Party, The Democratic Party, The Republican Party, The Green Party, the Libertarian Party, The Constitutional Party and the Counter-Revolutionary Party. There were “Born Again” Christians, protestants, Catholics, Evangelical-Catholics, Jews and I’m sure there were even some non-believers or agnostics.

The purpose of the convention was (1) to organize and educate these factions that the American elections are fixed and (2) to plan a strategy for the aftermath of the 2000 fixed elections. There was a genuine “unified sense” of “something big was going to happen” come election night 2000.

(Author’s Note: For a more in depth information on this issue (1) Buy a Copy of Votescam: The Stealing of America, by James and Kenneth Collier or (2) log-on to jconditjr@unida or )

And as we all know something big did happen on November 7, 2000. So big in fact the voters of this nation have realized the election process is flawed. The electoral process was brought to the forefront. But 99% of these concerned citizens think the problem is how we cast our votes when in reality the problem is “just who has control of the counting of the vote.”

I bet you can guess “who” has this control.” I’ll give you three guesses and the first two don’t count.

During the continuous news coverage (controlled by the RCC controlled Media Networks) of the “election crisis 2000” all forms of Votescam described by the Collier brothers was presented in spades. This even included the same Florida counties covered in the book Votescam: The Stealing of America. Many of the participants at the convention tried in vain to get the attention of the “mainstream” talk shows and were constantly rebuffed.

Gee, I wonder why?

And as the growing groundswell of “something must be done” the RCC has gained control of the issue in the form of Senator Charles Schumer, member of the Fabian created and controlled CFR. Schumer is pushing for “reform” to modernize the voting process by developing a 100% unified computer voting process. And he also advocates using the same software companies that write the programs and collects the votes and counts them. And Schumer is also advocating using a particular Computer voting machine that is manufactured by an already identified participant in the fixing of our Republic’s vote. As pointed out by the Collier brothers, there is no audit or over-site process. The RCC will have complete control of your vote if the push for election reform remains in the hands of the RCC puppets.

The Citizens for a Fair Vote Count do have a solution for assuring integrity in the electoral policy, but the RCC controlled press is denying this from becoming known. This solution is low tech. Bring back the handwritten ballot. The ballots are to be put in clear plastic boxes so the ballots are visible to everyone. The polls will be manned by volunteer observers; that will keep a constant vigil over these ballot boxes and the actual counting of these ballots. There is less chance of vote-fixing with paper than there is with the computer. Canada still does this and the Canadian 2000 election totals were fully tabulated within 6 hours of the closing of the poles.

The voters in this nation must realize they do not have a secret ballot, the conspirators can identify how you cast your vote. And most people do not realize it is your right to witness the counting of the ballots. Of course for those that have tried to do this discover election officials act like it is against the law to witness the vote count.

Of all the people gathered at Cincinnati Convention, one person stood out above the crowd. This person was Victoria Collier daughter of the late Kenneth Collier. (the Collier brothers both met curious, premature deaths). Ms. Collier is probably one of the most knowledgeable people in this nation on the issue of “Votescam” and has continued the crusade started by her father and uncle. She has been ignored by the RCC press, except for responding to a mass order of her father’s book by ABC.

(Ms. Collier is a Green Party member. She failed to get Ralph Nader to acknowledge this nation’s elections are fixed. Could it be Nader is a false RCC candidate? Mr. Conditt, long time Buchanan associate, could not get Patrick Buchanan to accept the premise the elections are fixed. Buchanan is a fake candidate for the RCC. Ms. Collier and Mr. Conditt and their associates do have undeniable proof of Votescam)

It was unanimously agreed by all in attendance at the Cincinnati convention all political differences must be put aside and join in a common struggle in the rescue of the “vote.” If this is not accomplished, the Republic created out of the American Revolution will cease to exist. And if that happens all forms of dissent will be crushed and we will all fall victim to the RCC’s Permanent Revolution.

This author was in attendance as a “key-note” speaker. The topic of course was the Permanent Revolution. This presentation gave “the reason why” someone would want to control the American Electoral process. All in attendance accepted the existence of the global conspiracy known as the Permanent Revolution.

Many presentations were given that weekend. One continuous theme prevailed in all the presentations was “know your enemy.” Do your own research. Do not rest until you understand “what is really taking place in this Republic.”

It is time is time for all Workers of this nation to Unite. You have nothing to loose except your Freedom and the only hope for all people, is the continued existence of the American Republic.


Chapter 9/Summary
Is the Permanent Revolution Real?

It has been the experience of this author that when the concept of the existence of the Radical Capitalist Class Permanent Revolution has been presented to note-able “Right” or “Left” Wing individuals or organizations a negative response is almost immediate.

This happens for two reasons:

(1) Due to the thousands of “Conspiracy Theories,” which in the end are proven false because of non-recognition of the Permanent Revolution, the presentation is blown off because “it is just too bizarre to be believed.” This is the result of the vast majority of the American population having been effectively brainwashed (to include leaders of the most popular Conspiracy theories) into believing Free Enterprise and Capitalism are one in the same thing, which in reality is not the case. Compounding this “hypnotically” induced ignorance is the belief Communism has existed and defeated in the fake “Cold War” of Capitalism vs. Communism

(2) The other reason is the result of the “political, macho-chauvanism” of the recipients of my data. They do not want to admit their error in their reading of history and the present reality. This can be attributed to ignorance or choice. In most cases it is choice because these individuals or organizations are RCC created Perestroikas gathering data on possible enemies that might expose the Permanent Revolution. The information gathered by the Perestroika is then made available to the growing Fascist forces protecting the RCC.

It has been the policy of this author to:

To make clear to the recipients of this data, that the presentation is not a criticism of the position of the individual or organization.

To offer assistance, in the struggle of exposing the destruction of this Republic’s sovereignty won by the American Revolution. And

To present “up to date” data.

This author has had some success in convincing some recipients after repeated presentations of “current events” that more than demonstrate the reality of the Permanent Revolution. This list includes Antony C. Sutton, former teaching fellow at the Hoover Institute of War and Revolution, Alan Stang, a former “leading light” of the John Birch Society, and Jim Conditt Jr. of the Citizens For A Fair Vote. This process usually took anywhere form six months to a year of constant presentations.

This chapter is an example of my keeping the recipient “current” on the continued progress of the Permanent Revolution.

The first example comes from Toledo Blade, for February 8, 2001, titled “Is free trade making poor poorer?” It is a column by Gwynne Dyer a London based independent journalist. One of the results of the Permanent Revolution is the lowering of the wages of Labor in the world. The purpose of lowering global wage scales is to ensure the bulk of the “VALUE ADDED” from manufacture goes to the RCC and its “parasites for profit” (investors) without due regard for the worker’s domestic society and environment.

(Author’s note: Refer back to Chapter 3 of this book and review the position of the RCC from 1890-1914 before continuing.)

“Federal Reserve Chief Alan Greenspan’s sudden discovery that the U.S. economic growth is “probably very close to zero at this moment,” followed by two panic cuts in the interest rates, is as close as central bankers come to screaming “We’re all doomed.”

(This is an example of describing “symptoms” of the Permanent Revolution without realizing its existence. Greenspan is a member of the CFR/TLC appointed by the Republicratic ONE PARTY President of the U.S. to the head of the Federal Reserve, a Fabian Creation. Mr. Greenspan’s appointments have come from both Republican and Democratic impostures of the “ONE PARTY, TWO SYSTEMS” in the process to remove the American Republic as an impediment to the global proliferation of Capitalism).

“They’re still predicting a “soft landing” in public, but they clearly fear the global economy is heading for a wheels-up landing followed by a long, scary period of scraping along the runway, if not an outright crash. So the masters of the Universe have decided that there must be no more Seattles.”

(This denotes Capitalism is in crisis. The Seattle demonstrations reflected opposition to the Permanent Revolution. These demonstrations could expose the Permanent Revolution. The response to the demonstrations was another example of Capitalism in Crisis that resorts to Fascism).

“…From the massive demonstrations that disrupted the world trade talks in Seattle 1999, down to the harassment of the neo-liberal propaganda show at Davos, Switzerland, last week, every recent international gathering of the world’s economic elite has been dogged by protestor’s who believe that globalization means the impoverishment of the greater part of mankind. And that was when the developed world’s economy was booming…”

(The demonstrators are not aware of the existence of the Permanent Revolution but they recognize a “symptom” of the Permanent Revolution).

“It’s going to get a lot meaner out there when the growth stops, so these meetings will henceforth be held in places the protestors cannot get to. It was announced last week that the next summit of the World Trade organization will be held in Qatar.”

(This denotes the permanence of the RCC’s Permanent Revolution and that the continued demonstrations will continue to force Capitalism into crisis).

“But dodging the demonstrators doesn’t make them shut up, let alone prove that they are wrong. So is it true that free trade and globalization are making the rich richer and the poor poorer?”

(Is the Permanent Revolution real?)

“A year ago the Oxford Review of Economic Policy published a special edition that the calculated global trends in income inequality over the past century. What it showed was that income disparities between the rich and the poor countries grew steadily until around 1980—just as globalization began—and have been dropping slowly ever since.”

(Remember one of the intellectual centers for the Fabian led RCC is Oxford University. And the Fabian intellectuals, that want to remain hidden from the scene, are great at producing studies and statistics for the RCC. Notice how the same problem plagued the RCC for the 19th Century. The Revolution is permanent).

“The calculation is known as the “GINI coefficient.” If incomes were equal everywhere the coefficient would be zero; the more unequal the distribution, the closer it gets to one. In 1900, it was 0.393, which means that the average incomes in the developed countries were then eight times greater than in the rest of the world.”

(Nothing better than good data to “drive home” a point).

“The disparity went on growing right down to around 1980, when the GINI coefficient hit its absolute peak of 0.544. Then came globalization—and now its back to 0.496.”

(Mr. Dyer is a mouthpiece for the RCC. Despite the excellence of the data, Mr. Dyer chooses to ignore the obvious and proceeds to claim the workers of the world will be better off with globalization and free trade).

“If you look back to the time today’s developed countries were climbing the same curve of industrialization and urbanization, exactly the same thing happened to them. The peak of inequality for most western countries was in the early 20th Century, when half or more of their populations were urban working-class families with insecure, low-wage jobs who owned no property.”

(Once again I ask the reader to go back to Chapter 3 of this work to review what was happening to Capitalism at the start of the 20th Century,)

“But in the end the pot grew so big that almost everybody was better off. The income disparities are still great—indeed greater than they were 200 years ago for the United States, where most people once owned and farmed their own land—but almost everybody now gets more money, better services, longer lives, and some kind of welfare net providing basic security.”

(The Permanent Revolution in America has driven the people from the land they once owned (thanks to the American Revolution) into the cities to become proletarian workers—Blue and White collar-- for the RCC. I guess Mr. Dyer has forgotten the great depression and the continued trend of unemployment of the worker in America since 1950. A worker that not only lost his job but any private property he may have owned. Also Mr. Dyer should read Alan Tonelson’s Race to the Bottom to understand the falsity of Free Trade. The worker is getting paid less to produce more VALUE ADDED. This is not prosperity despite the so called “increase in the worker’s ability to buy more things”).

“If a major recession in the West causes even greater hardships in the developing countries over the next few years, the demands to abort the process will grow. But globalization is not the problem, it is the solution.”

(The “demands to abort the process” is Counter-Revolution. Now turn back to chapter 3 and re-read the quotes. Do you think the Permanent Revolution will make things better?)

One of the purposes of the Permanent Revolution is to put more of “the value added” back into the hands of the RCC and their fellow parasites pockets. I00 years of history has more than demonstrated that.

The ultimate goal of the Permanent Revolution is to create the “Dictatorship OF the Proletariat,” a self-regulating, classless society called Communism. This is to optimize the creation of “value added” for the RCC and at the same time in some way create a wage scale (minus the large Capitalist share of the VALUE ADDED) that the GINI coefficient will approach 0. Would not the GINI coefficient be 0 for a classless society? The answer is yes of course.

Is the Dictatorship OF the proletariat being spread in society? The answer is yes. In January of 2001 a GM plant near Cleveland, Ohio has made work teams “contract language” for the workers “represented” by the UAW which is affiliated with the AFL-CIO.

Please consider the following info provided again by the Toledo Blade, for February 7, 2001, titled “Team inspires new line at GM.”

Please remember the Marx observation about the creation of automatic machinery that imitates human motion. And also remember the problem to Capitalism of these specialized machines…that…these machines cost the Capitalist dearly and as a result the production process becomes too rigid for re-arrangement for the means of production to respond to changes and fluxes in demand.

“General Motors Corp. machine operator Mary Sawade often wondered why the world’s largest auto maker sometimes organized factory equipment in ways that didn’t make sense

But the 25-year veteran has a better understanding of what goes into such decisions after spending nearly two years helping Toledo Powertrain’s new $53 million torque converter line. Also helping were 17 production employees, skilled trades workers, and engineers.”

(Welcome to the dictatorship OF the Proletariat. The goal of this Self-directed Work Team was to develop the means of production to maximize the Value Added in favor of the owner of the means of production and lay the foundation for a self-regulating classless society).

“United Auto Worker’s Local 14, which represents hourly workers at the 4,300 employee transmission plant, strives to be part of the on-going operations, shop chairman Tim Cobb said.

We’re going to continue to be right in the middle of the business. The people on the floor, the membership, is what makes this place run.”

(Remember, machines become obsolete, not the worker).

Communism does now exist in this nation’s auto industry and it is a creation of the RCC through the Dictatorship OF the Proletariat organized by the UAW and the COMPANY. The UAW is a Fabian Creation. The Company follows the FABIAN Way.

The next update information concerns the Free Trade Zone. Again this information comes from the Toledo Blade for February 9, 2001. The headline for this article was “Canada beef ban spurs backlash in Brazil, Action deemed big enough to jeopardize hemisphere-wide free trade zone.”

“Canada’s ban on Brazilian beef, prompted by concerns about mad cow disease, has triggered a backlash so intense that it could spell the end of the dream of a hemisphere-wide free-trade zone.”

(Gee, I wonder whose dream it is to have a hemisphere-wide trade zone? Of course it is the Fabian controlled RCC. No more has to quoted or said about this issue. It is quite evident the Permanent Revolution is real and continues almost unnoticed.)

Not convinced reader? Try this on for size. This from USA T0DAY for February 16, 2001, entitled…”As NAFTA expands, so do the protests.”

“When President Bush and Mexican President Vicente Fox call today for a free-trade zone throughout the Americas, they’ll set the stage for what is expected to be a new explosion of protests.”

Need I say more?

Just a few more Blade headlines for FEB. 7, 2001. “Record U.S. Layoffs Breed Fears,” “Credit agency expresses concern about futures of GM, Ford Motor,” “Debt-laden Sunbeam files for protection,’ and “Debt collectors brace for hard times.” Capitalism is in crisis. And when Capitalism faces a crisis it turns to Fascism.

This can be illustrated by examining the Jan.-Feb. 2001 Revisionist History published by Michael Hoffmann II. Mr. Hoffman is one of this nation’s leading revisionist historians. Revisionist historians also describe the “symptoms” of the Permanent Revolution, but refuse to recognize its existence. This author made his standard presentation and offer of assistance to Mr. Hoffman but was brushed off.

The Jan.-Feb. 2001 issue of his publication is titled “Peeping Sam, How the Government and Watchdog Groups are Destroying Privacy and Secretly Backing Crime and Terror.” This article quite clearly describes the RCC’s use of Perestroika through the Fabian controlled U.S. government. The Perestroika creates a crisis that requires Fascism to control it. The article is a review of Jim Redden’s book Snitch Culture: How Citizens are Turned Into the Eyes and Ears of the State, published in 2000.

“Assembled under one cover in this remarkable book, by investigative reporter Jim Redden, is one of the finest collections of documents to date on the who, what, where, when and how the business, technology, culture and politics of betrayal.”

(Sounds like Permanent Revolution to me!)

“Redden writes that our country is in the grip of a government-created surveillance system which permeates every aspect of our lives. Redden says that large segments of the population live in fear-— fear created and exploited by opportunistic politicians and power hungry law enforcement officials to justify the more sophisticated police state ever created.”

(Ask yourself the question, Why would the government and law enforcement choose Fascism? Is it just because they can? Is it a way to have fun? Or is it to protect the RCC’s Permanent Revolution?)

“The Snitch culture did not come about by accident. It was assembled in pieces over the last century in reaction to one manufactured threat after another, each requiring new laws, new police agencies, and new informants.”

(Remember one of the uses of the created political extremes is to herd the populace to the political Center and then to compress this political center with the manipulation of government extreme groups into becoming the self-regulating classless society called Communism).

“….Jim Redden’s Snitch Culture is an essential reference work, a book that reminds Americans of the ancient wisdom—revived in 1776 and since forgotten—that empowering a mercenary monopoly, whether dubbed the “police,” “the government” or “human rights watch dogs,” is no protection against evil and may indeed be the principle source of it.”

(All Mr. Hoffman has to do to recognize the existence the Permanent Revolution is replace the word evil from the above quote with the term Permanent Revolution. But Mr. Hoffman believes in the fake war of Capitalism vs. Communism and that Communism died in 1989. He also believes in a false anti-Jew Conspiracy Theory. He doesn't realize revisionist history would make more sense to the populace of this nation and become accepted at all levels of our society if the Permanent Revolution is acknowledged. Please Mr. Hoffman this is not a criticism. You are so close, yet so far away from the truth).

“When by means of money and conspiracy the American people no longer constitute the government and no longer the police and Army of last resort then tyranny is reanimate on American soil.

The government and the media are constantly telling us to surrender our ancient liberties to the state-appointed guardians of our lives. But our lives belong to God, not to them, and the burning question we must ask these elites, who continually seek to impose their empire of stupidity and conformity upon us, is inscribed on the masthead of this newsletter, and is the clarion call of freedom-fighters from Juvenal to Jefferson: Who shall guard the guards?”

(It is so simple to grasp the concept of the Permanent Revolution. The leaders of this revolution are the elites form the above quote. And it has been, demonstrated in this book the elites are the Fabians, the theotricians of the RCC that controls our government and media that are brainwashing this nation into real Communism. Join the Counter-Revolution).

One final update is necessary to help the reader envision the Permanent Revolution. It comes from where this author started his research, the floors of a Semi-conductor plant in Findlay, Ohio where the workers are represented by Local#1907 of the IBEW affiliated with AFL-CIO. A factory bearing the name of Intersil. And recent rumors say the plant is for sale again. This update comes from the plant publication called The Findlay Wave.

For January 22, 2001 we read the following:

“Communications Focus Group has some Roundtable Discussions scheduled…

(The plant manger says) ”I haven’t been able to focus on our Culture of Excellence” initiative as much as I would have liked. However, I attended an FLT meeting last week and it was just what I needed to get my focus back…”

“The meeting went very well, and it was apparent the focus teams and sub-teams have fully embraced the “Process to Excellence,” and are doing great.”

(These are Self-Directed Work Teams. The function of the SDWT is to create more Value Added from production and is the basic building block of a classless self-regulating society).

“The plant has been performing well as stated by the February 5, 2001 issue.
95.4% TPY (through put yields)…..WOW! What an accomplishment!”

(Remember the novel The Goal? Through put is the product manufactured that is sold. And what comes with the sale of product? That is correct, profit from the value added from manufacture.)

“Zero DLI’s (Delinquent line items, meaning there are no late customer orders in the line) again in January and zero DLI’s in 4 of the last 6 months……WOW! What an accomplishment!”

“The list could go on and on. We have so much to be proud of. Our performance is at or nearing world class in many categories.”

“Once again, ask the people of Findlay for something, allow them to make and execute their plans, and watch the progress being made.”

In April of 1998 this author listened to the same praises for the plant’s ability to increase its value added improving efforts. The reward for this effort was “Downsizing.” And at the end of February 2001, the workers (blue and white collar) of Findlay will be witness to the same reward…layoffs.

Keep up the good work!

Workers (blue and white collar) of the World Unite! Join the Counter-Revolution. Overthrow the Dictatorship of the Proletariat while you still have the chance.

When the American Republic completely collaspes from the pressure of the Permanent Revolution, say good-bye to the wages, the 401K and “the American Way.”

The Permanent Revolution is not some vague conspiracy theory created by a paranoid bent on armed violence.

The Permanent Revolution is the continuous process of removing all obstacles to the spread of Radical Capitalism on a global basis. The end result of the permanent Revolution is the creation of a self-regulating, classless society, known as the Dictatorship of the Proletariat…Communism. And the Permanent revolution is in the control of the Fabian Society’s Radical Capitalist Class.

Proofs of this Conspiracy

(Author’s note: The words and phrases highlighted in this chapter are done so to denote specific words and phrases “specifically defined” in the book Conspiracy by Daniel Pipes, a critic of Mainstream Conspiracy Theories. This is done to help the reader comprehend the Conspiracy presented in this book. This author did not determine the criteria to judge this work.)

The reader of this book (if he/she has read this far) surely must ask himself /herself this question:

Is there really a Capitalist Conspiracy to establish a self-regulating, classless society or is the premise put forth just another Conspiracy Theory?

This is a legitimate question that deserves an answer.

This chapter is in response to a documentary series that was aired on the History Channel February 12-16, 2001 entitled “Conspiracy Theories Breed Paranoia.” Four individuals were allowed to describe their respective Conspiracy Theories. The theories discussed represented “the mainstream of Conspiracy theories.”

There was one individual, Daniel Pipes (Founder and editor of the Middle East Quarterly and senior Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania), that presented the rebuttal to these Conspiracy Theories. Mr. Pipes did identify himself as a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The rebuttal presented was based on Mr. Pipes 1997 book, “CONSPIRACY, How the paranoid style flourishes and where it comes from.”

It is obvious Mr. Pipes educated opinion is that anyone that ascribes to these theories as mentally unbalanced, or else why the use of the word “paranoid.” This verifies Antony C. Sutton’s observation concerning the presentation of a controversial Conspiracy that challenges mainstream interpretation of history, quoted in this work’s chapter “How and Why, This Book…”

“Examination of the topic by academic writers has been seriously avoided; probably because the hypothesis offends the neat dichotomy of Capitalist vs. Communism (and everyone knows, of course, that these are bitter enemies). Moreover, because a great deal that has been written borders on the absurd, a sound academic reputation could easily be wrecked on the shoals of ridicule.”

The conclusion by Mr. Pipes is the “mainstream Conspiracy Theories,” are false because they are the mental inventions of an unbalanced paranoid. If anyone that viewed the History Channel’s presentation did not feel Mr. Pipes viewed Conspiracy Theorists as paranoids, by reading his book Conspiracy the viewer would have to change that opinion.

“Paranoia is on the rise in America and the world, and it is the source of some of the most bizarre ideas ever put forth.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, from the jacket liner.

This author agrees with Mr. Pipes that the “mainstream Conspiracy Theories” are false; but not because they are Conspiracy Theories created by “crazies.” Those Conspiracy Theories fail because they do not include the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) Permanent Revolution and are based on the false war of Communism vs. Capitalism. Also, those Conspiracy Theories are used to (1) hide the existence of the Permanent Revolution and (2) set up Perestroikas to identify potential enemies to the spread of Capitalism’s Permanent Revolution.

What Mr. Pipes will not recognize is the majority of these Conspiracy Theories are in some part based on verifiable historical information. Keep in mind these Conspiracy Theories have been used as a Perestroika to identify the enemies of Capitalism. And like any good fisherman knows, you can’t catch any fish without realistic bait.

Mr. Pipes big fear is “sane” people will be influenced by these “paranoid fueled rantings” and actually come to believe there really is a Conspiracy to enslave mankind with a New World Order. This is the same paranoia shared by the RCC. The RCC lives in constant fear that they will “be discovered” and decades of Capitalist advances will evaporate.

Because of this paranoia, the RCC Conspirators find it necessary to go “public” with a rebuttal of some form such as Mr. Pipes book Conspiracy. This verifies another observation made in this work in the chapter “Why and How, This book…” “What’s a Trilateral Commission?” printed in the November 24, 1980 Forbes Magazine.

“Is American Capitalism trying to take over the world? No, it’s a plot to hand America over to the Reds. In the wonderful world of conspiracy, this group is villain to the Left and Right.

David Rockefeller says he wants to help the Western world and look what happens. He is attacked by from the Left and Right, by the Birchers and Penthouse. He is accused of being the terrible Dr. “No” behind the mysterious Trilateral Commission which is going, among others things, to overthrow the Constitution, institute World government, turn the country over to Communism and the multinational corporations, wreck the dollar and sabotage good old gold. People even say the Trilaterals created and controlled Carter, covered their bets in the election by putting up Anderson and then captured Reagan.”

Of course the intent of the Forbes article is to refute the many Conspiracy Theories about the Trilateral Commission. The article does not present any supporting proof that what Mr. Rockefeller is doing is nothing more than taking part in the normal functions of the global marketplace; you know, just business as usual. This article is a fine example of what Mr. Pipes describes as a Petty Conspiracy Theory on the part of Mr. Rockefeller; “everyone is out to get me.” To understand the concept of Petty Conspiracy Theory, we must know the definition of some words and phrases used by Mr. Pipes

You see, according to Mr. Pipes there are two different types of Conspiracy Theories, petty and world. Yes, this is going to be a game of “knit-picking and semantics,” but it is a very pertinent intellectual exercise.

“The vagueness and illogicality of Conspiracism make exact words and precise concepts all the more important. I make two distinctions in this book: between Conspiracies, which are real, and Conspiracy Theories which only exist in the imagination; and between the anti-Jewish and anti-secret society traditions.

As defined by law, a Conspiracy consists of a “combination or confederacy between two or more persons formed for the purpose of committing, by their joint efforts, some unlawful or criminal act.

Conspiracies do exist.

Conspiracies divide into two sorts, petty and world. Petty Conspiracies are limited in ambition…It does not challenge the existing order or humanity at large…World Conspiracies aspire to global power and to disrupt the very premises of human life…

A Conspiracy Theory is the fear of a non-existent Conspiracy.

Conspiracy refers to an act, Conspiracy Theory to a perception…The Russian Revolution was a real Conspiracy carried out by Lenin and others; it was also subject to Conspiracy Theories involving everyone from the eighteenth-century Illuminati to contemporary German socialists and the Elders of Zion.

Conspiracy Theories divide into the same two variants as Conspiracies: the petty and the world…

…The unwarranted belief that rivals at work are ganging up on you is a petty conspiracy theory…”

(Refer above to the November 24, 1980 Forbes quote of Mr. Rockefeller)

“…Fear of Jews’ or Freemasons’ trying for global power is a world Conspiracy Theory…

Conspiracy theories have a way of growing on a person, to the point that they become a way of seeing life itself. This is Conspiracism, the paranoid style, or the hidden-hand mentality. Conspiracism resembles other “isms” in defining an outlook that can become all-encompassing concern. It begins with the belief in an occasional Conspiracy Theory—Illuminati organized the French Revolution, Jews the Russian Revolution—and ends with a view of history that dwells largely or exclusively on plots to gain world power or even destroy the human race.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, pps. 20-21

After you have digested Mr. Pipes “hair-splitting” definitions it is now possible to academically determine “who are the paranoids” and “who are not the paranoids.” This author does not view Mr. Pipes “definitions” as unnecessary but very useful in determining if the thesis put forward in this book is a Conspiracy or a just another Conspiracy Theory

Is this author the paranoid or are Mr. Rockefeller, Mr. Pipes and the rest of the RCC the paranoids?

The Conspiracy presented in this book is a world conspiracy according to Pipes. This author agrees with Mr. Pipes that the major Conspiracy Theories are based on a fear of a nonexistent world conspiracy. For example the John Birch Society from inception was based on the following:

“A part of that plan of course, is to induce the gradual surrender of American sovereignty, piece by piece and step by step, to various international organizations—of which the United Nations is the outstanding, but from far the only example—while the Communists are simultaneously and equally and gradually getting complete, working control of these organizations…Until one day we shall gradually realize that we are already just a part of a world-wide government ruled by the Kremlin.”

The Blue Book of the John Birch Society, 1959, Robert Welch.

This author has demonstrated the Conspiracy Theory of the JBS is a false ideology. Communism has never existed. Communism was a myth created by apparent “Right Wingers” to use as a form of Perestroika to identify opponents to the concept of global Capitalism. In reality, by Marx’s definition, Communism is the end result of a highly technically advanced Capitalist society evolving into a self-regulating, classless society, the Dictatorship of the Proletariat.

This author agrees with Mr. Pipes that the Russian (more precisely the Bolshevik Revolution) Revolution was a real Conspiracy carried out by “Lenin and others.” If Lenin’s Bolshevik Revolution was a real Conspiracy, then by Mr. Pipes definition of Conspiracy as “a confederacy of two or more people” then the “others” as quoted in Mr. Pipes own words are real. To determine who those “others” really are one only needs to read the following.

“The petite bourgeoisie (RCC) struggling against the pressure of the classes immediately above it (the Church and the Nobility) was the workers’ natural ally at this stage: but being unable to rule by its own strength, it would become more and more dependent on the workers’ support, until the moment arrived at which the workers, already economic masters of the situation, acquire the official forms of political power, whether by a violent coup, or by gradual pressure. This doctrine (the theory of Permanent Revolution), ( the clearist formulation of which is to be found in Marx’s Address to the Communist League in 1850) is familiar to the world because it was urged by Trotsky in 1905, adopted by Lenin and put into practice with the most fidelity by them in Russia in 1917.”

Karl Marx, Isaiah Berlin, 1963, p. 154.
(Italics added by this author)

Those real “others” existence recognized by Mr. Pipes are the Radical Capitalist Class. The thesis of this book is the Radical Capitalist Class (RCC) has used war and revolution to proliferate Capitalism through the creation and expansion of Free Trade. The RCC entered into a Conspiracy with Lenin. The RCC has always used classes other than the clergy or Nobility as Partners in the Permanent Revolution to establish and control the resultant, self-regulating society known as Communism. Since Mr. Pipes recognizes the “Russian Revolution led by Lenin as real” then one has to recognize their partners (RCC) participation in this revolution as real. If Lenin was real then the RCC is real. Is there any doubt? I think not.

This book also points out the Bolsheviks then double crossed their RCC partners in the Permanent Revolution attempting to put the Revolution in the hands of the workers. The Bolsheviks then became a threat to the RCC simply because Lenin and Trotsky could identify their “partners in crime” the RCC.

In order to protect themselves, the RCC created a World Conspiracy Theory and called it the World Communist Conspiracy Theory to hide their Permanent Revolution. Any one that was an enemy to the RCC was branded a Communist. The fake war of Capitalism vs. Communism was invented as part of this World Communist Conspiracy Theory. Organizations such as the JBS supported the RCC by actively promoting a false World Conspiracy Theory.

Again this author agrees with Mr. Pipes concerning Conspiracy Theories as a perception and not an act. He identifies the major Conspiracy Theories are broken down into two groupings, the fear of Jews and Freemasons trying for global power. These false Conspiracy Theories, obscure the real Conspiracy known as the Permanent Revolution.

“A self-professed half-Jew from Hungary revealed in 1905 that England and France are “very nearly” dominated by Jews while in the United States is “slowly but surely yielding to that insidious hegemony.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, p. 33.

The above quote is an example of a Conspiracy Theory provided by Mr. Pipes to hammer home the idea that Conspiracy Theories abound.

Mr. Pipes identifies another use of Conspiracy Theories:

“Third, those in the know sometimes endorse Conspiracy Theories, thereby muddying the waters.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, p. 32.

By doing so, Mr. Pipes reinforces another point of the Conspiracy presented in this book. He does this by identifying the best example of a Conspiracy Theory presented by someone “in the know” to muddy the waters.

“Perhaps most revealing was the confession by a member of the American elite, Carroll Quigley of Georgetown University.”

Conspiracy, ibid.

For those that have not heard of Prof. Quigley a brief Biography is needed. In the 1960’s if a person wanted a premier education in history and international affairs, that person had to attend Georgetown University and study under Dr. Quigley. An example of one who did was former president “Billy, the master Cuban Cigar lover” Clinton. Clinton was a protégé of Quigley. After studying under Quigley, Clinton was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship. (Remember! Rhodes’ Roundtable Groups had been infiltrated by the controllers of the RCC…the Fabian society). When Clinton made his first acceptance speech for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, He acknowledge two people responsible for that honor, John F. Kennedy (graduate of the Fabian London School of Economics) and Dr. Carroll S. Quigley.

This author again agrees on another specific point made by Mr. Pipes. Quigley was definitely “someone in the know.” Mr. Pipes clearly identifies the following quote from Quigley as a Conspiracy Theory created to dissuade the reader.

“There does exist, and has existed for a generation, an international Anglophile network which operates, to some extent, the way the Radical Right believes the Communists act. In fact, this network, which we may identify as the Round Table Groups, has no aversion to cooperating with the Communists, or any other groups, and frequently does so. I know of the operations of this network because I have studied it for twenty years and was permitted for two years, in the early 1960’s, to examine its papers and secret records. I have no aversion to it or most of its aims and have, for much of my life, been close to it and to many of its instruments…(i)n general, my chief difference of opinion is that it wishes to remain unknown, and I believe its role in history is significant enough to be known.”

Conspiracy, Pipes, 1997, p. 33.

Now comes the good stuff.

This author, views RCC rebuttals as equal to the false Conspiracy Theories perpetrated by the RCC as Perestroikas. For example Mr. Pipes abhors “someone in the know” for “muddying the waters” of Conspiracy Theories. I again agree with Mr. Pipes that there are those individuals that purposely “muddy the waters” in order to cause confusion. These actions are taken to hide “the real Conspiracy.” False rebuttals at some point in time breakdown and do not match reality just like the false ideologies represented by the likes of the JBS Communist Conspiracy Theory.

It is on page 33 Mr. Pipes exposes himself as one that also chooses “to muddy the waters.” In his book Conspiracy, Mr. Pipes is writing for his readers to avoid Conspiracy Theories because they have a tendency “to grow” on people. Once a person gets hooked on a Conspiracy Theory they stand a good chance of stumbling on the truth, sort of like “the political refugee” described in this book in the chapter “The Political Patriot Refugee.”

On page 33 of his book Mr. Pipes quotes from the “Bible of the Conspiracy Nuts” Tragedy and Hope, 1966, by Professor Carroll Quigley. The quote Mr. Pipes uses to identify a Conspiracy Theory for the “purposes of confusion” comes from page 950 of Tragedy and Hope. Quigley’s attempt here is to lead any patriotic individual away from discovering the actual Conspiracy that is at work. Ask any member of the JBS or the Liberty Lobby or the Militia of Montana and they will claim this Quigley quote is the Gospel truth, so help me God (G—d for the Judaists).

Mr. Pipes is counting on the ignorance of the unsuspecting individual not to discover the real Conspiracy. If one turns to page 949 of Tragedy and Hope, he/she will read the following.

“…The Radical Right fairy tale, which is now an accepted folk myth in many groups in America, pictured the recent history of the United States, in regard to domestic reform and in foreign affairs, as a well-organized plot by extreme Left-wing elements, operating from the White House itself controlling all the chief avenues of publicity in the United States, to destroy the American way of life, based on private enterprise, laissez faire, and isolationism, in behalf of alien ideologies of Russian socialism and British cosmopolitanism (or internationalism). This plot, if we are to believe the Myth , worked through such avenues of publicity as The New York Times, and the Herald Tribune, the Christian Science Moniter, and the Washington Post, the Atlantic Monthly and Harper’s Magazine and had at its core the wild-eyed and bushy-haired theoreticians of Socialist Harvard and the London School of Economics.”

This “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain” is Quigley’s Wizard of Oz style of directing the individual away from the real Conspiracy. The “at its core the wild-eyed and bushy-haired theoreticians of Socialist Harvard and the London School of Economics” are the Fabian Socialists; the “others” from Lenin’s “real Conspiracy” recognized by Pipes. Is there any doubt, on the part of the reader of this book, Quigley wanted to direct the focus of people steeped in conspiracy theory away from the real conspiracy? When an individual discovers the existence of the Fabian Society, that person is just a “stone’s throw away” from discovering the real Conspiracy of the RCC’s Permanent Revolution.

As pointed out in several chapters of this book, the Fabian Society is “Command Central” for the RCC’s Permanent Revolution. Quigley wouldn’t say “Fabianism” even if his mouth was full of either Sidney or Beatrice Webb’s rear end. This book has quite correctly identified the Webbs as the creators of the Fabian Society and the London School of Economics.

This author agrees with Mr. Pipes on one more very important point. This is the existence of British Socialism and its influence. Mr. Pipes on page 47 of Conspiracy is describing how Conspiracy Theorists ignore Conspiratol traits of dictators. Again Mr. Pipes is guilty of “muddying the waters.” And the example he gives is as follows:

“Conspiracy Theorists were inclined to believe that the Ukranian peasantry or the British government were engaged in huge plots of sabotage against the Stalinist experiment.”

Hold onto your hats and get ready for the bullet of them all. Mr. Pipes fanny is blowing in the breeze, with his pants down to his ankles and is on bended knees with Mr. Quigley:

“Thus did Sidney and Beatrice Webb, leaders of British Socialism, report from on site that Soviet Food shortages in 1932-33 resulted from a population manifestly guilty of sabotage.”

Do you see what Mr. Pipes did here?

He is identifying some people as Conspiracy Theorists. These Conspiracy Theorists are Sidney and Beatrice Webb. When in reality they are the Zenith of the Conspiracy. Mr. Pipes, could not say “Fabianism” even if he was sharing a snack of Webb ala carte with Mr. Quigley.

In conclusion, in 1980 this author correctly identified a Conspiracy in process. This author identified the Conspiracy as: The Permanent Revolution in the hands of the Radical Capitalist Class, whose goal is the creation of a self-regulating, classless society (known as Communism) through the implementation of Free Market Economics based on Free Trade which will destroy domestic societies and economies and supply the world with a continual stream of unemployment as workers that are no longer are needed as the RCC strives to make production equal consumption.

In short, the premise presented in this book is no Conspiracy Theory. It is very much a fact of life. Communism did not come into existence until July 1, 1997 when the UN’s WTO, offspring of the GATT, all creations of the Fabian Society, removed tariffs on a global basis for semiconductors, computers and telecommunications equipment. These articles of Free Trade signal the reality that Capitalism has developed to a technological level to allow itself to evolve into Communism. It is safe to claim, the real Conspiracy is:

Free Trade Magic, Turning Capitalism into Communism