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By Joan M. Veon

For the last 13 years as I have covered global meetings and studied the ever shifting economic and political structure of this New World Order of ours, I have been very saddened to realize that we the people have absolutely no voice in government. Over and over again, the president passes executive orders that bypass Congress and if that was not bad enough, our elected representatives have determined that “they know better than you and me.” Most of the change that is occurring today is because elected officials have decided that we the people are not smart enough to understand and we are being bypassed by them. If that were not bad enough, they go along to get along instead of opposing presidential policy that is out of sync with the Constitution.

Furthermore, we have seen the structure of government change as government assets are carved up and sold to the highest bidder through various privatization schemes. Then there is the co-managing of government by corporations and non-governmental organizations known as public-private partnerships. In fact the future structure of government is public-private partnerships. Just ask the people of New Orleans, just look at the Chicago Skyway and the Indiana Toll Road, just look at President Bushes space program of “Moon, Mars and Beyond.” Just look at the report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies on “Public Works, Public Wealth” which basically says government needs deeper pockets: corporations to the rescue! Can you imagine having to pay a toll to use any part of the road you now travel on? Guess again, corporations are about to fight for the right to convert our roadways to toll ways and for any part of infrastructure to be public-private partnership! What gold there is in “them there hills”! This is the tip of the iceberg.

Government as we know it is changing as it gives away its power to the highest bidder. Just recently, Norway overthrew their Democratic Socialist government so they can privatize more of their state assets! What that means is that every time a public-private partnership is set up, representative government diminishes. Yes, that’s right. What will happen after all our assets have been divided up among the corporations? You and I will still be paying our taxes to keep the shell of government afloat so they can meet the United Nations Millennium Development Goals of reducing poverty in the world by 50% or to provide foreign aid to bribe various third-world governments in order to comply with the New World Order. Basically, the United States is becoming a feudalistic state. In medieval Europe, feudalism was a system in which the serfs were privileged to live on the estate of a duke or prince in order to be protected by him and his castle moat. In return, the serfs they gave a portion of their crops and paid a monthly wage for this opportunity.

Just when I think we have no power, I saw Wall Street and the Federal Reserve reverse their steps last week, and realized WE THE PEOPLE HAVE POWER-IT IS THE ONLY POWER THE MONEY MONSTERS UNDERSTAND: CONSUMER SPENDING! In order to understand our power OVER THE NEW WORLD ORDER, we must understand the present economic system that has come into being. There are four components: the Markets, Capitalism, the Federal Reserve, and a paper-monetary system.

Last week, we saw a classic case of how Wall Street and the Federal Reserve needing to save the economy from you and me. All of a sudden, it was announced on September 11 that the oil and gold market rise was over. That same day, CNBC’s Larry Kramer forecasted that oil will never go back to $75bbl, and that it is time to buy drug stocks. The price of gas at the pump began to drop and according to CNBC the next day, “Consumers are feeling better, more secure, and richer over lower energy.” CNBC then went on to show SUV’s and tell us, “Maybe it is time to buy an SUV.”

We were then told that GM and Ford are going to lay off and close plants. Ford announced they will no longer manufacturer the gas-guzzling SUV which has been the favorite of Americans for the past 10 years.

Between higher interest rates, growing consumer debt spurred on by lower interest rates, and $75bbl. oil, Wall Street changed its tune. In fact they did a little dance. Here and there we have been told that the housing market is slowing down. Some of America’s largest homebuilders now have one year’s supply of new homes. First Toll Brothers, now KB Homes. The housing markets in California, Nevada and Florida have slowed tremendously in light of higher mortgage rates and the Fed’s determination to fight the same inflation they have created.

Wall Street would have us believe that the reason for oil dropping from $75bbl to $60 bbl, almost overnight, is a result of the new oil reserve found in the Gulf, even though it will take 7-10 years to bring it on line. The real truth is they are in trouble.

As a result of my experience as an investment professional, I determined several years ago that capitalism is an “ism” like socialism, Fabian socialism, communism, and Marxism. The nature of capitalism is that it has to have new markets, new products, and new customers constantly and continuously, otherwise it will fall and the market will drop and the economy will go into a recession or depression. Capitalism needs constant turnover over money. How fast money changes hands will determine how strong demand is for a product. Capitalism, therefore, is like the game of Pac Man. In that game, the winning goal is to get the Pac Man to eat as much of its enemy before it is eaten, in other words, survival of the fittest. In this regard, Marx was right.

Another thing about capitalism, a famous economist by the name of Joseph Schumpeter wrote a book in 1942 by the name of Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy in which he said “[I]n dealing with capitalism, we are dealing with an evolutionary process…capitalism is a form of economic change and not only never is, but never can be stationary.” There it is. Capitalism must have a new product, a new consumer, and a new market.

Currently the SUV’s have tanked as a result of the high cost of energy. Look at the prospects for auto companies: sell a new, innovative fuel efficient car to all those families who have SUVs!!! There will be pain for both the company which needs to retool and downsize, and for the family which will now get a greatly reduced trade-in for their gas-guzzler. But for the economy, a new demand has been created that will stimulate it-for a while. Basically this benefit also has a negative.

The downside of capitalism is seen in the fact that capitalism over produces. Right now both GM and Ford have a huge inventory of the old gas guzzling models and not enough of the new efficient models. Dealers also have too many SUVs which they will end up taking a loss since there is no longer the demand for the big one. You see, capitalism cannot determine how long the market will demand a particular product or sometimes the variable that will change the demand. The same is true with home builders. With 45 year low interest rates, they could not build them fast enough. Now with higher mortgage rates, there is about a year’s supply of inventory.

The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that was voted the job of managing the monetary system of the United States in 1913 by a quorum of insider legislators who waited for their opposition to go home for the Christmas holidays on December 24 at 11:45 p.m. Basically the Federal Reserve is not federal nor does it have reserves. The truth is that they create money out of thin air and then they charge the U.S. government for borrowing it at “current” interest rates. All you have to do is take a look at the paper money in your wallet. It is a “Federal Reserve Note-This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” The Federal Reserve is not the U.S. Treasury. It is a central bank or private corporation controlled by its owners who are private. The Federal Reserve does not issue an annual report nor does it pay taxes on their taxable income. President James A. Garfield said in 1881 that “Whoever controls the volume of money in our country is absolute master of all industry and commerce…and when you realize that the entire system is very easily controlled by a few powerful men at the top, you will not have to be told how periods of inflation and depression originate.”

Dr. Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton’s mentor at Georgetown University wrote about the purpose of central banks in his book, Tragedy and Hope:

[T]he powers of financial capitalism had another far-reaching aim, nothing less than to
Create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and economy of the world has a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements.

Perhaps what we have seen happen in the last few weeks is the change in market cycles that benefit those in control of creating them. After the crash of the NASDAQ in which $7T changed hands from those who “bought and held” to those who sold, the Federal Reserve dropped interest rates to 45 year lows to stimulate the economy. In early 2005, they began to increase interest rates from 1% to its current rate of 5 ¼%. In doing so, they have changed the economic climate for homes. As a result of easy credit, is the consumer tapped out and not able to buy more which is what the capitalistic system needs?

In the United States, taking the dollar off the gold standard occurred in two steps: In 1933, Roosevelt confiscated all gold bullion held by private individuals but he allowed foreign countries who had gold dollar certificates to cash them in at the “gold window.” Then in 1971, President Nixon closed the gold window and refused to convert a foreign country’s demand for gold by using the gold backed dollars. At that time, the world system decided to join the U.S. and use a fiat monetary system of plain paper. This unaccountable system of finance benefits only the central banks of the world. Governments can borrow, the central banks can print and charge interest on higher and higher governmental debts. Dr. Carroll Quigley wrote in Tragedy and Hope,

When a currency is off the gold standard, fluctuation of exchange [which is then created], can go on indefinitely. The unbalance of international payments is worked out by a shift in exchange rates.

The bottom line is the dollar has dropped in value since 1971 by over 70%. Why? Our government deficits escalated to over $11T at this time.

Furthermore, in a paper monetary system, usury becomes the order of the day. For Americans, we have seen directly what usury is. In 1980, our government passed the Monetary De-Regulation Act in which they removed ceilings and floors on interest banks had to pay and charge on savings. Bankers can now pay the “going” rate of interest rather than a minimum amount. As an example, on savings accounts banks are paying ¾ of 1% while charging up to 9% on auto loans and 8.25% on second mortgages, besides 18-35% on credit cards. Is this fair? No. Time to stop it.

The bottom line is that Wall Street and our central bank made a huge mistake by raising interest rates at the same time when energy was going up. What they now know is that the power of the consumer is gone-or is it? They are not able to put gas in their SUVs and they are not buying new ones. Furthermore, they cannot afford a new home which has doubled in price as a result of 45 year low interest rates. In other words, there is very high inventory of SUVs by all the auto dealers and the home builders.

However this is GOOD NEWS BECAUSE IT IS THE CONSUMER WHO HAS SPOKEN. We have the power to bring the system which they created down. Let’s use their system to stop them. It is very simple: STOP BUYING AND STOP CHARGING!!!

We have not been using our power properly. Instead, we have agreed to their terms and their system. The Consumer is over extended. While we may not be up to our eyeballs in debt, it is time to get out of their system. We can use their system to make demands to change their hold on us. They need you and me to constantly buy, to determine that we need to look like the magazine pictures of what is acceptable on any given day, they need you and me to prop up their monstrous capitalistic system by buying newer and bigger so they can earn more interest. They need you and me to march to their tune. IT IS TIME TO STOP AND TELL THEM TO MARCH TO OUR TUNE. All this without a bullet being fired.

You know what they tell co-dependents. Get healed and then your marriage will change. We can change this evil, feudalistic system by not buying and not charging, emergencies excluded. This is what needs to be done:

Get financially well. If you have debt, stop buying until you pay OFF your current debts. If you need something new, start visiting the consignment shops. There are different level of consignment shops from Goodwill to high-ended clothing shops.

When you have finished paying off your credit cards, learn to live within your means. We have all been guilty of believing the beautiful advertisements that tell us we too can be beautiful with a new house, new car, new furniture, new kitchen, new shoes, new dress, new tools, etc. Joy comes from within.

For things you need, start going to flea markets, neighborhood garage sales, antique stores, and auctions. Read the “For sale” ads. The idea is NOT TO BUY IN THE DEPARTMENT STORES, but from one another. Create an alternative to their system.

When you send your credit card payment, write a note saying you can’t afford 18% to 35% and for that reason you are going to close your account. Tell MasterCard and Visa that you are not going to pay 18% any more. Keep one open for emergencies.

For Christmas, a retailer’s biggest opportunity to get people to buy, make your Christmas presents this year, next year, and the year after.

Start going to your county council meetings and vote down new spending appropriations. The answer is NO to further economic projects that will increase our debt. Tell them NO to usurious interest rates. NO to new bond projects that will increase our burden of debt for many years to come. Vote out the high spenders who advocate “economic growth.”

Write to your Congressman and Senator and tell them to repeal the 1980 Monetary De-Regulation Act and return interest rates on credit cards to fair rates instead of Mafia level interest rates and while you are at it, tell them to repeal the Federal Reserve Act.

Tell your neighbors, spread the word. STOP BUYING AND STOP CHARGING. Let’s break their dysfunctional system