Dear Joan,
I find your articles to be very insightful and informative, thank you. You will note from the Basso video I sent you, which is one of the few things that resonates with the public, that we are now at the stage where people are becoming aware.
 The next step must be to tell them how it effects them personally and give them directions to face down the traitor politicians within the rule of law. If this step is not effective, then when the people feel the pain there will be a French style revolt. It is one thing to deny people who have never known better, but to take away what they feel is their right is much more dangerous.
I have tried hard to write what would resonate with the people and have failed just like most everyone else.

I think that only God or satan can give you the ability to write what will resonate with the public.
Sorry for the rant, keep up the good work.
Andrew Wallace