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December 2005

Dear Treasured Friends,

Covering global meetings for ten years was a real milestone for me. Now, we have just completed our 11th year and are entering our 12th year. During the last 11 years, the world has vastly changed. My first book was Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince, which dealt with the role of Prince Charles and his behind-the-scenes role in making sure Agenda 21 was agreed to at the 1992 Rio “Earth Summit”. At the heart of Agenda 21 is sustainable development, which is involved with reducing the population of the world through abortion, homosexuality (that lifestyle does not pro-create) and euthanasia. Plagues, viruses, wars, and natural disasters reduce the population as well. It appears that we are in the midst of increased plagues, viruses, wars, and natural disasters! Also, the prince has encouraged ways to change the structure of government through public-private partnerships. At the 60th General Assembly meeting of the United Nations, which was held in September, the programme of action highlighted both sustainable development and public-private partnership as being the two key pillars of its agenda today.

In 1994 when I first started covering global meetings, I did so because the United Nations was interested in floating the idea of global taxation. Eleven years later, the UN General Assembly approved the idea of a tax on airline tickets. France, I am told, recently announced it was adding a tax on every airline ticket sold in France. It was French president Jacques Chirac who called for a global tax on airline tickets at the January, 2005 World Economic Forum. He then called for a tax on airline tickets at the Gleneagles G8 meeting in July. I asked him what kind of taxation we could expect, if an airline tax went well and he told me that they had a number of forms of taxation planned. A global tax was also discussed by Frances Prime Minister, Dominique De Villepin at the UN. He told me that there were 66 countries that supported the idea.

What does a global tax signify? It signifies that there are no more barriers between the nation-states--that the countries of the world are now ONE. For a number of years, I have maintained that world government is not coming, IT IS. WE ARE IN WORLD GOVERNMENT. Little by little our freedoms are being reduced and altered. There are changes all around with regard to the structure of local government. Actually, it was President Nixon’s Executive Order 11647 that divided the U.S. into 10 regions. He then appointed an administrator over each region who is directly accountable to him only. Over the years, the government has stripped the States of their Constitutional powers--States demand that their monies now be sent to Washington, so they can be sent back to the States that need them. Unfortunately, ELECTED government has no power, as the APPOINTED level of REGIONAL OR METROPOLITAN GOVERNMENTS are now receiving the tax monies that the States were suppose to get. When you consider the U.N. is appointed government, it all comes neatly together.

When I look at how fast things are moving, all I have to do is take a look at what I wrote in UN Watch! in the September/October, 2004 edition issued in January, 2005. At that time I wrote about the power of the British Commonwealth. At the international level, the Commonwealth organization, which is comprised of 54 British countries and former colonies, are allowed to operate inside the United Nations. As such, they have 38 potential votes at the Bank for International Settlements, 2 at the Group of Eight, 54 at the United Nations, 45 at the International Monetary Fund, 46 at the World Trade Organization, 44 at the World Bank and 13 in the Free Trade Areas of the Americas. When you look this hemisphere, Canada, the Bahamas, Guyana, and other countries are members of the Commonwealth. Even in our own hemisphere, we are out voted by 13 countries! For now, the only place where the U.S. is not outvoted is at the Security Council---that is until they change the composition. Countries, which are possible candidates for admission, include the following Commonwealth countries: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

The combined November/December, 2004-January/February, 2005 issue was on the Reform of the United Nations. The world has moved from “common security” in which we all have a concern to one of “collective security”, which basically says that all of the countries of the world have an obligation to come to the rescue of the people in a failed state, where they do not get the adequate treatment that they would in a non-failed state. Again, using humanitarianism as the core, it is no longer the state that matters but individuals--so much for the UN being a place where countries could come together to talk out their differences.

The next issue was on the “Growing Reach of the World Economic Forum.” I have covered the World Economic Forum every year since 1998 with the exception of 1999. In my opinion, it equals the Bildebergers, as it is a forum where the

CEO’s of the world can interact in political issues and even take part in them. Through public-private partnerships, the world has moved from individual nation-states into global corporate fascism, where corporations are now buying out governments. In this new structure, there is no representative government. In that issue, I went back 3 years and looked at the “inner core” of participants who are members of the Council on Foreign Relations-CFR, the Tri-Lateral Commission-TLC, the Royal Institute for International Affairs-RIIA, now called “The Chatham House”, and the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum, which also has connections with the London School of Economics.

The July/August through November/December, 2005 issue took a hard look at how natural disasters are being used to further integrate the countries of the world. It provided a very thorough analysis of the hurricanes in the Gulf States and addressed the question of planned and managed disasters as a way of economic benefit and gain.

Bottom-line--the above newsletters have described a very powerful global mafia that, basically, runs the world. What can “we the people” do? Knowledge has always been power. If you operate out of ignorance, you just might sell the family farm! Although the rich and powerful have always run the world, we are now seeing and identifying the forces that run the world in our time. Is this world government part of Biblical prophecy, where the world is going to “end”? I don’t know. I do know that Jesus Christ was born in the middle of the world government of His time, which was called “Rome.” There have been lots of other conquerors, who wanted to be king of the world. Napoleon was one of them. Who is the world dictator of our time? While we can identify those who are part of the world governmental structure as being member of the Bildebergers, CFR, and TLC, we need to go higher. In all my research, I find that there is another very powerful level of people: the international bankers which includes the Rothschilds, Kuhns, Loebs, etc. And, we must not leave out the world’s royal families. But who in particular? I would have to point to Prince Charles. Now we must remember that his father, Prince Philip and Prince Bernhard (now deceased) of Holland, started the World Wildlife Fund, which has been instrumental in putting forth the value of the environment over the value of man. Who else? I don’t know. This is as high as I can see or understand. Is there an occult power behind these people? I believe the answer is yes.

Beginning with the Garden of Eden, we have seen how Satan has usurped his power with the desire of becoming “King of the World”. The evil side of man has never gone away. We live in a fallen world. However, in OUR time, the structure of the nation-state has been stripped away. At every turn, our government is passing laws that adhere to the international level of government. So, how do we live?

Again, if we have knowledge of things that are usurping our freedoms, it will allow us to make better decisions. I can tell you that the knowledge that I have gained on the international level has helped me tremendously with decisions that I have had to make and with how I invest client monies. When you understand this evil agenda, you will not have the rug pulled out from under you, and you will not be shocked, or at least as shocked, when you need to respond. Furthermore, this knowledge allows you to pray more effectively for your family, for the country, and for yourself. The Bible clearly tells us that it is the “effective and fervent prayers of a righteous man that avails much” James 5:16.

For those of you who received the June, 2005 letter, you read about the heartfelt encounter I had with Ukrainian president Victor Yushchenko. Only God could have provided the opportunity to touch his heart. At the UN60th General Assembly, Venezuelan president Victor Chavez gave a press briefing and God put it on my heart to tell him not to “judge the American people by Pat Robertson’s heart.” A colleague of mine said he was visibly touched. This hard hearted Marxist who probably has not known real love in his life, was touched by God in an unexpected way, in an unexpected place.

In the past year, I covered the World Economic Forum, the spring World Bank meeting, the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland and the G8 meeting in Gleneagles, Scotland. While in England, I had three speaking engagements. I then spent a week at the UN in New York City. In addition to the UN related trips, I spoke three times in Louisiana and Mississippi. One of those times included explaining the whole agenda of world government to Judge Roy Moore. To be honest I don’t know what kind of impact it had on him, since a number of his aides are more liberal and globalist in their beliefs than he is. I then spoke at Freedom 21’s conference in Las Vegas and then at the Agri-Women’s meeting in Monterrey, California. Lastly, I presented a paper on sustainable development at a conference on culture and diversity at Oral Roberts University. Finally, I was able to be present at was the arrival of Prince Charles and Camilla at the dinner given by the President and Mrs. Bush at the White House.

I have analyzed Prince Charles’ speeches, given while in America. I was shocked at the information I learned. Furthermore, he and the Duchess went to New Orleans, where he announced that some of his people were at a planning meeting given by Mississippi Governor Haley Barber last month. The prince announced that they are all working on how to rebuild the area. Just recently someone called and told me that a woman from New Orleans who was testifying in front of a congressional commission on Katrina wanted to know why Prince Charles could buy a house in an area that she was told she cannot inhabit. These, indeed, are interesting days.

Over the years, it has been your support that has helped us do some of things that we have done. You have planted a seed in my ministry. I have tried to be faithful to God, to you and to the mandate, which I believe I have been given. I have seen how God has allowed me to touch two interesting world leaders this year and pray that I will have more opportunities in the future to be used in the life of world leaders. I cannot do that unless I am at the international level. The Women’s Group has a credit card balance for 2005 which does not include the trips and conferences for 2006. In fact, the G8 will be held in Moscow for the first time. While I subsidize in many ways through my investment business, I rely on your kindness to help accomplish some of what has been described above. I basically am asking you to SEED into this ministry. If I pay for everything, then you do not have that opportunity. Please help us by ordering books and materials or by giving gifts which are tax deductible.

How will we live in a world in which the freedoms, which were given to us through the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, are being demolished? How will we respond, when our jobs are outsourced? How will we respond, when our children tell us that they are global citizens? How will we respond, when we are told that the elderly cannot produce and, therefore, cannot keep their space on planet Earth? How will we respond when they tell us that Christianity is out of date and old fashioned and that we have to pledge allegiance to a new global religion?

Most recently, I was on a farm program in which I discussed world government. A farmer called in and asked what my problem was. I told him that I did not have the problem, he did. The farmers are on the front-lines of loss of property rights and will lose the farm, when our government eliminates all of their subsidies and tariffs to come into compliance with the WTO. I told him it was time to get another tractor trailer parade to the Capitol and protest. Are we going to stick our heads in the sand and pretend that it is okay to take our property and our rights? Ask the people of New Orleans. In the testimony of Dyan French-Cole who is from New Orleans, she told a Congressional panel the following:

I live in America, ya all. I am free. Does that sound strange to anybody in 2005? I hope not. I have lived through thousands of hurricanes. Why are we so excited about hurricanes. Katrina didn’t do this. The “isms” of America did this. [Those isms say] we need more money. Please, someone order up more paper with ink on it and put denominations on it. Is it really going to be about this--capitalism? My neighbors want some answers. They want to know where the children are. What insane group of people separated our children from parents? Where are the deceased? The first person accused of looting was looking for his son. They want to know where our rights as Americans are. Are these folk coming to fix us? We want to know why we [America] can go to the tsunami and to New York and get things straight, but why we can’t get it straight in New Orleans? They want to know that how is it that we created some agency to buy our land because it is not good enough and that they can do something to it and make it good enough to sell back to us? What kind of insanity is that? It is almost like [what] Christopher Columbus [did to the Indian-owned land]. I own it, but why do I have to sell it to someone at slave wages? My house is not for sale. Please let whoever these people are know that New Orleans is not for sale. We are not going to give up our property. Who comes to rescue with guns instead of life vests? No supplies-- nothing to help the handicap? Why is it mandatory that we leave—at gunpoint? That is not America. What are we doing here? One of the problems is that Mr. Trump came months ago and has decided that he wants Padres Street. Prince Charles, [wants to buy] property on the street where my independent living mentally ill community is— where they say I need to wear a mask? Why is Prince Charles trying to buy a house in New Orleans that you all say[should not exist]. It isn’t making sense. Will someone explain it to me. Why were we held hostage and not allowed to rescue our people?

In the Katrina paper I wrote, I discussed that I felt New Orleans would be set up as a sustainable city—with regional government and funded through public-private partnerships. It appears that I am right. This lady’s testimony just confirmed my suspicions. Is New Orleans the US model for sustainable development for the rest of the U.S. and for third world countries? When will it be your turn or mine? Take prime land, move the owners off and then let the casinos and the luxury hotels buy the land at a rock bottom prices with the promise of paying higher real estate tax and proving jobs. That is exactly what happened in the Kelo vs. New London where the Supreme Court ruled that the city has the right to use eminent domain to force the highest and best use of property that would create jobs and increase revenue. This breaches the sacredness of personal property rights as they are now subject to the highest bidder—the isms.

The stricken tsunami South Seas countries have already experienced this. The people were moved off their beach front property and are now in camps. Knowledge is power. I am not getting my information from some hear-say. I am going to the source. How do we combat world government? By using their words and information against them. By giving our friends/neighbors/relatives documents, videos, and articles that can explain the danger and threat to freedom. While I recognize this has been a year in which there are many good causes competing for your monies. Please consider seriously the value of knowledge.

Lastly, how will we live in a world in which there is no justice? By building up the spiritual freedom that is found in Jesus Christ. By being able to love our enemies and to good to those that wrongfully use us. By practicing the love that Jesus demonstrated and taught us which is Agape love. When we have knowledge, that still small voice will guide and direct us as to what we need to do and how we need to live. In Galatians 5:1 it says, “Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free.” In other words, once we know the joy and peace of Jesus, then nothing can enslave us because our real freedom is found in a personal relationship with Jesus the Messiah.