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An Introduction

In my June Veon Financial Services, Inc. economic newsletter, I analyzed the financial markets in the United States and concluded that what was needed to get not only the U.S. but the world out of the serious economic situation that it was in was a war. I wrote,

Using debt, it has been the American consumer who has kept world economies moving. At some point our economic foundation is going to crumble. When it unravels, the US will take a very hard and serious hit as never before in our financial history. What could save it? A war. War is above all an economic stimulus. Instead of a regional war, it might be something larger because now the world economy would come to a stand-still. Could it be that this idea is not so far from the truth when you consider the massive debt load of not only the United States, but every country in the world?

This new section is not to suggest that the United States government planned or had any input in the attacks on America. I was discussing in my newsletter the only alternative that the world has to stimulate a global economy based on fiat money and debt. War. I had absolutely no idea it would be on American soil.

When I turned t.v. on Tuesday and saw the first hole from the first plane, I knew immediately that the world had changed and that Americans would "lose the scales of naivete" which has blinded them from reality and truth for so long. Having covered 43 global conferences, I can tell you that this incident will be used by those who believe in world government to limit and change many of our current freedoms. This new section will be developed in the future, classifying writings and ideas into four categories: economic, political, spiritual, and social.

This new enemy of the 21st century is unlike any of the enemies of the past 20 centuries for it is "unseen." The terrorists will be aided by bio-terrorism and computer terrorism. What I can tell you is the Group of Seven/Group of Eight have been discussing how to counter-act terrorism since 1987. More specifically in 1996, the Political Group of Eight (P8) issued their "Forty Points to Counter-act Terrorism". Many of the initial suggestions on Tuesday eveningSeptember 11 had to do with those 40 points! Basically the implementation of those 40 points will lead to the tearing down of boarders from an intelligence and legal framework, thus helping to complete the new rules of the game which will accompany the International Criminal Court.

America will change and is changing as a result. For those of us who value our nationalism, the flag is more tattered than ever before. It is as war-torn as the flag which Gabriel Martin patched together in the movie "Patriot." It will be for you and I to determine how we stand in the stormy days ahead. God Bless You and God Bless America.