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by Joan M. Veon
The Women's International Media Group, Inc.


While many think Prince Charles is a lost soul who is looking for purpose and meaning in life, the fact that one of his organizations, The Prince's Trust, is co-sponsoring the Gorbachev State of the World Forum in September should signal, if nothing else, his "coming out" party.

For years there has been a media black out as to the real role which Prince Charles plays in world affairs. In this regard, the prince is a military leader, head of state in his own right, an activist on the world stage, and a one worlder/environmentalist.

Military Leader

Charles is a complex man with many sides. He is a man of action, having served in the Royal Navy in a number of junior and senior command positions. According to one of his biographers, William Holden, he is a helicopter pilot and has logged over nine hundred hours flying a wide variety of jet fighter planes, including the Chipmunk, Spitfire, Nimrod, Phantom, Jet Provost, and Harrier T4 to name a few. The Prince holds the rank of Colonel-in-Chief of seventeen regiments in addition to having served in the Royal Navy. When he turned fifty, the prince was promoted to a two-star rank in all three Services of the Armed Forces. He is commissioned into the Army as a Major General and holds the ranks of Rear Admiral in the Royal Navy and Air Vice Marshal in the Royal Air Force.

Head of State

While many think Charles will become head of state when he inherits the British throne, that is not so. In 1969, he was crowned Prince of Wales in Caernarvon Castle in Wales which is a Principality, like Monaco or Lichenstein, of its own. When the Queen was crowned, woven into her coronation robes were the symbols of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Since Wales has its own ruler, the Prince of Wales, the red dragon which is its symbol was not included. This should put Charles in a different light. He does not have to wait for the throne of England to become a head of state. As a result of his lineage and birth, he automatically is one. However, through his various Trusts and through the Prince of Wales Business Leasers Forum he now becomes a man of action, cementing his global leadership position.


The Prince has numerous social/environmental/governmental activities. He is President of Business in the Community, The Prince's Foundation and the Prince's Trust, to name a few of his Trusts. He also initiated, organized, and oversees the Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum.

The Prince's Trust

Set up in 1976 by the Prince, its goal is to help young people succeed by providing opportunities which they would not have otherwise to over 500,000 youth. It provides help with raising educational achievements, training, business start-up advice and loans, and financial support. It has over 11,000 volunteers and a staff of over 400 professionals. There are over 300 community-based personal development courses throughout the United Kingdom. In 1996, the Prince's Trust consolidated The Prince's Trust, The Prince's Youth Business Trust, The Prince's Trust Volunteers, and the Prince of Wales' Committee.

The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum

While the philanthropic activities of the Prince are well known, his re-inventing government is not. Of the two major biographies written to commemorate his 50th birthday two years ago, one barely mentioned The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum-PWBLF. In 1990, Charles called together over one hundred global business leaders to come together in Charleston, South Carolina to work together to promote socially responsible business practices. While this all sounds noble, it is not. Prince Charles, along with the Forum's top 50 international corporate membersDiego, SmithKline Beecham, Coca-Cola, Levi Strauss, Rio Tinto, BP-Amoco, Asea Brown Boveri-ABB, 3M, BMW, TRW, and Shell, along with The Perot Group, Turner Broadcasting, and others are setting up public-private partnerships throughout the world.

A public-private partnership is a partnership (business arrangement) between government and business, along with non-governmental organizations who perform the daily chores of the partnership. The word "public" refers to governmentlocal, country, state, federal and international levels of government while "private" refers to non-governmental groups such as foundations, non-profits, corporations and individuals. Another word for this marriage is fascism. This new partnership arrangement has been the focus of the United Nations Habitat II Conference in 1996 which encouraged public-private partnerships, Al Gore's "Reinventing Government" program, and the new forms of government now being implemented by countries worldwide. Interestingly enough, our new form of government in the U.S. is being changed to public-private partnerships! The downsizing of government has shifted responsibility from government to these new partnerships. For example, when a public-private partnership owns your sewer facility, that asset has just transferred from government to this new partnership! As a taxpayer, you not only lose an asset but the objective of that partnership changes from service to profit!

World Government Environmentalist

The side of Charles which is being unveiled at the Gorbachev State of the World Forum is his world government/environmentalist philosophy. In an interview that he gave the BBC's "Newsnight" program in 1994, he expressed his devotion to his work for Britain and the Commonwealth. He said, "so much I try to do is behind the scenes so it is difficult for people to understand how all the things fit together." The actions and passions of the prince make him for world government and an environmentalist, both mutually interdependent.

In 1992 the United Nations sponsored the Conference on Environment and Development, now called the "Rio Earth Summit." There a very radical environmental agenda was unveiled--the effects of which are only now being felt and understood by the American people. In Rio the United Nations presented their new environmental philosophy by which the world should be governed which basically points in the direction of world government, i.e. the United Nations as caretaker of the world and its resources. This document known as "Agenda 21" basically perverts Genesis 1 by insisting that the earth has dominance over man instead of man having dominance over the earth. This new philosophy is known as "Gaia", the worship of mother earth. It was Prince Charles who played a major "behind the scenes role" when he held a two-day international seminar in April 1991 aboard the royal yacht Britannia, moored off the coast of Brazil. His goal was to bring together key international figures in an attempt to achieve a degree of harmony between the conflicting attitudes of Europe, the United States, and the developing nations (led by Brazil).

Among others, he invited (then) Senator Albert Gore, senior officials from the World Bank, chief executives from companies such as Shell and British Petroleum, principal non-governmental organizations, and European politicians, including the British ministers of overseas aid and the environment.

The Prince was an early supporter of sustainable development which calls for the reduction of the world's population in order to protect resources for "future generations", even before it was introduced into Rio's Agenda 21 Programme!

The Gorbachev State of the World Forum

When you examine this conference, you will find that the themes correspond to the activities of the Prince of Wales which correspond to the goals and objectives of the United Nations! From September 4-10, the Forum is bringing together representatives from nation states, international institutions, corporations, unions, major religions, academia, science and technology and non-governmental organizations for a "global town meeting". The Forum's belief is that "the future of global governance must include governments, civil society and the private sector," which are the components of public- private partnerships. Borrowing from George Bushes "New World Order", Gorbachev will convene the opening plenary discussion on "Globalization and the New World Order". Does this tell you anything?

Lastly after eight years of deliberations, the Earth Charter, a common agreement for all humanity to protect (control) the environment and enforce sustainable development will be unveiled. This document was recently presented to Queen Beatrix of The Netherlands on June 29 in a special ceremony. As reported by AOL, "Today's presentation of the Earth Charter to Queen Beatrix and the people of The Netherlands marks a significant step towards one of the Earth Charter's goalsendorsed by the United Nations."

Those who have confirmed their attendance include Oscar Arias, Jean Bertrand-Aristide, Lea Rabin, Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan, and Sen. Alan Cranston. Those attending from the United Nations include: Carol Bellamy - UNICEF, Wall N'Dow - UNCHS, Juan Somavia - ILO, and Carlos Magarinos - UNIDO. Representatives from the religious community include the World Zorastrian Cultural Foundation, The Gaia Trust, and Gordon-Conwell Seminary. Those affiliated with the Prince of Wales and his Business Leaders Forum include: Jermyn Brooks - PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Anita Roddick, The Body Shop International, Catherine Burger, Jane Nelson, and Michael Steward - PWBLF, J. Douglas Graham, KPMG Consulting, and Ian Pearce - Business in the Community.

It appears that all of the pieces with regard to the Prince's activities are fitting together. There is an old adage, "Show me who your friends are, and I will tell you what you are." In this case, the future heir to the British throne appears to be positioning himself with a "winner take all" philosophy. His agenda is the same as the United Nations, and his friends espouse "global governance" which is nothing less than world government. Yes, it appears the Prince is coming out of the closet. The question is which throne does he want?

The information for the above article is from Prince Charles the Sustainable Prince by Joan Veon and available through The Women's International Media Group, Inc. and information on the Gorbachev State of the World Forum through their website: