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For the past 14 years I have global meetings for USA Radio News Network in Dallas, Texas. They are no longer in business.

Covered 103 global meetings
Credential at the U.S. Treasury Department – credentials expired two months ago
Recognized internationally as an expert on Globalization, Global Economic Structural Changes, Global Regulations, Sustainable Development, Public-Private Partnership, and Agenda 21,
Possess a deep understanding of the global level and what it means for America
Interviewed and queried Heads of State, Prime Ministers, Presidents, and numerous key government officials
Writes a quarterly newsletter (formerly two independent monthly newsletters now combined)
Writes political and economic commentaries for and for five years,
Appears as a regular guest on conservative talk programs
Sponsored my own radio show on 950 A.M., WCTN in the DC area for five years

Global Meetings and Conferences_Including______________________
1994 UN Conference on Population and Development, Cairo
1995 UN Social Summit, Copenhagen
1996 IMF/World Bank – Spring and Fall meetings
1996 UN World Food and Agriculture Summit, Rome
1996 Gorbachev State of the World Forum, San Francisco
1996 UN Habitat II Conference, Istanbul
1997 UN Rio plus Five, Rio de Janeiro
1997 The International Organization of Security Commissions (IOSCO), Montreal
1997 Free Trade Areas of the Americas, Santiago
1998-2005 G-7/G8 Heads of State
1998; 2000-2006 The World Economic Forum, Davos
1998 International Criminal Court, Rome
1998-2005 Bank for International Settlements
1999 Numerous key global conferences in Washington, DC
2000; 2002-2008 IMF/World Bank
2000 UN Leaders’ Summit
2001 Summit of the Americas, Quebec
2002 World Trade Organization Meetings, Seattle and Monterrey
2002 UN World Summit for Sustainable Development, Johannesburg
2002 & 2007 Meeting on Reinventing Government, Vienna
2004 Bretton Wood Commission, Washington DC
2006 The Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space, Vienna


Veon Resume
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Interviews­_Including ________________________________________
Dr. Paul Volcker, Former Chairman Federal Reserve
Dr. Benjamin Ferencz, Special Prosecutor, Nuremberg Trials
Dr. Malcolm Knight, Managing Director, Bank for International Settlements-BIS
Mr. Svein Andresen, Secretary General of Financial Stability Forum
Tony Fratto, U.S. Treasury Deputy Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs
Congressman Barney Frank (MA-D)
Ron Noble, Secretary General of INTERPOL
Senator Orrin Hatch, (UT-R)
Jane Nelson, Director, Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum
Mary Robinson, President of Ireland
Senator Robert Graham, (FL-D), Chairman of the Select Committee on Intelligence
Maurice Strong, Secretary General UNCED
President Jerry Rawlings, President of Ghana
Mr. Vanderbujl, International Finance Corporation-Washington, D. C.
Thabo Mbeki, President South Africa
Sir Nicholas Baynes, Special Advisor to the University of Toronto G8
Jeff Bruggman, ICELI, 1997 Rio plus Five Conference
Harlan Cleveland, Retired U.S. Ambassador to NATO
Dr. Paul Jeffers, Royal Academy of Bird Watching
Sandrine Tessner, UN Expert
Dr. Ishmael Serageldin, Expert on Sustainable Development
Uwe R. Dorkin, DHL CEO
Dr. John Kirton, G8 Secretariat
Dr. James Cannaughton, Chairman, White House on Environmental Quality
Professor Esty, Yale University, Credited with finding climate change
MP Colin Challen, British Member of Parliament
Dr. Stephen Kobrin, Wharton School of Business
Professor Mario Molina, MIT
Samuel Johnson, Chairman, CEO S.C. Johnson and Chairman Nature Conservancy;
Richard Sandor, Chairman, CEO Environmental Financial Products
Mr. Heinson Moore, President, CEO American Forest & Paper Association
Dr. Joseph S. Nye, JFK School of Government, Harvard
William Pace, Executive Director World Federalist Movement
William White, Chief Economist BIS
Senator Sam Nunn, (GA-D)
Tokyo Sexwale, Diamond and Platinum Mines Director
Dr. DeAnne Julius, Director, Chatham House, Royal Institute for International Affairs
Dr. Jacob Frenkel, AIG Director
General Yakubu Gowon, President of Nigeria

Queries and Press Briefings_Including _________________________
Dr Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Federal Reserve
Andrew Crockett, Managing Director of BIS
Charles Lakewood, BIS Economist
Tony Blair, Prime Minister, UK
Jacques Chirac, President of France

Veon Resume
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Queries and Press Briefings_continued___________________________
Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General
George W. Bush, President of the United States of America
Anatoly Chubais, Russian Federation
Timothy Wirth, Undersecretary of State for Global Affairs
Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary, United States of America
George Soros, Financier
President Hugo Chavez, President Venezuela
President Olusegun Obasanjo, Nigeria
Victor Chu, First Eastern Investment Group
Daniel Yergin, Chairman, Cambridge Energy Research Associates
Larry Summers, Former U.S. Treasury Secretary
Nitsin Desai, Secretary General Habitat II
Klaus Schwab, Founder World Economic Forum
Bill Richardson, U.S. Ambassador to UN
James Wolfensohn, President, World Bank
Janet Reno, U.S. Secretary General
Ambassador Davidow, U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela
Mike Moore, Secretary General of WTO
Lord Robertson, Secretary General of NATO
Lord John Browne of Madingley, Former Group Chief, BP
Henry A. McKinnell, Chairman and CEO Pfizer
Prince Turki, Saudi Arabia
Various U.S. Treasury Senior Officials


As an international reporter I have made it a point to ask the crucial questions in order that the unspoken agenda may be put into words. I have sought to keep abreast of the evolving global changes, how the world will be affected, and to report what is truth.