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Appendix A


by Joan M. Veon


"The servant is not greater than his Lord. If they persecuted me, they will

also persecute you...." John 15:20

With the signing of the United Nations Charter in 1945, the type of war fought throughout the ages changed. The battle shifted from the use of force as a strategy for conquering nations, to one of "peace," i.e. no opposition to UN agenda. The weapons used would now be in the form of doctrines and philosophies contrary to the Constitution of the United States and the Biblical principles contained therein.

As this new war has escalated, Christians looking to keep the status quo, which they interpret as peace and quiet, have failed to identify current events with the ageless battle which has been raging since the Garden of Eden. Furthermore, this inability to recognize the call to "Stand in the Gap,"* has rendered them useless for such a time as this.* Ezek. 22:30 - Examples: Noah, Abraham, Daniel, David, Rahab, Ruth, Paul, Nicodemus, Martyrs, M. Luther, etc.

The End Time Servant, on the other hand, views the unfolding of current events as a way to anticipate the spiritual and emotional preparation needed for battle. The true End Time Remnant is comprised of these faithful servants who have a sense of mission.

"The Gap" principal necessitates Christians being in a position to identify the enemy. In order to do so, they must be holy. In order to be holy they must strive for inner purity and crave truth. Discernment comes only as a result of this quest and is a gift from the Lord. It is this process which then leads and guides to the point of Standing in the Gap. (John 17:17, 18:37)

End Time Servants--those choosing to Stand in the Gap-- can identify their opponents because they are looking for them--End Time Servants are on guard as a result of their own spiritual maturity, developed on a daily basis.

Those who Stand in the Gap know automatically, as the level of evil rises, that their lives may be required as a result of their stand. This understanding of the deeper spiritual principles mirrors the sacrifice of Christ for us.

The person who Stands in the Gap must desire, above all, to do so. For by the very act, they are separating themselves from the ordinary (complacent, sleepy) Christians who reject their message and who walk by their own power, cloaked with a self imposed level of righteousness and surface knowledge.

To Stand in the Gap will require vision. To obtain vision one must thirst for it since it only comes with the selfless desire to serve God at any cost. The mind of this ever-ready Christian is constantly analyzing, assessing, weighing, calculating, connecting, and anticipating in order to build, improve, stretch and determine what is required.

The End Time Servant will be easily picked out from the rest of humanity by his confidence, joy of the Lord, and overcoming vision. The amount of stature a servant exudes will be etched in the glow of his face and in the refinement of his character. As a result, he will be easily identified by the enemy as he rises above their cowardly form.

The End Time Servant has control over temptation, knowing that victory is achieved when the flesh is crucified. The armor of the End Time Servant is steadfastness, boldness and courage, which are perfected only by fighting the daily skirmishes of the ageless philosophical battle between good and evil. The more the End Time Servant Stands in the Gap, the more prepared he will be to stand fast when it appears that all hell is breaking loose. (II Cor. 10:4-5)

As a result of his steadfast vision and battle scars, the End Time Servant has an unspoken, inaudible relationship with fellow servants as their inner strength--hearing with their hearts and expressing with their eyes-- provides that special bond. In quietness and confidence, the End Time Servant bears the hurts and absorbs the rejection, knowing it is temporary. He recognizes that his efforts may be unknown and unsung in this life. (II Cor. 11:23-33)

His ability to discern truth from error provides him with the mastery to identify when the next battle will be fought. The lies, deceit, deception, and distortion of the enemy is what summons his inner spirit with justice, truth and boldness.

The End Time Servant craves to be used and prepares daily for the opportunity to serve. It is only through the Remnant's indomitable battle-ready spirit that we will endure to the end.

"If we fight we will win, if we retreat, we will be destroyed," General Douglas MacArthur.